The Blazing Wolves MC

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Chapter 32

Morning light shines through the curtains and directly into my eyes. I groan and bury my face into Edric’s shoulder to get away from the blinding rays, his arm comes up to hug my head closer to him as he kisses the top of my head and I smile to myself, enjoying the way he feels the need to keep me close. We take advantage of the peace and quiet of the room until my stomach growls in hunger and I blush when Edric chuckles at my embarrassment.

He slaps my naked ass lightly before throwing the blanket off himself and gets out of bed, “let’s get you fed, woman. We have to check on Valerie and then I have some club business to attend to. Brianna wants to see you, so does Georgie and Baron.”

Edric chuckles to himself and shakes his head as he walks to the bathroom, “that little guy is going to be attached to you like glue for the next little while. He was begging Lilac and Sniper all morning to come upstairs so he can wait for you to wake up, wanting to just sit in the chair and watch you sleep. You have an adorable little stalker, should I be jealous?”

Laughing at how absurd he sounds, I get out of bed to join him in the bathroom to brush our teeth. I slap his arm lightly as I pass him to get to the second sink and state in a teasing manner, “I don’t mind. He is a sweetheart and he just wants to protect his Luna. I mean, you can be jealous if you want, but I would much prefer you to be jealous over a sexy, ripped male who would fuck me in ways I could never imagine.”

He growls lustfully as he grabs my waist and hauls me to his front and shoves his nose into the nape of my neck, deeply inhaling my scent. He thrusts his pelvis into my backside, pushing my waist forward as he grinds into me, his arms trapping me between his muscular tattooed body and the bathroom sink. I moan as I push my ass into him and feel his cock start to harden, he maneuvers so his thick muscle is nestled in between my thighs and the tip of his head slides between my slick folds and hits my clit.

“Edric, please.” I whimper when I put my hands on the counter in front of me, watching our reflection through the mirror as his green orbs meet my blue grey ones. His eyes are hooded as he licks his lips, wanting to devour me.

“You want my cock, Gia? Do you want me to fuck this pussy up against the counter before we go down for breakfast where everyone will smell what we just did?” Edric’s raspy voice has my pussy tingling and my thighs clenching.

“Mmmm, fuck yes.”

He presses a kiss to the back of my head and taps the inside of my foot with his own, “spread these sexy legs for me, baby.”

I do as instructed and feel him line his shaft up with my entrance. I moan when he rocks into me slowly, teasing me with just the head of his thick manhood as his chest rumbles in satisfaction upon feeling how accepting I am for him. On his slight push forward, I propel backwards fast to impale myself on him as we both groan at the feeling of him filling me.

“Fuck, Edric. Your cock is so thick and feels so damn good.” I express through a whimper, boosting my man’s ego even though I highly doubt he needs it. He already knows how talented he is with that tongue of his and that generous sized dick is just as marvelous.

“That’s it, Gia. Swallow my fucking cock with that tight pussy. Hold on to the counter, baby, because I’m going to make this quick.” He orders as he grabs my waist with a tight hold and slams his hips forward. I gasp when he grinds into me before pulling out, just so the tip is in and thrusts his pelvis upwards repeatedly. His pace speeding up as he growls dangerously into the back of my neck, the heat from his breath causes goosebumps to rise along my skin as he continues to fuck me.

“Oh Goddess, yes! Right there! Harder, Edric! Please!” I scream out as I throw my head back when he continuously hits my g-spot.

“Fuck! Gia, I want you to fucking cum for me, baby. Let go, now!” He demands in a strained voice as my pussy gushes all over his cock. I silently scream out my orgasm as his thrusting picks up speed. Edric wraps his arms around me, his hands squeezing my breasts from behind as he punishes me with his dick.

Edric’s forceful impalements start to get sloppy as he roars out his release seconds later. He coats my insides with his seed as we collapse onto the surface, breathing heavily. The weight of his body crushes me into the countertop, but I honestly could care less in this moment of utter bliss.

Minutes later, he lays a kiss on the top of my spine and slowly pulls out, extracting himself from me with a hiss through his teeth. I groan at the emptiness I feel as I stay down on the cold marble, completely spent and relaxed to stay right where I am. I slightly lift my head and watch Edric grab a towel, clean himself up before wetting it and cleaning between my legs next.

I stay immobile for a few seconds longer to get my bearings together and wait for my legs to become steady as Edric chuckles, teasing me as he states, “awe, does my Luna need assistance off of the counter and some help getting dressed?”

I lift my head fully and glare at him through the mirror as he leans against the bathroom door, a towel wrapped around his waist with an amused smirk on his face. I mumble as I stand up straight, “shut it. It was comfortable, alright?”

He responds with a raised brow and shakes his head, chuckling as he raises his hands up in defeat. “Alright, alright, I got it. The marble counter was comfortable and it had nothing to do with me just fucking your brains out. Right.”

“Exactly.” I smile innocently at him. The cocky bastard isn’t wrong, as if I would admit to that though.

He struts toward the dresser and dons his boxer briefs after throwing the towel into the laundry basket. I should probably be getting ready myself, but watching that naked, sexy ass body is something I don’t want to miss out on. My name tattooed on his back has me inhaling deeply to get the hormones running rampant through me in check.

We just fucked, dammit.

I shake my head to get the images my wolf keeps portraying out of my head. The female would want our male to mount us all day, every day, if the choice was hers. Thankfully it isn’t and she knows that and regardless of how much part of me would love that too, we have problems to deal with.

A particular one who wants our mate.

I smirk at the expression I’m imagining will be on her face when she not only smells our combined scent but the marks on our necks as well.

I startle out of my little fantasy when I feel Edric’s finger tap under my chin, “what are you smirking evilly about, gorgeous?”

I shrug my shoulder as I stand straight, giving him a pleasing grin that stretches across my face in satisfaction. “Oh, nothing much. I just can’t wait to go see Valerie is all.”

He mockingly narrows his eyes at me, “uh huh… and why is that?”

“No particular reason.” I say innocently as I avoid his eyes and walk toward my dresser to get panties and a bra, leaving Edric to stew on my ulterior motive to suddenly wanting to see the she-bitch.

I jump and screech as he scares the shit out of me, suddenly grabbing my hips and shoving his face into the hair by my neck, tsking into my ear. “You naughty girl. I know what you’re doing. You want her to smell that we finally fucked and mated, don’t you?”

He steps back to turn me around while I hold onto my undergarments in my fist, resting my closed hands on his chest as he holds me to him. Smirking deliciously with a perfectly arched eyebrow, he confronts me. “Admit it, Gia. You want her to smell us in hopes that she will back off, don’t you? You want to rub it in her face that I’m yours now, huh?”

I wiggle out of his arms and tease him with my naked ass as I make my way to the closet to choose a comfortable outfit for the day. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m going to get dressed, we can go see how she is doing since she should be fully healed by now, and then we can eat. While you do whatever you do as President of the MC, I will hang out with my new favorite little man.”

He growls possessively as he walks to me with purpose, but I hold my ground and raise an eyebrow, waiting to see what he is going to do. He stops a couple inches in front of me, leans slightly forward and talks in a seductive whisper, “he may be your favourite little man, but I am the man, sweetheart. Remember that.”

With that said, he pecks my lips and swiftly turns around before talking over his shoulder, “I’ll be downstairs getting your breakfast ready.”

The bedroom door closes seconds later and I exhale a deep breath and shake my head, wondering what the fuck just happened. I decide on comfortable capris with a simple cotton t-shirt for today, and put my hair in a high ponytail as I make my way out of the room.

I reach the middle of the stairs when I hear whoops and hollers, a bunch of congratulations and back slapping going on in the lounge. I glance over where the sound is coming from and make eye contact with Mac, who sends me a cheeky grin before going to the bar. He grabs a bunch of shots and hands them to everyone within the room as I make my way down.

“A little early for that, don’t you think?” I ask him as he makes his way to me with two shot glasses.

He offers it when he reaches the bottom of the stairs, “It’s five o’clock somewhere, Luna Gia. Our Alpha finally marked his Luna, so I don’t give a damn what time it is because we are going to celebrate!”

As soon as I take it, he expresses to the crowd standing and sitting around with elation, raising his shot glass, “to our President finally marking and mating his Old Lady! To our Alpha making Gia our Luna, officially!”

Everyone goes crazy with excitement and when I meet Edric’s gaze across the room, he winks at me before urging me to take my shot, so we do together. I wince at the burn that goes down my throat before I feel the heat running down my sternum to my stomach, warming me from the inside out.

As the congratulations and chatter start to quiet down, I hear a door slam open and Baron comes into view with a giant smile on his face from the kitchen. “Luna!”

He darts my way and I prepare myself to pick him up and give him a giant hug. I love this little guy. Baron jumps into my arms and squeezes my neck tight, shoving his face into my hair and stays there for a few seconds before pulling back and looking up at me.

“Hi Luna! Guess what? Guess what? Guess what?” He asks me excitedly. His giddiness is contagious and I cannot help but to genuinely smile at the little guy as I wait for him to finish talking.

“What handsome?” His face scrunches up when I call him handsome before he relaxes his expression and tells me what is on his mind.

“I asked my daddy if he can teach me how to fight and he said he will! So next time when the bad guys come, I can help you fight them so you don’t get hurt.” Oh Goddess. My heart melts at the words that came from this little guy’s mouth. I shut my eyes as I hug him to my chest, his little arms squeeze my neck as he lays his head sideways on my shoulder.

I see Edric walking from the kitchen with a plate in each hand, he gives me a soft smile and urges me to come sit at the table so we can eat. I make my way to him with Baron attached to me and take a seat in the wide chair that is situated in front of where he laid my plate down.

He reaches for Baron, but little man just holds on tighter and glares at Edric like he is the enemy. “No, I don’t want to go.”

Edric raises his arms in surrender and backs up, sits in his chair and chuckles at Baron’s antics. Lilac comes to help but I shake my head no, smiling at her to reassure her that he is fine where he is. “Baron? Can you look at me please?”

He slowly lifts his head and looks up at me, “yes, Luna Gia?”

“I need to eat my breakfast now so I can get strong like you, but I cannot do that with you holding onto me like this, so I have an idea. How about after Alpha Edric and I go see how Valerie is doing, I will find you and then you, Georgie and I, can go play at the park in the backyard.”

His face lights up at the thought and he wiggles his way off of me, standing in front of me with his hands on his hips in a serious manner. “I’m going to go get Gie now. You eat, Luna. When you are done with Valerie, we will meet you right here okay?”

I don’t even get the chance to agree with him, before he runs off to find wherever Georgie is. I sigh in contentment as I dig into my hearty breakfast, knowing I will need the energy to keep up with Valerie’s dramatics.

Let’s hope everything goes over well today.

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