The Blazing Wolves MC

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Chapter 25

I gently entangle myself from Edric’s legs and remove his arm from around my waist to get up to go pee. Sitting at the edge of the bed, I stretch my arms in the chilled air and tilt my head from left to right and back again to crack my neck. After cracking a few times, my neck muscles feel loose and I attempt to stand up when a muscular tattooed arm is pulling me back onto the bed and into a firm, heated chest.

“Good morning, Alpha.” I say in a breathy tone, the memories of last night that appear in my mind has my wolf salivating at how our male made us feel with his sinful tongue.

Edric’s chest rumbles and he digs his nose into my neck, breathing in my scent and thrusting his hips forward, showing me what’s on his mind at the moment. “Good morning yourself, Luna. How did you sleep?”

“Like a baby. I haven’t had that deep of a sleep in years. And yes, the majority of that reason is because of you and that magical tongue of yours.” I roll my eyes at the ego boost I just gave him, but it’s not like it’s a lie, he has a fucking hurricane tongue!

His proud chuckle confirms that he already knew this fact. I wiggle in his arms, needing to pee even more as the seconds go by. “Edric, let me go. I need to pee and have a shower. I also have to go to the kitchen and pack everything that we need for the picnic with Georgie and Baron.”

He stays on his side, glued to my back and releases a territorial growl as he mumbles a quiet, “no. I don’t want to.”

I feel his cock that’s nestled between my wedgie-clad ass, thickening as if he thinks my virginal walls will be welcoming him in this morning. My wolf purrs and swishes her tail side to side at the thought of finally having sex with our mate. With a huff at her thoughts, I push his arm off of me and stand up on the side of the bed with a raised eyebrow, pointing to his dick. “You need to get that monster under control because my pussy is still off limits to you. So no ideas, mister. No matter how much my wolf approves of your antics.”

He is just staring at me with the left side of his lips slightly raised in amusement. I put a hand on my hip and tilt my head to the side, “what? Why are you smirking at me?”

He chuckles and shakes his head while dropping onto his back before he turns his face to look at me, as I stand there waiting, forgetting for a moment how bad I have to pee. “Well?”

Edric chuckles again, “you’re adorable when you get all flustered at my monster greeting you first thing in the morning. You know you can call it what it is, a cock, right?”

I hold back the smile that is wanting to emerge on my lips and give him a stoic look instead. He raises his eyebrow at me while waiting for a response so I give him one by rolling my eyes, muttering “whatever,” and turn around to walk to the bathroom, grabbing a towel on my way. His husky chuckle is the last thing I hear before I turn the tap on to get the water heated, get undressed and hop into the shower.

I exit the bathroom and see Edric pacing the bedroom with his phone close to his ear, growling low at whoever is on the other end. I quietly make my way to the closet, not wanting to disturb him from whatever he is dealing with but that goes out the window when he turns and stops dead in his tracks as he sees me. His gaze travels up my thighs, stopping at the junction of my thighs, the pink tip of his tongue peeking out as he licks his bottom lip slowly, seductively.

A gush of air escapes my lungs when I notice the bulge growing in his jeans. I inhale deeply and turn around to get dressed before our hormones override common sense. “Gia… your arousal is different. More potent. Good Goddess woman, your heat is coming soon isn’t it?”

I freeze as I close my eyes and think to myself, shit! I totally forgot about my heat creeping up on me with everything going on. I sigh out a calm breath, “yea, it is. I expect it to be here within a week or so…”

I leave the sentence hanging and continue my way into the closet to get dressed. I throw on my plain undergarments, some red capris and a black tank top. Today is a relaxed day and I am going to be in wolf form for most of it, so there is no need to wear anything to impress anyone anyway. I return to the bedroom where Edric is now sitting on the bed with his elbows on his knees and hands in his hair.

I stand in front of Edric’s bent over form and play with his hair, his tense shoulders relaxing with my touch as he wraps his arms around my waist, crushing his face into my stomach and simply breathing me in. He nuzzles into my tummy as we bask in the silence, enjoying each other’s company before having to leave the room and join the real world. He tilts his head back to look at me but they have a far away look to them, like he is deeply contemplating something. “Edric? Who was that on the phone? You didn’t sound very happy with whatever it was they were saying.”

He looks off to the side and out the window, closes his eyes and pulls me closer to him and in between his spread legs. “Benny was out with a prospect running the perimeter of the territory when they came across a shit ton of blood pooled around a still body. Benny called for a few other wolves since he didn’t know what to expect and they found Valerie beaten to the point she was barely alive. They rushed her to the pack doctor and he had to put her in a medically induced coma so her wolf could heal her faster. They just left her for dead right at the border and no one saw anything for fucks sakes! I don’t think it would be safe for you and Brianna to take the pups on a picnic with this happening. This was a message, but until Valerie wakes up, we don’t know for certain who it was intended for or what it means.”

I continue running my hands through his hair and let out a sigh, I know that staying home would be the logical and smart thing to do but the pups are excited for this and honestly, so am I. I tilt Edric’s head up to look at me by gently tugging on his silky locks. He rests his chin on my stomach and stares at me with those gorgeous green orbs of his. “I get that, I do, but we are still going on this picnic, Edric. Bri will call for help if anything happens, but I doubt anyone would have the balls to come so deep onto the property in the middle of the afternoon. I will also be alert at all times but I won’t cancel this, we need this normalcy for the pups and ourselves as much as we can.”

He closes his eyes as I continue to scratch his scalp in a calming manner. He sighs in defeat. Edric is learning how stubborn I can be and I won’t let Valerie’s carelessness ruin my day. If that makes me selfish then I don’t care, but the pups are looking forward to meeting their Luna wolf and I refuse to let her put a halt to that. Edric lets out another sigh and nudges me backwards so he can stand.

“Alright. Well, I know that there isn’t anything I can say to change your mind so as soon as Mac is available, he will be joining you guys. Please be careful Gia. I don’t know how my wolf and I would react if that was you instead of Valerie bleeding out on the ground. I am going to go see if the doc has any word about when she will be awake, but I won’t be going to see her without you. I want us to question her together because I have a feeling Sterling has something to do with this. Come find me before you leave alright?” He pecks my lips gently, slaps my ass and walks out the door.

I turn on my heels and head down to the kitchen, where I meet Bri and Dahlia on the way. “Good morning ladies. How are you guys this morning?”

Their grim expressions let me know that they have heard about Valerie. Dahlia answers for the both of them, “we are doing alright, thank you Luna. How are you doing? Is there any word on Valerie and who did this to her?”

I shake my head in response, “no, I was just getting out of the shower when Edric got the call and this stays between us, but he has a feeling that it has something to do with Sterling, like it is a message for either him or I. Why would he do that to her of all people though? Not like Edric is going to run off and take care of her just because she is his past fuck buddy.”

Bri shakes her head in disbelief, “whoever did that to her really fucked her up, Luna. I heard through Lync that she was barely alive when she was brought in. What I don’t get is why was she so close to the border or why was she crossing it without informing someone to begin with? It just doesn’t make any sense.”

I shrug my shoulders as we get to the kitchen door, “all we can do is wait until she is awake and hope that the truth comes out of her mouth, telling us what happened to her. Doc is keeping her in a medically induced coma until she is healed, so we have until at least a day or two for her to wake up and talk to us. Anyway, there is nothing we can do for her now except wait, so Bri are you ready for our picnic with Georgie and Baron?”

Her face lights up at this subject change. “Fuck yes, I’m ready! My wolf loves those pups and the fact we all get to meet our Luna wolf is even more exciting! Dahlia, do you mind strapping Baron to me and Georgie to Luna Gia after we shift?”

Dahlia smiles big at this request. “Of course I don’t mind! I wouldn’t give up a chance at meeting the furry side of our Luna and seeing the kids faces when they get to ride you guys like horses.” She covers her mouth and giggles into it, looking at me with amusement in her eyes.

I laugh at her excitement over such a small thing as we all get some ingredients out for the picnic. Dahlia makes six peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, while Bri and I add some cheese strings, mini pepperoni sticks, dill pickles, mini bags of cheesies, 4 juice boxes and 4 bottles of water. They are all packed evenly within two drawstring bags so they can be placed on our shoulders, as the children are strapped onto our bag by a thick strap of velcro that goes around their waist. They have to wrap their arms around our neck and their feet go in little loops on the side of our ribs, kind of like a horse saddle without the actual saddle to sit in.

I grab a bowl of sugary kids cereal since I missed breakfast. Probably not the smartest food to eat this morning but I don’t want anything big or heavy since I am going to be eating when we get to where we are going anyway. Gia’s loud clap startles me out of my daydreaming, “Luna? Did you hear what I said?”

I shake my head for an answer since I have just taken a mouth full of the sugary yumminess. “I said… I linked with Georgie and she is going to grab Baron on her way over here. She would be here in give or take ten minutes. Also, I was thinking of the perfect spot for us to have a picnic! It is by an adorable little watering hole, so the pups can play in the water for a little bit while we either play with them or keep watch from land. Either way, it will be so much fun for them but it is a little farther than where we were originally going to go. Lync and Mac know where it is so if we need them, they can lead everyone to where we are.”

I look at her skeptically as I swallow my mouthful, “I don’t know Bri. With what just happened last night, I don’t know how comfortable I feel going somewhere that is so secluded from the pack. Edric is also sending Mac to where we are for our safety and his peace of mind whenever Mac is done doing whatever it is he is off doing.”

“Perfect! Lync can come with him then! Everything will be okay, Luna. I will let Lync know where we are going and you can inform Edric so then when Mac is going to come meet up with us, they can come together! Plea-a-ase!” She gives me a pouty lip and bats her eyelashes quickly in a fluttering motion.

I roll my eyes and laugh at her, “you’re fucking ridiculous woman. Alright, we will go there. Let me go inform Edric of the change of location and then we will shift when the pups get here, before you take the lead as we head out.”

I get off the stool that I sat on to eat my cereal and make my way to find Edric. I look up to the roof and blow out a breath, feeling like today is going to be a long ass day. My wolf is excited though, she is hopping up and down, yipping, swishing her tail and prancing around at the fact that she will be going for a run today and that she will be meeting some pack members and play with some pups, officially now. Now that we have found our mate, the horny female wants to get on the baby making train.

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