The Blazing Wolves MC

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Chapter 31

We hold each other’s eyes, a seductive rumble vibrates Edric’s chest as I sit up and grab the hem of his shirt, slowly lifting it as high as my arms can reach. He grabs it from me and discards it to the chair across the room as I reach for his jeans, undoing the button and slowly dragging the zipper downward.

Breaking our gaze, I glance down at the solid muscle straining to break free of its confinement and the sight hypnotizes me. I know I had him in my mouth a few days ago, but there was little to no light and I didn’t take my time to actually take in the size of him.

The man is gifted in both girth and length, that’s for sure. I lick my lips when I see a wet spot materialize where the head is pushing against his briefs, eager to taste him.

His palm connects gently with the side of my jaw as he grips my chin, guiding my face to look up at him. “What do you want, Gia? Tell me what you need.”

“You. I want all of you.” I tell him breathlessly as I grasp the sides of his face, pulling him down to me and fuse our lips together. Licking his bottom lip to entice the invasion of tongue into mine, he opens instantly and devours my mouth with his until I have to break away for air.

Needing to rectify that his jeans and briefs are still on, I nip at his steel rod through the cloth before pulling them down along with his briefs to his knees and reveal his beautiful cock to my hungry eyes.

I bite my bottom lip before using the tip of my tongue to lick up the wetness around his bulbous mushroom head, causing a deep vibrating groan to leave his throat. I look up at him, feigning innocence, before taking his shaft fully into my mouth and shocking the shit out of him when I start to suck, suctioning my cheeks in.

“Oh, fuck me.”

I flatten my tongue and take him down my throat deeper, swallowing around the head before bobbing a few times, slowly pulling back to grab onto him with my hand and stroke the base of it.

Unclasping my bra, Edric rips it off along with my shirt and throws it haphazardly in the same direction as the chair. He growls and grabs my breasts, squeezing them together before pinching and tweaking my nipples, causing a loud moan to escape and my wolf to purr with excitement.

He kicks his offensive clothing to the side and gently pushes me backwards, dropping to his knees before me as I fall back. My new favourite muscle leaves my sight, so I close my eyes and relish in the pleasure I know he is going to give me.

I lift my hips and wait for him to grab my pants, pulling them off before I hear them being tossed somewhere carelessly. Edric’s hands slide up and part my thighs as warm lips follow the trail of goosebumps he leaves behind with the whisper of his touch.

“Edric.” A throaty moan escapes like a needy warning.

His hearty chuckle lets me know the bastard is moving slow deliberately. I reach down for him, but his hands grab my wrists and he places them on my breasts. “Play with these while I make you cum, baby. Pretend they are my hands making you feel good as I eat your pussy like a man deprived.”

I whimper as I knead my breasts, pushing them together as I lean down to lick at my nipples, a ravishing growl coming from Edric as I twirl my tongue around one hardening bud, imagining that it’s his on me. He makes his way up to my inner thighs while leaving bite marks in his wake.

Whimpers eschew from my mouth with every single nip of his teeth. My fingers pinch and twist at the hard buds repeatedly; the rougher he bites, the harder I pinch and my needy groans get increasingly louder.

Hot air is felt on my moist pussy seconds later and I buck my hips upward, needing more than just his hot breath to satisfy me. Edric’s fingers spread my nether lips open, his tongue making its presence known as I moan out at the contact. He places a single hand on my stomach to keep me restrained, growling into my heated core as his tongue works my clit, circling and flicking it in rapid succession.

“Edric! Fuck, yes!” I call out into the room, wanting him to know that I love what he is doing to me.

He laps at the cream dripping from me as he shoves his face closer and replaces his tongue with a thumb, licking down to my quivering entrance, sucking my juices as he goes. My hands have left my breasts and are now clutching the sheets, making my knuckles white and preventing me from pushing his face into my cunt and smothering him. The last thing I want to do is kill him with my pussy.

His tongue invades my core and thrusts in and out until he can feel my pussy clenching around the stiff muscle. His thumb picks up its pace, circling my nub right before he pinches it and I cum all over his chin and into his mouth. “Shit, yes! I’m cumming!” He sucks up every drop that leaves my clenching pussy as my body relaxes, yet I still need more. His tongue and finger weren’t enough this time.

My sexy male stands to his full height and looks down at me with so much need shining in his green with golden flecked orbs that I suck in a breath at the intensity of them. My eyes take Edric and all of his masculine form in. The tattoos that sweep across his chest, back, and down his arms turn me on even more now that he has my name etched on him. His muscles are smooth and perfect, and his cock is so fucking beautiful.

I lick my bottom lip and sit up shakily as I come face to face with the manhood that keeps rising and slapping his solid stomach. I reach for it and he sucks in a breath as I take him in, encasing his rod with my hot, wet mouth. I moan around him as he grabs my hair and pulls my face forward until my lips are nearly touching his groin and making me gag, but it doesn’t keep me from taking him deeper. He groans and throws his head back, growling as he brings his head forward again to look at me, to watch my mouth stretch around his mammoth-sized cock.

I bob my head a little faster, his hands guiding me as his hips rock forward. He grinds out a curse through clenched teeth as I speed up my pace. “Fuck, sweetheart. You’re going to make me cum with that sinful little mouth alone if you don’t stop.”

The moan I make around his cock has him yanking my head back and off of his manhood with a pop. Edric picks me up and tosses me roughly onto the bed, nipping at my stomach, nipples, and collarbone as he climbs over me. I lift my hips off the bed to try to attain some friction, and his engorged shaft slides between my folds, bumping my clit and enticing a needy moan from me.

“Gia...” My name is growled out with a warning, but I just want him in me already.

“Edric, please,” I whimper as I raise my hips again and he brings his pelvis down, giving me a hint of what I am desperate for. My wolf is preening with her tail curled over her back, her ass facing our males as she shimmies her back end, inviting Wolfy to take her.

“I need you.” I manage to push out between laboured breathing. The sliding of our most intimate parts is going to make me cum alone. This male does shit to me I have never experienced before but Goddess, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

“The first time I’ll take my time, but all bets are off after that, baby. I have been wanting to rut you like an animal for a while, and now that I can, I won’t be holding back,” he grounds out through a clenched jaw, restraining himself from pushing into me and breaking through my hymen.

He takes a nipple into his mouth, toying with it before granting it a swift nip and kisses over to the other taut peak and lavishes it with the same attention. My hands wind into his hair and I pull his face to my breast, a growl of approval being released from deep within Edric’s throat as his wolf comes forward and slams his lips to mine, our tongues battling for dominance.

Swiveling my hips upward, I feel his dick slide into place and I mumble between breaths, “Edric, please. Fuck me already, dammit!”

He growls and slams his hips into me, freezing in place as I throw my head back in a silent scream as my eyes roll to the back of my head. “Fucking hell, baby. Your pussy hugs my cock so damn good. You were made for me Gia, and I’m going to show you how.”

He rolls his waist in half circles, grinding into me and rubbing his groin into my clit, a low groan erupting from both our mouths. Edric sinks his teeth into his lower lip as he stares into my eyes. I reach up to lock lips with him in a passionate kiss as his hips continue to meet mine. Our wolves are here with us, joining as we moan, whimper and groan out our pleasure.

“Oh fuck, Edric! Don’t stop Alpha, please don’t stop!” Yelling out his title seems to bring out the animal in him, and he plows into me again before pulling out slowly, repeatedly slamming hard into my tight, wet pussy.

“Fuck, baby. I need you to cum again. Cum for me, Gia!” He growls out through a tight jaw, moving a hand down to my clit and rubbing vigorously to bring me to the edge. I throw my head back as a half-howl and scream leaves my lips, black dots appear behind my shut lids. Edric roars out his release as I feel his incisors embed themselves into the junction of my collarbone and neck.

His tongue laps at the bit of blood left from where he marked me, properly healing it. I am now officially his. The bond between us immediately strengthens, a rope tethering us together forever as one. With our hearts and souls connecting, I feel the nudge as he enters my mind. He doesn’t dig around, though. Wolfy just checks on my wolf before gently lying on top of me. His semi-erect cock’s still inside of me before he lifts himself onto his arms and peppers my face with kisses, causing me to giggle and turn my head side to side in order to dodge him.

“Edric! Stop!” I laugh out loud at how adorable he is being. He stops and gives me a loving smile that I return gladly. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I pull him deeper into me, moaning when his cock hardens in response.

“Mine.” Edric and Wolfy growl possessively into our neck, licking at his claim. I whimper as my core tightens around his lengthening dick, making him press into me. Ever-so-slowly, he starts to thrust in and out in small increments.

I tilt my head to the side to give him better access to my neck and whisper a raspy, “yes, yours”, as I close my eyes and let the sensations wash over me. His pleasure is made clear with the rumble of his chest as he starts to speed up, his hips bucking into mine as I lift my hips to meet him thrust for thrust.

“I’m going to fuck this pussy all night, baby girl. Your heat is sucking me in and holding me hostage, and I don’t mind it one fucking bit. Shit, Gia. You feel so damn good,” Edric states as he groans out his pleasure. He circles his hips with every drive into me.

“Yes, please.” I beg him to keep his word and whatever else he promises to do to me, because at this moment he could ask anything of me and I would agree if it meant keeping his dick right where it is. His hips speed up when he presses his lips to mine in a punishing kiss, claiming dominance over me in every way.

My hands roam all over his back, leaving scratch marks that turns him on even more and causes his tempo to increase. I grab his ass with my nails as he roars, slamming into me with such force that he has to grip my shoulders to prevent me from lurching towards the headboard. I whimper as he pegs my g-spot, angling his hips so he can hit it repeatedly, my eyes rolling to the back of my skull as I throw my head back and gasp for air in a silent scream.

“Mine!” Is all I hear before he thrusts his hips forward at a brutal pace, white spots flashing in front of my eyes as I stare into his. I bite my lip to stop the scream from escaping as he continuously nails my g-spot before Edric nips at my mouth. “Scream for me, baby. I want you to scream this whole fucking clubhouse down. Make it known who is fucking this tight pussy of yours, who is owning this fucking cock that is pounding you into oblivion!”

“Edric, stop! I’m gonna pee!” I yell out, embarrassed at the need to pee while he is slamming into me.

“No you’re not, baby. You’re gonna fucking squirt that delicious cum all over my balls right before you pass out from coming harder than you ever have before,” he grounds out through a tightly clenched jaw.

His Alpha dominance comes forth, and even though I could ignore it, I don’t. I scream out my orgasm as he pistons into my squirting pussy, making it feel like I’ve wet the bed. My limbs are shaky as he bellows his release, his cock twitching as I feel his seed spill into me, coating my walls. His teeth mark me as his again as another wave of ecstasy courses through me, causing my wolf to push forward and mark him as ours as well.

We lay completely still with our teeth embedded into each other’s collarbones, totally spent as he slowly releases my neck. We extract our incisors and lick his mark closed, already watching it heal as we drop our legs from around his waist and release his ass from our clutches. He hisses as he slowly pulls out as I whimper at the emptiness I feel when he rolls onto his side before rolling onto his back.

I feel a bunch of little vines fusing together in my mind, the pressure intense, yet tolerable. There is one that is thicker than the rest, which belongs to Edric. The others are the pack, and I instantly feel a wave of homecoming.

“That was amazing, Gia. Are you okay? I wasn’t too rough with you, was I?” The concern in his voice has me turning to look at him. He’s sprawled on his back, spread eagle, flaccid cock lying on his stomach as he watches me for any indication of pain.

“Mmm, no. I’m perfectly and thoroughly fucked. If I had the energy, I would do it all over again.” I mumble sleepily with a grin on my face.

His chuckle is heard as I close my eyes to rest for a bit. Edric leans over to kiss my nose before he gets off of the bed. I hear his feet pad towards the bathroom, the water running a few seconds later. He comes back and picks me up in a bridal carry, bringing me to the bathroom.

“A bath will soothe your aching muscles so you won’t be so sore tomorrow,” he states with such pride and care in his voice.

I smile up at him and hum my enjoyment of him taking care of me. “A bath sounds good right now, but then again, so does sleep.”

He laughs at me and gives me a closed mouth kiss before gently depositing me into the bath. “I’ll be back in a minute. I have to go change the bedding. When I get back, I’ll take care of you and then we can sleep.”

“Mmm, alright,” I murmur as I lay my head back in the tub, almost falling asleep before Edric pulls me up and sets me on his lap. He massages my scalp, a quiet moan of relaxation escaping before he starts to rub down the rest of my body with my loofah. After completely washing and conditioning my hair and body, he tends to himself.

I groggily reach up for him when he steps out of the bath, lets the water out, and once again picks me up in his arms before walking out of the bathroom completely nude. He grabs the towels from the chair before setting me on it. “Baby, I need you to stay upright so I can dry you. Do this for me so I can get you into bed that much faster, alright?”

I nod my head in agreement as he gets to work on drying my body and hair. He puts my head and arms through a tshirt and lifts me up to carry me to bed. The second my head hits the pillow, my eyes start to get heavy. The last thing I feel is the heat from Edric’s chest on my back as his arm circles around my waist, pulling my body flush against his.

“I love you, Gia. Thank you for giving me a chance to prove that I am worthy of being your mate.” I’m not sure if that was supposed to be heard by me as it was said in a low whisper, so I pretend I didn’t hear him and fall into a dead sleep.

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