The Blazing Wolves MC

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Chapter 26

I walk into Edric’s office where he is sitting at his desk on the phone. He motions for me to go to him, so I do and take a seat on his lap. He wraps his arm around my waist and keeps on with the conversation, so I sit silently and just listen. “No, I don’t need you to come over again. You can send Gavin over and I can work it out with him. I don’t want you riding all of this way for something that might not be settled at this meeting. He is fully capable of coming to me in your place, as I am sure you have more important things to deal with.”

There is a pause on our side, Edric looks up at me and winks before he kisses my arm lovingly. “Of course I get that. What you don’t seem to understand is that I don’t necessarily want you on my land unless absolutely necessary. I don’t need the drama that usually follows you around. Your VP handled things just fine the first time he came, so he can be the one to make decisions on your behalf this time as well. It’s Gavin who will be coming or we don’t have anything to discuss, Levi. I mean it. I refuse to do business with anyone other than him so the choice is yours. Let me know what you decide, but so you are aware, the clock is ticking.”

Edric hangs up and sits me on the edge of his desk, my breasts being right at chin level. “Edric?”

“Hmm?” Is the only response I get from him as he settles his chin on my chest.

“Did you say the beta’s name was Gavin?”

“I did. Why?” My eyebrows furrow as I wonder if it is possible. Could it really be him? I mean, I know there are probably a lot of other wolves named Gavin, but I need to know.

“Can I meet him when he comes? My older brother’s name is Gavin. My gut is telling me that I have to meet this male and I don’t want to get my hopes up, but if there is a chance it could be my brother, I need to be there. If it turns out not to be him, then at least I will know and I can cross this Gavin off the list of possibilities.” I stare into his orbs to make sure he knows how serious I am about this. Old ladies don’t usually get involved in club business but with this I refuse to back down. If there is a possibility it could be him, I have a right to know.

He stares back silently for a few seconds before slightly nodding his approval. “Of course you can meet him to see if he is your brother or not. I would hate to be the reason you miss seeing him when it’s been so long. If Levi agrees, which he most likely will, Gavin will be here in a week.”

I reach down and peck him on the lips in excitement,“thank you! Now, for the original reason I came in here. Brianna found a little watering hole while her and Lync were out for a run a while back and she wants to take us to that one instead. Do you know what one I’m talking about?”

He nods apprehensively, “I do, but it is quite a bit further from here compared to where I took you.” He sighs out in frustration and rubs a hand down his face, “alright. That’s fine, but please keep your guard up, at least until Mac and Lync get there, Gia. My wolf is antsy about letting you go without him but I know you guys had this planned for a little while, and I also know that the pups want to play with their Luna without their Alpha around.”

He chuckles at the thought of Georgie and Baron’s excitement to play with my wolf. A few seconds later, there is a bang on the lower part of the door to the room. “Luna Gia! It is me, Georgie, and Baron is here too! We are ready when you are! Come on Luna! I want to see your wolf! Hurry up!”

I hear Baron whisper not so quietly to her, “maybe we should go wait with Bria? Luna could be busy with Alpha in there. Sheesh Gie! Come on, let’s go.”

“Luna, we will be in the kitchen with my sister waiting for you. Don’t keep her for too long please Alpha!” We laugh at the adorable little ones as we hear their footsteps descend toward the kitchen.

Edric slaps my thighs, “alright, I guess that is our que. Let’s get you shifted and strapped up.” He stands and kisses me deeply, his tongue invading my mouth until I need to pull back and gasp for air. “Please be careful Gia.”

He pecks my lips once as he helps me off of the desk and leads me by our intertwined fingers to the door and then to the kitchen where Baron, Georgie, Bri, Dahlia and the other old ladies are standing around, waiting on me. “Sorry guys, your Alpha and I were discussing some things, but I am here now. So Georgie and Baron, are you two ready to go for a picnic and a ride on our wolves?”

They both hop up and down as Georgie squeals excitedly, “yes! We are so excited to see your wolf Luna! Can you shift right now? We really want to see her, we want to see what color she is!”

Everyone chuckles at her enthusiasm, “slow down there, crazy girl. First things first. Georgie, you will sit on my back on the way there and Baron, you can on the way home okay? This way you both can brag that you got a ride on your Luna’s wolf. How does that sound?”

Baron doesn’t even answer, he just grabs Georgie’s hand and starts pulling her off to the side. “Come on Gie, let’s give Bria and Luna some room so she can shift into her wolf!”

After he says that, she is right on the tips of his heels trying to get to the corner of the kitchen that much faster. Lilac and Dahlia grab the bags of food as Bri and I strip down into our undergarments so they can add our clothing to the bags. Everyone stands off to the sides as Bri nods at me before she effortlessly shifts into her adorable caramel colored wolf.

She yips and trots over to where I am standing, licking my hand before rubbing on my thigh and goes to everyone doing the same before ending with the children, licking their faces and causing them to giggle. Edric pulls me to him, kisses me and whispers in my ear for only me to hear, “stay safe and alert but have fun, baby girl.”

He pecks my forehead before stepping back and nodding, I smoothly shift into my wolf and she does a cute little stepping dance before rubbing all around Edric’s thighs, licking his hands and shoving her nose in his crotch, sniffing before purring and jumping back before he has a chance to swat her nose away. He growls seductively and crouches down to her level, eye to eye with her as he kisses her nose, “you take care of these pups and be aware of your surroundings, alright?”

My wolf nods and licks his face in understanding. He stands to his full height as I make my way around the circle, licking each old lady’s hand as they kiss my forehead and pet my neck. Bri is sitting on her haunches beside Baron, waiting patiently. Georgie and Baron decide to run up to me instead of waiting for me to come to them, hugging me around the neck as my wolf wags her tail in happiness.

She yips in excitement at the pups and they take a step back, thinking that she wants them to let her go so they can go on their picnic, but she starts attacking them with her tongue, causing Baron to fall on his behind and Georgie to run on the opposite side of Bri’s wolf for protection. Baron ends up laughing hysterically as she continues to lick him and she digs her nose into his neck and armpit.

“Stop, Luna wolf! Stop! I give up! You win, you win!” Baron calls out in between all of the giggling he is doing. She stops and gives a wolfish smile to the little guy, sitting down right beside him as Edric comes to Baron’s aid and helps him to his feet. He rushes forward and hugs us, nuzzling his nose into our fluffy neck as we pull him closer with our jaw and right paw.

Bri’s wolf startles us all by getting impatient and barks before she walks over to Dahlia, eagerly waiting for the bag to be placed on her so we can leave. I walk up beside her and wait my turn. The bag gets placed on our shoulders and strapped around our upper chest, behind our front legs but not too close to bother us when we run. Baron walks up beside Bri as she stands with her tail wagging side to side in excitement, he gets lifted onto the center of her back and is strapped tightly onto her.

Baron giggles when Bri starts to walk off to the side so Georgie can get on us. “The children have never rode long distances before so this is new to them, Luna. We have never used these velcro belts either. All you have to do is get one of the children to pull on this velcro that is hanging loosely and they can hop off.”

I bark to let her know I understand and wait for Georgie to get on. The sweet girl giggles when she is lifted onto my back and quickly hugs my neck the best she can, before she has to sit up for Dahlia to strap her to me. Bri and I bark out a see you later, while Georgie and Baron yell out theirs. I follow behind Bri as Edric opens the kitchen door as he leads us outside so people will think the kids are sitting on the backs of two large ass dogs from a distance.

Once we reach the gate, it is opened and I lick Edric’s hand as he ruffles my fur with his other one. “Georgie, Baron, I want you two to hold on tight and don’t let go for anything until your Luna and Brianna come to a stop to where you guys are going, alright?”

I see Baron nod eagerly and I am assuming Georgie is as well since I feel her moving on my back. “Yes Alpha, we will.”

With a nod, Edric pats my wolf’s rear end and states, “alright, off you guys go then, and be safe.”

Bri and I start off with a fast walk before we start to trot. I keep my pace a little slower so my shoulders are at Bri’s wolf’s stomach since she knows where we are going. “Faster Luna! Faster Bri! Can we go faster? Please?”

Bri’s wolf looks back at me and I give my head a slight nod before she takes off in a steady run, I keep up as Georgie and Baron scream with elation. My wolf and I cannot help but to laugh at their reactions to something as simple as riding on our backs. I am thinking that they feel free with the wind going through their hair, without them having to do any actual work.

We run for a solid thirty minutes before we come across a beautiful little paradise made up of a little watering hole that has a waterfall flowing into it as the water turns into a shallow stream. Bri and I lap up some of the cold refreshing water, getting hydrated after the hot, long run.

When we have quenched our thirst, we find a spot on the grass where we will put our bags as we play in the water. I lean over to Bri and use my teeth to pull the velcro loose, staying there so Baron can use me as leverage to get down, once he does, Bri does the same to me and Georgie slides off of my side, falling into Baron.

Bri must have mindlinked with Georgie and Baron, because a minute later, they are undoing the velcro on us and taking the bags off. I shake out my fur and run into the water, hearing Bri bark out a laugh and follow me as the little ones strip down to their bathing suits that they were wearing underneath their clothes and run to join us.

We spend some time splashing and playing in the water with the kids, before we hear Georgie’s tummy rumble in hunger. “Luna, I’m hungry. Can we have lunch now?”

I shift into my skin side right in the water, nod my head and make my way to the grass where our bags are laying. “Okay, come on you two. Let’s get you fed and then we will relax for a bit before we go up on the waterfall’s ledge and jump into the water below. Are you guys up for that? You will have to jump with Bri or myself though, alright?”

They quickly nod their heads and yell out, “yes please,” as they come up to where I am getting the sandwiches, snacks and drinks out of the bags. I hand a naked Bri her clothes as I put mine on. Nudity is such a normal thing for us so when children see us walking around right after a shift, it doesn’t phase them in the least. Thankfully, I was wearing capris and a tank top, so they are easy enough to put on when a bit wet.

We all sit down to eat as Baron and Georgie tell us about the things they are learning in school, about how the other kids want a chance to play tag with their Luna since they were bragging they got to and how their friends will be even more jealous that they got to ride on their Luna wolf. The way they talk has Bri and I laughing so hard we have tears falling from our eyes.

After we have eaten our sandwiches, the pickles, carrots dipped in ranch and whatever else we packed, Baron rests his head on my lap as Georgie does the same to Bri. They fall asleep within minutes as we run our fingers through their hair, helping them relax. Bri and I lay down on the soft grass with a hand behind our head and just stare at the sky. Bri tilts her head in my direction and hesitantly asks, “Luna, I know this might seem a bit too personal and you obviously don’t have to answer, but why have you not let Alpha mark you, so if needed, you could mindlink him or anyone in the pack?”

I let out a cleansing breath, knowing that this question would have been asked sooner or later. “I have yet to let him mark me because once I do, it would make the pull to him that much stronger. My heat is going to hit me soon and I was actually planning to tell him to mark me for our first time together. He really isn’t who I thought he was, and I judged him based on his actions before meeting me and doing that is wrong. I just needed him to show me who he was before giving him myself fully, ya know? My wolf and I adore his wolf and we truly do care about Edric as a person as well. Do I love him yet? No, not yet. Are my feelings growing stronger? Every single day. So that is why I am yet to let him mark me, I don’t need things to move forward just because of a mark. I want us to do it on our own, without the force of a bond.”

Bri is staring at the blue sky and nods her head, “I get it. That makes sense and you are really strong for holding back for this long. Lync and I were mated and marked to each other within a few days of meeting each other.” She lets out a dreamy sigh at this and closes her lids slowly, “we should nap with these two so they don’t tire us out later on.”

I look up and watch the clouds slowly glide by. “You have a nap, I will stay awake and keep watch.”

“Hmmm, alright. Wake me up in thirty or so minutes and we will switch.” That is the last thing she mumbles before she lightly snores, a sign that she is exhausted. My lids close minutes later to the sound of birds chirping, wind blowing the leaves in the trees and the soothing sound of gentle running water. I fall asleep and dream of a world where Edric and I have pups just like Georgie and Baron.

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