The Blazing Wolves MC

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Chapter 24

I’m startled awake by a gentle nudge and shift of my body. Edric is lifting his waist in the driver seat and doing up the zipper on his jeans as I sit on the seat beside him. I look outside and notice that we are back at the clubhouse, “when did we get here? Did you drive the whole way with me on your lap?”

“We just arrived and of course I did. I wasn’t going to wake you up. You were out cold. Sucking me off must have really exhausted you, huh?” He says teasingly, not actually expecting me to answer.

I laugh at his reply, “you’re so crude and ha, no. My wolf and I just liked the heat your body was giving us. I haven’t felt that content in a while, so I was taking advantage of the peace and quiet we had.”

His response is a raised brow and a knowing smirk.

“Piss off, you cocky bastard.” I huff out a laugh and get out of the truck, slamming the door closed right as I hear Edric’s door open and a heavy set of boots jogging my way. I squeal as I attempt to make a run for it, failing to get two steps forward before I’m hauled over his muscular shoulders.

“Edric! Put me down you caveman! I can walk fine on my own, thank you very much.” I lean down and smack his sexy ass.

He grunts and hits mine twice as hard, causing me to yelp at the stinging sensation and the pleasure that chases it. He inhales deeply as I feel his nose dig into my thigh, a lustful growl leaves his chest before he nips my leg.

I use his back to hold myself up and notice across the field by the road, Valerie is wiping her mouth with one hand as she carries her heels in the other. Squinting past her, I notice a black suv with tinted windows slowly pulling away.

I tap on Edric’s back gently to get his attention before we get to the front door. Whispering in case there are prying ears around, I tell him what I saw. “Edric, Valerie is walking this way from meeting with someone who owns a black suv that has tinted windows. Why wouldn’t she meet someone on this side of the gate if they are part of the pack?”

He halts in his steps and turns to where Valerie is coming from, looking at her from over my shoulder, I see the second she realizes we caught her. Her eyes widen slightly and her skin pales before she straightens her shoulders and rights herself.

Bowing her head to Edric, she talks to him as if she wasn’t out doing anything suspicious. “Hello Alpha, hello Luna. I wasn’t sure if you would want a human past the gates so I got him to drop me off on the other side. I hope that’s okay?”

Edric is silent for a second and I wonder if he is trying to figure out if she is lying about what she did. He is either gullible and believes her, or he knows she is lying through her teeth, but he plays along with her little game either way.

“Hello Valerie, yes that’s fine. I don’t want strange humans past the gates at this time of night anyway. Next time if you want to go meet someone that is fine, but let either Donny, or myself know. You are still part of the pack and we don’t want you getting yourself hurt alright?”

I furrow my brows in confusion at this, but fix myself right before I play my role as Luna. “That’s right. We definitely didn’t start off on the right foot but you are still one of us, and as Alpha and Luna, it is still mine and Edric’s duty to make sure everyone in the pack is safe. Including you, Valerie. So be careful, okay?”

She tilts her head to the side in confusion as she studies my face, I give her the fakest warm smile I can muster, before she does the same. Bowing her head to me in what seems like genuine respect, she says, “alright Alpha, Luna. I will make sure someone knows where I am if I am to meet someone on the other side of the gates.”

“Thank you, Valerie. That is all we ask of you. Now, I have to get my Luna off to bed. So we will see you around. Have a great rest of your night.”

The look she gives me right before I turn around to face forward tells me what I figured all along. Every word from that bitches mouth was a straight out lie. What is she up to and who was in that SUV that she didn’t want anyone knowing about?

Edric heads into the lounge and grabs a shot that must have been put out for him from the bar right before he stalks off toward the stairs. Clover is sitting on Donny’s lap on a plush chair and Mac, Benny and a prospect are playing pool.

“Hey Luna, want to play a game of pool with us? For every ball called to a pocket and missed, we take a shot.” Mac yells as I narrow my eyes at the smirk he has on his face.

Edric swiftly turns around, making me a little light-headed before growling. “Really asshole? You see my woman on my shoulder, about to go upstairs and you think I would let her play pool with you? I’m taking her to bed.”

His tone of voice shows how serious he is, no one says anything except for me. “It’s fine Mac, I’ll just kick your ass next time. As for you mister Alpha, don’t think you have won just because I am not joining them. I’m simply tired and want to sleep.”

He looks at me and smirks, his annoyance at Mac gone. “Oh baby, I know you’re tired, that jaw must be pretty sore huh? It is why I’m taking your sexy ass upstairs with me rather than leaving you down here with these crazy animals.”

I drop my jaw gobsmacked at the audacity of this man. Loud laughter erupts from Mac and Benny at Edrics statement. I narrow my eyes at them mockingly and they instantly cover their mouths with their forearms, but I can tell they are trying to contain their laughter at my expense. I mumble as Edric turns and starts up the stairs, “assholes. Y’all are a bunch of assholes.”

I yelp at the unexpected slap on my ass causing the men to release the laughter they were holding in. “I’ll show you an asshole baby, but let me get you naked first.”

My cheeks brightens at this and I hide my face in his back the best I can as his body shakes with his light laughter. I slap his ass and embarrassingly state, “you’re an ass.”

Which causes him to laugh out loud, knocking the air out of me as he shifts me onto his shoulder to prevent me from sliding off and landing on the stairs. I can’t help the smile that grows on my lips at the thought of what just happened. Looking back where the guys are playing pool, I catch Mac’s eye and he gives me a warm smile followed by a wink. I smile back, right before Edric reaches the room and closes the door with his boot.

“Do you want to take a shower tonight or in the morning?” He asks as he slowly lifts me from his shoulder so my crotch is right in his face. Inhaling substantially, he growls at the scent of my aroused pussy and lowers me so I feel every inch of him going down.

Every hardened part of my males sexy body is felt and the need to jump him is becoming stronger with every day that passes. I slam my eyes shut and bite my bottom lip as I am put on my own two shaky legs. Instead of letting me go, he pulls me closer to him and shoves his face into my neck, breathing deeply and letting out a tortured groan, thrusting his hips into my stomach.

His giant bulge can be felt through his jeans and I grab onto his forearms to prevent myself from falling to the floor in a liquidy mess. I lean my head to the side and give him the access he wants to my sensitive neck. He growls his approval as he leaves hickies behind my ear, sucking, licking and nipping.

“Edric…” I whimper into the room, wanting more, yet I’m not ready to have sex with him, not tonight. It’s too soon.

“What do you want, baby? Do you want me to tie you to the bed and eat your pussy like a man starved? Do you want my tongue to suck your throbbing bud while you throw your head back in ecstasy? Tell me what you want Gia, tell me and I’ll fucking give it to you right here, right now.”

“Oh fuck. Yes, I want all of that Edric. I want you to shove your tongue into me until my pussy juices cover your face. I don’t want you to brush your teeth because I want all bitches to know whose pussy you ate.”

“Fuck me, woman. What my Luna wants, she gets. Let’s fucking get you naked. I wanna see my mate before I show her pleasure unlike anything she has ever felt before.”

The image has my knees weak and I whimper as I fall to the bed behind me. Before I can sit up and take off my heels, I feel Edric’s hands on my ankle, he gently speaks, “let me baby girl. Let me take care of you.”

A total contrast to the male he was a few seconds ago.

With a sigh, I lay there and relax as much as I can with him touching me. He takes one heel off at a time before he trails his warm, calloused palms up my calves, reaching my thighs before he shifts my dress up. I lift my ass off the bed so he can bunch it up around my waist. His appreciative growl is all that I hear before I notice the gentle touch of his finger running up and down my slit. I quietly moan and squirm, wanting more pressure. His chuckle tells me he is doing it on purpose, the bastard.

“Edric, please.” I am not too ashamed to beg when it comes to getting off. When it comes to sex or anything sexual, I will beg if I have to, to get what I need.

“Is this what you want Luna?” He has a teasing sound to his voice and it turns me on even more. I can feel my cream flowing down to my ass as I groan out an incoherent, “yes.”

He puts slight pressure on my clit, circling it as he does, before suddenly stopping. I lift my upper body from the bed and narrow my eyes at him in warning, “I’m sorry. What was that sweetheart?”

“I fucking said yes, alright.” I growl out in frustration and need at the sexy fucker who is on his knees between my legs. “Edric, if you don’t get back to finishing what you started, I’ll fucking do it my damn self.”

His laugh pisses me off and my head drops down onto the comforter before using my own fingers to play with my clit. I barely have a chance to even touch myself before Edric grabs my hand, pushing it away.

“I don’t fucking think so woman. No one touches this pretty pussy but me. This is my pussy and mine alone to suck, play with and eventually fuck. Do you understand me, Gia? No one but me.” He growls with possessiveness in his voice, causing my legs to try to close to gain some friction.

“Edric… please! I need you to touch me already,” I whine, needing something, anything, to help this ache in my needy nether region.

“Because you begged, I’ll give you what you want tonight, but no more getting yourself off baby girl.” He orders.

“Fuck, fine! I promise I won’t touch myself anymore. Enough talking and suck my pussy already, dammit!” I growl in annoyance and sexual frustration.

He chuckles at my demand and I am about to reprimand him, when I’m silenced by a warm set of lips covering my needy bud. I arch my back and rotate my hips to shove them into his face, his low rumble makes me whimper and push into him, needing more.

“Edric! Yes! Fuck!” I scream out as he bites my throbbing nub, juices gushing out of me as he alternates between slurping and twirling his tongue around my clit at a rapid fire pace.

His hands come up around my thighs to hold my waist down, to keep me steady as he dives in and growls into my wet flesh. The vibrations cause my eyes to roll to the back of my head as my mouth opens in a silent scream. My hands reach for his hair as I try to push him further into me, desperate for more friction.

“Edric….” It’s a plea, he knows what I need without the rest of the words leaving my mouth.

“Relax baby, I got you. Whenever you’re ready, let go, Gia. I’ll be here to catch you.” He assures my sex crazed mind.

He latches onto my clit once more, gently this time, but it’s still not enough. My pussy clenching on nothing but air as I feel his finger sliding up and down my soaked opening, a whimper and moan leaving my mouth as the suction increases, ever so slightly.

His thick digit stops its actions and I tense when I feel him at my puckered star. “Relax Gia. Trust me.”

I exhale, relaxing my body as he slowly inserts his soaked finger into my ass, while increasing the pressure on my pulsing clit with his mouth to distract me from the pressure at my back door. I moan at the intrusion, his digit slowly thrusting in and out as his tongue circles and flicks my little pearl.

My head is being thrown side to side at the uncontrollable feeling that’s happening, my stomach clenches as I feel heat rising within me.

“Edric! O-h-h fu-u-ck!” His finger and tongue pick up speed as I arch my back and try to close my legs around his head, needing more. He growls before nipping harshly on my bud and slams his thick digit into my ass.

My head is tossed back on a scream as my hands pull his hair, bringing his face more into my gushing pussy. Stars are seen dancing behind my closed eyelids as he continues his ministrations on my lower body, slowly bringing me down from my high.

I’ve never cum so hard in my life. My pussy continues to gush out juices as I feel and hear Edric cleaning me with his mouth and tongue. He slowly pulls his finger out of my ass as I pry my eyelids open as much as I can.

I watch him with a small smile on my face as he goes to the washroom, running the water and grabbing a small towel from the shelf. He comes back a few seconds later, spreading my legs as he gently cleans me up. I whimper at the coarseness of the cloth against my sensitive pearl.

“Sorry baby girl. I’m almost done and then we will sleep.” Edric gives me a gentle, yet thorough wipe down before throwing the cloth into the hamper. He removes his jeans and my dress, throwing one of his t-shirts over my head and mumbling to himself.

“Hmm?” My eyelids are heavy and can barely stay open.

“It’s nothing important. Let’s get you under the covers, baby.” He speaks softly into my ear as I feel him lift me so I’m laying the right way on the bed, with my head on the pillow.

I feel him come behind me on the bed, wrapping his strong arm around my waist and pulling me against his firm body. With a contented sigh, I mumble sleepily, “I had a wonderful time tonight, Edric. Thank you for letting me see that you aren’t the man I thought you were.”

He squeezes me into him even more if that’s possible and puts his nose into my hair, breathing deeply. “You haven’t seen all of me yet baby girl, but you will. I won’t let you down. Now sleep, you have a long day tomorrow with Bri and the pups.”

His lips on my neck is the last thing I feel before I fall into the best sleep I’ve had in a long time.

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