The Blazing Wolves MC

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Chapter 3

Shaking out of my trance that his grass-green eyes have put me in, I take a step back and growl low at him as he takes one forward. We shake our head back and forth for him to stop, to not come closer, low growls leave our throat as we move as far from him as we can in the narrow hallway.

“Alpha Edric? What is going on? Did you say she is your mate?” Brianna asks with confusion lacing her voice.

“The she-wolf beside you is my mate.” His eyes hold guilt and regret. Good, he should feel like a piece of shit for fucking clubwhores knowing his mate would be living here eventually. You don’t shit where you eat.

We growl at him and bare our teeth when his hand reaches out to touch us. We let him get close enough to let him think he can touch our head, when I snap my jaw at his fingers. He isn’t fast enough and I catch the tip of his forefinger, making him bleed.

“Oh my Goddess! Edric, the bitch made you bleed! She needs to be put in the dungeons, she is clearly unstable if she is willing to bite an Alpha. I will get someone to get a cell ready for her right away.” The bitch that reeks of my mate shrieks in her high pitched voice.

“Like fuck you will Valerie. This she-wolf is our Alphas mate. Which makes her our Luna! You will do no such thing. If anyone deserves to be there, it should be him for sleeping with your easy ass knowing he has a mate out there.”

Edric growls at Brianna, “watch it, Brianna. Just because your father is my VP and beta, does not exclude you from punishment.”

I bare my teeth to him and stand in front of Brianna, protecting her with my body. She is right, he does deserve to be there.

Edric watches me and without looking at her, orders his whore, “Valerie, go shower and wash my scent off of you. As of this day forward, you will no longer be coming to me for anything. You need anything? You go through Donny or Sniper and they can relay the messages to me if they deem it important enough. Brianna, please bring my mate into the office so she and I can talk. I doubt she wants to be alone with me right now, so you can come in as well.”

At the words, ‘my mate’, we growl in disgust at Edric. His eyes turn gold and show sorrow and longing. He doesn’t know longing yet. He will though, we will not forgive him easily.

“But Edric, you said I had to show the clubwhores who owned my ass, how can I…” this bitch whines in an irritating as fuck voice.

One look from Edric shuts her up and she lowers her head mumbling, “yes Alpha.”

While she rushes past me, she smirks, “I had him first, Luna.

I go to bite her heels when Edric grabs me by the back of my neck and takes me into the room that smells like their mixed scent and pure sex.

My wolf tries snapping at his hand but she can’t reach him. Long armed fucker. I shift into my skin side instantly and back up from him. “Don’t fucking touch me. You don’t get to touch me right after you just finished fucking her.”

I feel a fluffy robe being pulled onto my upper arms. Looking behind me, I see Brianna give me a small smile as she holds the robe on my shoulders. I pat her hand in thanks and wrap it around myself, ignoring the heat I feel roaming all over my skin, lingering a little too long on my breasts. Turning back to Edric I shamelessly check him out.

He is standing in the middle of the room in blue briefs with his body on full display. Regardless of how pissed off I am at him, he is a fucking Adonis. He has full sleeve tattoos on both arms, on the right side of his torso he has a bunch of random tribal and asian writings and a large wolf howling up to the moon on the left side of his upper body. The wolf is outlined in blue and orange flames with flames in its eyes. It must be the MC’s symbol.

He has chocolate skin and if the situation was different, I would be sucking on it right now. He is about 6′3, black short cropped hair, muscular arms, thighs and he has a monster sized cock that is peeking at me from the top of his briefs.

His eyes are a grass green, he has high cheekbones, a sharp jaw and his lips are juicy and plump. My thighs clench together and by the seductive growl he releases, I know he can smell my arousal. He attempts to take a step toward me when I hold my hand up to stop him.

“No. I won’t even talk to you with how you smell right now. You stink of another female’s pussy and that’s not going to work for me. I waited for twenty-six years for my mate, just to find him fucking a whore.”

I look right into his eyes and despite my anger, a traitorous tear drips down my cheek. Just so he can see how serious I am with my next statement, I stand taller with my shoulders back and wipe the wetness away.

“We will talk and figure out where to go from here. I will not mark you, I will not fuck you and you will not touch me intimately while I figure out if you deserve me or not. My wolf has burrowed herself to the back of my mind at the hurt she is feeling from you and your wolf right now. She doesn’t understand how a male could fuck an easy whore when he knew he had a mate.”

I tilt my head in curiosity, yet I know the answer to my question. “How would you feel if the situation was reversed? If you came to my home and a male was balls deep in me? Making me scream out one of the biggest orgasms I’ve ever had?”

“I’d put his ass in the dungeons and fuck you until you forget that another male was ever inside what is mine.” Edric growls out possessively.

I scoff at that response, even though I knew it was the answer I was going to get. “You’re a hypocrite. You know that right? It’s okay for you to fuck whoever you want to get your dick wet, yet shit will go down when I let someone fuck me good? That’s a little unfair Alpha.”

He looks to my left, slightly behind me. “Brianna, you can go. Make sure Valerie has a shower and get the old ladies to prepare my room for my mate.”

“Hold on Bri.” At this, Edric raises an eyebrow to my defiance against his orders.

“Have you fucked that whore in your bed? Or any clubwhores in your room at all?”

With my hands on my hips, I await his answer. He looks down and refuses to answer. “Bri, I won’t be sleeping in his room.”

“Like hell you won’t be! I won’t have my mate in any other room than mine!”

“Oh really? What are you going to do? Chain me to the bed? Do you have any idea how much you are going to be kissing my ass in the future if you expect us to even sleep in the same bed, never mind fuck in one? I hope you have self-control because I’d hate for my mate to get blue balls that lasts a few years rather than months.”

Edric gruffly replies, “woman, if I have to tie you to my bed, I will. You do not want to test me on this. Brianna, ask for some help and clean my whole room, burn the sheets and put fresh ones on please. You may go.”

“Yes Alpha.” She bows her head in respect for him because he is her Alpha and President, otherwise I can tell she is disgusted with him.

She gives my hand a slight squeeze, I nod my head in response, letting her know I will be okay on my own with him and that I’m grateful for her support. I don’t remove my eyes from his stare that feels like he is searching my soul.

My wolf whimpers at the thought of her mate fucking that female. She covers her nose with her paws to try to prevent any more of the smell of them together being inhaled as she closes her eyes in sadness and hurt. I swallow down a heartbroken cry while I get right down to business with this male.

“If you want to talk in here, you need to put some clothes on and air this place out. It fucking reeks of you and that bitch and I refuse to have a constant reminder of what you’ve done at the forefront of my mind while we talk.”

Edric stands there staring at me for a few more seconds before I raise my brow at him, asking a silent question of what he is waiting for. He silently walks to large windows behind his desk and opens them, a closet to his left is opened and he pulls out a pair of ripped light blue jeans and a black t-shirt.

Edric looks right into my hardened eyes, “You can have a seat on a chair if you’d like. I’m going to have a quick shower and then I’ll be right back.”

“No, it’s alright, I’ll stand thanks. I really don’t want to risk sitting in your whore’s cum stains.” I can’t help but be a bitch and how could he blame me? I’m not the one smelling of someone else’s pussy and didn’t stay faithful to her mate, he did, so it’s all on him.

With a defeated sigh, he lowers his head and goes into a room beside the closet, leaving the door slightly open as I hear water running before the shower is turned on. I shake my head to get the image of him naked out of my mind. Regardless of how tempted I am to check out his fine ass in all of his naked glory, I won’t. He doesn’t get the satisfaction of feeling my eyes on his cock yet, not with what I came into arriving at the door.

I walk around his office, looking for any left behind clothing from any females to burn. My wolf is antsy, expecting to find panties or bras in the least. Lucky for him, we don’t find anything.

I make my way to a bookshelf that has a few pictures sitting on it. One with Edric, a younger female whom I’m guessing is his sister, and his parents. Another of Edric and his beta, one of just his sister and parents and then one more of his sister and I’m assuming it’s her fiance, as he is holding her around the waist with a goofy smile while looking down at her. I smile slightly at the couple, they look really happy.

“That was taken a few years ago. They currently live in the packhouse. I can introduce you to them after we talk if you’d like?”

Sucking in a deep startled breath, I inhale his intoxicating scent and my wolf whimpers at the loss of how we had always envisioned meeting our mate. Unfortunately, things don’t always work out as planned as we never thought he would ever make another female scream out his name before us. Hardening my exterior to face him takes a lot of willpower, but it needs to be done. I won’t make this too easy for him.

“I wonder why they wouldn’t want to live here.” The sarcasm is clearly heard in my voice, “and no, not tonight. I’m not in the mood to meet anyone with how I’m feeling right now.”

“Okay, whenever you’re ready. Can you and I start with introducing ourselves?”

I shrug my shoulders, “sure. My name is Gia Nealey, I’m twenty-six years old, I’ve been travelling with my best friends Shalay and Malin for the last three years, helping her build her business. I have an older brother, two sisters and then my parents who used to live south of here.”

With a small smile sent my way, he introduces himself as well. “My name is Edric Colson. I am thirty-one years old and I am the Alpha and President of The Blazing Wolves Motorcycle Club as I’m sure you have been told. I have one little sister who is engaged to my newly patched member named Ink, and then my parents. They all live in the pack house five hundred yards to the east of here.”

He reaches out to shake my hand and I just stare at it, wondering if I’m strong enough to fight the pull he will have over me once I touch him. I’m conflicted and hesitant as I stare at his giant palm, “I washed my hands, I promise.”

Inhaling a deep breath, I grab his hand and nearly fall to my knees at the heat that is felt throughout my body. I whimper and instantly let go of his hand, taking a step back. My eyes water and I turn to run out of the room, but before I can leave, Edric is holding me from behind.

“Gia, please. I’m sorry I didn’t wait for you. I have no excuse as to why I’ve done what I did, when my parents repeatedly told my sister and I that we would regret anything we did with any others when we found our mates, I never knew how right they were. Please don’t reject us.” He lets out a whimper as he puts his nose to the back of my head, inhaling deeply and letting out a growl that is all wolf.

“My wolf is already pissed at me for what I have done to cause this first meeting between us to be so strained. I don’t expect forgiveness right away, but I promise to be the best mate to you that I can be from here on out, and I will earn your forgiveness in time.”

I let myself be weak in the warmth of his arms for a few minutes without saying a word. I can’t talk or I will become a sobbing mess, and I refuse to show any more weakness in front of him until I forgive him for his whoring ways.

I need to get out of his hold before he thinks I’ve forgiven him, I take a deep breath and struggle to get the words out without breaking down. “Please let me go. I’m exhausted and need to shower before I sleep. Where is your room?”

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