The Blazing Wolves MC

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Chapter 28

Wolfy comes out of nowhere and is in my face, whining and growling. He examines my face and body, the fur rising on his neck as he looks to where the other wolves are fighting. He gently licks my face, whining some more before gently licking my sore neck as I hiss out in pain.

“I’ll be okay. Go deal with those bastards and show them the reason you’re my mate.” He growls as he nods his head and sticks his nose to my forehead, breathing me in before he roars in rage, taking off to where the fighting is going on.

Bri’s wolf rushes to my side and nuzzles my cheek with her wet nose, whining quietly as she licks my face. Her whimpers are heartbreaking, I reach up and grab onto the fur around her neck as tears flow down my cheeks. “I’m okay. I promise. You guys came just in time. I fought them off for as long as I could.” A second later she shifts into her skin, “Georgie and Baron?” I manage in a weakened whisper.

With teary eyes she examines the damage done to my body, “oh Goddess Gia. What were they doing to you? I’m so sorry I left you. I needed to get them to that hole in that tree trunk but I didn’t want to leave you, you know that, don’t you?” I nod my head to give her my answer, “The children are safe. My mum and all of the other old ladies came to get them. Baron didn’t want to leave you, he screamed and cried the whole way to the tree. He even fought with them about coming to help save you. They took him to the clubhouse and put him to sleep in your room, he is waiting for you and he told my mum that he won’t leave your bed until he sees you. That pup really loves you, Luna.”

Knowing this brings relief to my mind and a happy tear makes a pathway down my cheek at the thought of them being safe. She pushes the hair away from my face and over my shoulder to examine my neck, sucking in a deep breath at the damage that is done. Yelps, ferocious growls, bones being broken and skin being torn is the only sound heard at the moment.

I burrow my wolf deep into the furthest part of my mind so she could heal faster as she went through a lot today. I would have never made it out of this in the shape I’m in if it wasn’t for her additional strength in fighting to keep them away from Baron and Georgie.

I release a breath of exhaustion, knowing that I’m now safe. While Edric takes care of the assholes, I relax against the tree and close my eyes. My body is in pain from the fight today and I just need to give my mind and body a break until it is time to go home.

“Luna, do you think you can stand?” Bri asks me carefully. I nod my head and put some weight against the tree as she comes to my side to help me get on my feet. My right hip is throbbing from when that male bit me and I think it dislocated when I hit the tree. As I put pressure on my foot to stand up, I have to bite on the heel of my hand to prevent a pained scream from leaving my lips so I don’t draw any more attention to us. The last thing I want to do is bring their attention to us when they need to focus on the fighting wolves.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Clover and Lilac jogging towards us with some clothes and water bottles in their hands. Clover walks right up to me with tears in her eyes and holds my cheeks in her warm palms, “oh Gia, you scared the shit out of us. When Brianna contacted us, telling us that she had to leave you with them to get the pups to safety, Edric went ballistic. He got together his fastest men and ordered them to where you were instantly. Mac and Lync dropped everything they were doing to get here since they knew the quickest way to you. Please, don’t risk your life like that again. Our Alpha would lose his mind without you.”

Lilac’s sturdy hand passes me a water bottle and I chug it down quickly as I clear my throat and lick my dry lips. My voice comes out raspy from the bite to my throat that is slowly healing. “I’m truly sorry for scaring everyone and not thinking about the threat still looming over my head. But Clover, as a mother you know that there is no way I could have not put myself in harm’s way if it meant Bri getting the children out of here. I did what any wolf would have done to protect her pack, especially the pups, and I would do it all over again if it means they come out of the situation unscathed.”

I hear howls, whimpers and whines coming from where they are fighting and I worry that it is coming from our pack. When I look over my shoulder to see what’s going on, most of the hired wolves have either been killed, are laying down on the ground with their necks exposed or are still resisting. I notice Edric is circling the lead male as he growls and snaps his powerful jaws at the other wolf. He glances my way quickly and I see a flash of concern before he focuses back on his prey.

The male doesn’t back down but he knows that he won’t win, not with the gash that is in his neck, causing him to lose some of the stamina and energy he would have had otherwise. Bri holds me around the waist as Clover crouches down in front of me with the leggings, gently lifting one leg at a time before slowly pulling them up my thighs. I wince when she gets to my hips which causes her to stop. “It’s okay, I’m fine. Keep going please.”

She nods her head once and finishes pulling up my leggings before taking the tank top from Lilac. “Are you able to lift your arms, Luna?”

I slightly nod my head as I take a deep breath before letting it out slowly, mentally preparing myself for the pain that I will feel in my neck by lifting my arms. Without my wolf here at the front of my mind with me, my own wounds are going to heal slower, exactly how a human’s would. I want her to heal one hundred percent before worrying about me right now because her wounds are a hell of a lot more painful than mine currently are.

Clover somehow maneuvers the shirt to put my left arm through it without needing to move it too much and does the same for my right but has to stop midway as she sees the pain on my face. I do my best to hide it but I fail horribly. “Luna, are you okay? We can take a break for a few minutes until the pain lessons?”

I shake my head and speak quietly, “no, no. Keep going. Let’s just get it over with.” I inhale deeply as Clover quickly slides my arm through the other strap. I cannot help the whimper that escapes from the pain I feel when the muscles in my neck are pulled. Bri wraps a sweater around my shoulders and has me lean on her as we all start to walk away from Edric and the rest of the pack as they deal with the wolves.

I slightly turn my upper body to look over to where Edric is and I see that he has the male by his neck, shaking him as if he was a ragdoll. He drops the bastard to the ground and howls into the sky, claiming victory and making it known to any other wolves that were in that pack that their leader is now dead. I know that he wasn’t an Alpha, otherwise he could have easily used his Alpha influence on me to comply with him a hell of a lot easier.

Clover leads us away from the males as Lilac comes to my other side, holding onto my waist to take some of the weight from Bri. I try not to lean on them too much, but every step causes a shooting pain from my hip to the middle of my lower spine.

A few minutes later, the crunching of leaves and twigs breaking from behind us makes Lilac tense before she turns to see who it is and instantly relaxes, and from that reaction alone, I know that it’s our men. My wolfy comes to a stop in front of us and I feel his warm, rough tongue lick my fingers before he whines out his apology.

My heart hurts at how he thinks this is his fault. “No, don’t blame yourself. This is not your fault, I should have known better. Right now, all that matters is that the pups are unharmed and that you came for me. You can make it up to me later if you want, but for now, let’s just focus on getting home, alright?”

He gives my hand another lick before rubbing up on my thigh and running a bit ahead of us with a few wolves trailing behind him. A slightly smaller two toned brown wolf comes to where Edric was standing in front of me and lowers his head, showing me his neck in submission as a sad whimper leaves his throat. I know Mac feels guilty about not being here sooner, but no one saw this coming, no one could have known that Sterling would have hired men to try to get me.

I gently rub his head and give him a reassuring smile, to ease his mind and that he doesn’t need to feel guilty. He whines once more before wolfy barks at him, calling him to take his spot as he now shifts into a very naked Edric. He has dried blood splatters all over his body but thankfully he has no open wounds. He walks up to me, halting in his steps and gently grabs my cheeks with his giant warm hands as his eyes roam my face. I close my eyes and tilt my face, taking comfort in the heat of his palms

His hot breath is felt on my face as he whispers a tortured, “Gia.”

I whimper as tears build up behind my eyes. Having him here in front of me helps ease my mind and reassures me that I’m truly safe. “Edric, I was so scared. All I could think about was the pups and making sure they were safe. I wasn’t even thinking about how my death would affect you and I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. My wolf...”

“Shhh Gia, no. What you did was remarkable baby girl. You did what any Luna should do. I’m so fucking proud to call you my mate. Your wolf is so damn brave. When Brianna linked us, terrified out of her mind that she had to leave you to fight alone…”

He swallows down the emotion in his voice, but I can see the turmoil in his eyes at the thought of losing me. He closes his lids and gently puts his forehead to mine, “the thought of you fighting off that many wolves alone scared the shit out of me, Gia. Mac and Lync were at my side within minutes and we were on our way to you.”

He lifts his face an inch away from mine, staring into my soul with fierce determination. “I have never felt so much rage in my life and I promise you that we are going to deal with Sterling as soon as we can. This needs to end. I’m fucking sick of that bastard having the upper hand. That bastard he hired should have never known where you were going and where you were. I have a feeling someone in the pack is feeding him information and when I find out who it is, they will regret ever trying to cross me.”

He releases a big gush of air before speaking again, “hold on to me babygirl, I’m going to carry you home so you won’t push your body more than necessary. Can you bring your wolf forward for a minute? My wolf’s fur is ruffled and he is demanding to see that his female is alright.”

I close my eyes and find my wolf in the recess of my mind. She is licking her hind leg that is almost completely healed, but her muscles are still sore from the multiple bite marks. She stops what she is doing and slowly wags her tail, wanting to see her male as well. When I open my eyes, she is right there with me. Edric has let his wolf come forward completely, as both eyes are golden, telling us that it is just wolfy, leaving Edric in the background.

A low whine escapes his throat as he digs his nose into our neck, causing us to flinch back and whimper in pain. A growl escapes his throat before he lifts his head back to meet our gaze as I see a tear form in his eye.

Wolfy whimpers and gently nudges the area where our neck is bruised and sore. Licking the area before laying a whisper of a kiss on the spot and bends down to lift us into his arms, laying a lingering, gentle kiss on our forehead.

I look up into his vibrant eyes and see that Edric is back now. My wolf purrs at our males before she also goes back to the back of my mind to continue healing as we get carried back home. “Let’s get you home, baby. Baron is passed out in our bed awaiting your arrival. I think I have some competition when it comes to you in the form of a brave little male.

“I think you may be right, my Alpha.”

Mac is still in wolf form and is now slightly ahead of us with the three females and as I glance around us, I notice we only have a few other males with us. Lync must be the black and grey wolf that is walking alongside Brianna since he keeps rubbing on her thigh and whining up at her whenever she lovingly rubs his head.

“Where are the others that came with you and what are you guys going to do with the bodies?” I ask him as I lay my head on his muscular chest, listening to his steady heartbeat as he carries me through the forest.

“The ones who have bared their necks to us are still there and will be sent back home once we get the transportation for them. I won’t kill wolves who were following an order, and with how quickly they submitted to me, they are just lost wolves needing leadership. The dead bodies will be cremated and sent to where the others are going to be given to their families.”

He shifts me closer to his chest without squeezing too hard to cause me pain as he continues, “the lead male is going to be sent to the border of Sterlings territory to show him what happens to anyone he sends to take you from me. We need to watch what we do and say around the pack, but I think you already have a feeling who the rat is. I have a plan that I will discuss with you in further detail once you are healed. Rest baby, I will wake you when we get home.”

I snuggle closer to his warm chest and close my eyes, putting one hand behind his back to rest on his bare ass. His chuckle makes me smile and before I know it, I’m swallowed by darkness.

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