The Blazing Wolves MC

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Chapter 34

I lean forward and gently suck on his lobe, whispering into his ear, “I don’t know, Alpha. Why don’t you remind me?”

He growls as he rapidly flips me over onto the new espresso colored desk, “this is going to be hard and quick, woman. Your scent is stronger than normal today and I barely had enough control not to fuck you when she was in here.”

I moan at the authority in his voice as I find dominant men sexy as fuck. “Yes, sir.”

Edric doesn’t even bother to pull my pants down past my knees before I feel his cock at my entrance. Grabbing onto my hips, he slams into me with a possessive snarl before pulling back just to pound into me again. He refuses to stop to give me time to adjust to his wide girth at all.

“Edric! Oh Goddess, yes!!” My voice comes out high pitched as he impales me with his thick manhood. My walls clench around his cock in a welcoming gesture as I push against him, needing him to go deeper.

He wraps a hand around a fistful of hair, yanks my head back and licks a path from my neck to jaw, stopping on my lips as he takes them in a punishing kiss. I have never seen this dominant, rough side of Edric yet and it makes my pussy constrict around his member as I throw my head back in ecstasy.

“No, sweetheart, not the Goddess. Edric is the only name you will be screaming as I fuck. This. Tight. Cunt.” With every pause of gravely words, he rams into my soaked core that’s sucking him in, demanding to be filled with his seed.

I moan as Edric repeatedly hits my g-spot, picking up his pace as his hand glides down to my clit, furiously rubbing and pinching my hardened nub as I feel his dick expanding. Knowing that he will be finishing inside me turns me on immensely and I push my ass back with every thrust forward of his.

“Cum for me, Gia. Fucking cum all over my cock. Now!” Edric shoves his incisors into the permanent scar, marking me as his again. His roar is muffled by my shoulder as my eyes roll to the back of my head and my limbs go completely and utterly limp on top of the desk as his shaft shoots his seed deep into my womb.

White spots flash behind my closed lids as Edric’s body drops down, crushing me to the desktop. We lay there, breathing heavily as our hearts beat in sync with the other. s later he dislodges his teeth and tenderly licks the mark closed. The sensation causes my pussy to clench around his semi-flaccid shaft and I quietly moan as he growls low, sliding back in and grinding his hips against my backside.

I whimper when I feel him getting stiff again, “Edric.”

“What is it, baby? Does my Luna want her Alpha’s cock?” he whispers into my ear, licking and sucking it as he gently rocks into me.

My pussy constricts around his dick which causes him to groan and push into me further, keeping a slow tempo. Thick fingers rub circles around my pulsing clit, bringing me closer to the edge once more as he kisses my neck, the back of my head and spine.

“Yes. Edric yes. I’m so close. Don’t stop.” I grab his hand and rub his fingers around my nub harder, soaking our digits with my juices that’s dripping from my core. His thrusts start to speed up as he pinches my soaked pearl, both of us groaning in pleasure at the connection we feel between us.

“Cum on my cock, baby. Squeeze me with everything you have. Cum with me, now!” I do exactly as Edric commands as he grinds into me a few more times before freezing and groaning out his release. He pinches my clit hard causing me to silently scream as waves of elation roll through me. Edric lifts up and grabs me around the stomach and chest, keeping his still hard cock inside me as he falls back into the chair, taking me with him.

He nuzzles into my hair as we both relish in the comfortable silence, our breathing heavy as we come down from our sexual high. I feel his soft, wet shaft slides out of me and decide we should probably clean ourselves up.

“Shower with me?”

“Of course. Start the water and I’ll grab the towels.”

We have a quick shower to wash the sweat and juices from our bodies, dry ourselves and dress again before going back into the office. Edric drops down into his chair with a sigh and pulls me onto him, resting his chin on top of mine as he asks my input on the situation regarding Valerie and her sudden trip.

“I think she is telling the truth about her leaving, but my wolf and I think it isn’t for the reason she gave us. If the beating Valerie got was indeed set up or a distraction, did she really do that just for your attention? No female that is as infatuated with a male for as long as she has been you, would give up so easily if she is willing to get herself beaten so badly for ”

I only receive a hum for a response from him, so I start a topic on something I noticed this morning. How she has been hiding it from before today, I’m not sure, but it makes me that much more suspicious of her actions.

“Edric, did you notice that there was something about Valereie’s scent that was a little off? She didn’t smell like her normal self and it wasn’t from the human male because it has been too long since she saw him. Do you think she could be pregnant?”

He stiffens for a fraction of a second before he runs his chin back and forth on the top of my head, letting out a deep breath. When a she-wolf is pregnant with a wolf pup, we still smell like the wolf inside of us, but our scent becomes slightly sweeter once we hit the one month marker in the pregnancy. I have never heard of females getting pregnant from males who are not their fated or second chance mates before, so I guess it could be a possibility.

“I did notice that as well and if she is, I know the little one isn’t mine. I…” he inhales deeply before digging his nose into my hair.

I stay silent as he tells me what I don’t want to hear, but know that I need to. “I have never finished inside Valerie. As soon as I gave her what she wanted, I made her drop to her knees and swallow my semen. I was careful enough and never allowed the female to leave the room until I knew she swallowed it all. I couldn’t trust her knowing how badly she wanted to be my Luna, regardless of the fact she knew I would have never marked her as mine. It wouldn’t surprise me if she would attempt to get pregnant with my pup and use the baby to trap me. ”

My shoulders release some of the tension from hearing those words. “That’s a little harsh, but I get why you did it that way. You could get the doctor to tell you how far along she is, since he had to examine her, can’t you?” I ask genuinely, wanting to know if he could go above doctor-patient confidentiality since he is the Alpha.

Edric shakes his head, “no. I cannot, nor would not, ask him to break the trust a patient has in him. A doctor is the only one -besides the Luna- that can fight my orders to give out any information and he would never break doctor-patient confidentiality. The only time doc would, is if the patient is a danger to the pack or themselves.”

“Oh, okay. We will just have to find another way. We can always just straight out ask this Regan male when Valerie brings him here when they return. Did you have someone follow her to see where he lives?” I wonder if he would give up the information easily. Of course, we would never actually harm him since Regan is human, but humans are definitely easier to scare into giving information than other wolves.

“I do, I had a new prospect trailing her when she left the property to this males home and Benny will take it from there. Valerie has never met him so she won’t think the wiser and his scent will blend in with the other smells in the city so it will hide him well enough. What I find odd is that she has never been one to suddenly give up, and what happened to her was too brutal for her to not even care about getting the bastards back. I will get Benny and Mac to talk to the male and see what they can get out of him without being obvious when they return from Europe.”

I nod my head in agreement, “alright. Do you have anything planned for today?”

“I do, for us. I have something I want to show you, come on.” He pats my thigh, waiting for me to get off of his lap as I hop off, excited at the idea of him having something for me.

“Really? What is it?” The excitement can be heard as I bounce on the balls of my feet and it causes Edric to chuckle at my giddiness. Edric doesn’t answer my question and just takes my palm in his as he leads me through the hallway to the lounge where Mac is sitting at a table eating lunch with Clover and Lilac.

“Good afternoon, Alpha, Luna.” All three say in unison, nodding their heads in respect as we nod back.

“Good afternoon ladies, Mac.”

“Are you going to show her your new toy, prez? I took it out of the garage and polished her up. Luna, wait until you see her, she is a beauty.” Mac winks at me as Edric continues to walk toward the front door.

When we get outside and step around the side of the building, my jaw drops at the beautiful Dark Horse motorcycle propped on the side of the attached garage. It has deep violet decals on a black body and black rims. “Oh Goddess, Edric. It’s absolutely gorgeous!”

I walk up to the bike and run my hand along it, getting a feel for the machine. I look over my shoulder to see Edric staring at my ass. I smirk and lean over the bike, showcasing my behind as his green-gold orbs snap up to meet my blue-grey ones. He growls and stalks his way over and leans into me, “would you like me to fuck you right here on the new bike, baby? Or do you want to feel the vibrations on your pretty pussy as I take you for a ride?”

I push my ass back into him and moan, “mmm, yes as much as I need your dick in me, I want to feel the rumble of this bad boy on my pussy just a bit more.”

Edric growls as he takes a step back before reaching into the side saddle and pulls out a beautiful helmet with matching violet designs on it and small words stating, Property of Gia Nealey on the side, holding it out for me as I fix my hair to put it on. I settle the helmet properly on my head as Edric comes over to adjust the chin strap on me, pecking my lips quickly before strapping his on as well.

He straddles the bike as I stand there and ogle my sexy as sin mate in his tight jeans that showcase his large bulge as he kicks up the stand and steadying the bike, he holds a hand out for me to get on. “Are you going to stand there and stare at my cock all day or do you intend to get on the bike and go for a ride with me?”

After I am nestled on the bike and have my arms wrapped around his torso, he starts it up and the vibrations have me wiggling in my seat. “Hold on tight, baby. I’m going to show you the power this beast has.”

I reach down and grab his package, squeezing it as I feel his chest rumble from behind. No way am I going to be the only one getting horny while on this purring machine. “Gia… unless you want me to fuck you right here in front of the clubhouse, I suggest you keep your hand up here.”

He says before he grabs my hand and brings it up to his lips, planting a gentle kiss on the palm on my hand and then laying it on his torso with the other right before taking off. A squeal leaves my lips as he speeds up and the front gates open, turning onto the open road.

The wind blowing through my hair makes me feel relaxed and carefree. I close my eyes and raise my chin to the sky, relishing in the warm wind on my face. All thoughts of what we have to face in the near future disappear from my mind as he speeds down the highway. You would think I wouldn’t want to leave the compound until we find Sterling, but I trust Edric to not put our lives at risk with whatever it is he has planned.

I’m not sure how much time passes when Edric takes a turn down a dirt road to a beautiful grove surrounding a small field of wildflowers. Edric stops the bike off to the side and shuts the machine off, my pussy tingling from the vibrations. Helping me onto solid ground, he goes into the saddlebag on his side and pulls out a blanket on top of a wicker basket. I take my helmet off and place it onto the seat as I tilt my head to the side in curiosity, “What do you have there?”

Winking at me over his shoulder, he comes to my side of the bike and grabs my hand, leading me to the middle of the field. He hands me the basket and lays the plaid blanket down, still not saying a word.

“Take a seat, baby.” Edric pats between his legs, hinting on where he wants me to sit, so I take my shoes off before stepping onto the blanket and nestle up against his chest. He opens the basket and starts to pull out the items inside, unwrapping them and laying them down. He pulls out cherries, grapes, watermelon, strawberries, some pepperoni and cheese and four bottles of water.

I turn my upper body to face him astonished, “did you prepare all of this?”

He gives me a mocking shocked look, “what, you don’t think I am capable of doing this kind of thing?”

Shrugging my shoulders, I give him a sheepish smile, “it’s not that I don’t think you’re capable. It just isn’t very often that one hears of an Alpha male taking the time to take his female out for a picnic. Especially when we have the threat over my head the way I do. Most Alpha’s would be locking their females away and going on a murder spree.”

“While that is what I truly want to do, I know that you would not allow it. You are no longer allowed to go anywhere without me and at least two other males though, seven of which are not very far from us right now. They are close enough that if I have to link them, they will be here within seconds. Plus, it isn’t as simple as going against Sterling. He has been getting help and we need to know who all of the players are. If Valerie is betraying us or is simply being used, we need to know before going forward. She is still pack and until we have proof of her betrayal, I won’t take any action against her.”

He releases a strained sigh and continues, “I had Benny following Valerie if she left the male’s apartment before going to the airport, so hopefully tomorrow he will have some news on that front. Donny has been busy figuring out how those wolves knew where you guys would be. Those wolves had to have been given a heads up, which makes me wonder if maybe there were some waiting near the other watering hole where you and I were. I told him to check out that area as well.”

I can see the toll this is taking on him, all we want to do is live our lives without worrying about when this asshole is going to show up, but we can’t even do that. One thing I am happy about though is that Edric takes time away from the stress of being a president of an MC and the Alpha of the pack and just acts like my mate. I have made some pretty stupid decisions, but I am still learning the ins and outs of being a Luna. Mistakes were bound to happen eventually, no one is perfect.

He continues from where he left off after pausing for a few seconds. “Mac is working on the association of the wolves who attacked Valerie and Sterling or his brother. They are connected in some way, we just need to figure out how.”

I lean upwards and give him a quick kiss on his lips, “thank you.”

His brows furrow in confusion, “for what?”

Meeting his gaze, I tell him how I feel about him treating me as his mate who is strong enough to hear the truth, rather than try to protect me from it. “For telling me everything that is going on rather than keeping it from me. I know how most MC’s work in that aspect, and I appreciate you letting me in and not keeping me in the dark. I know all you want to do is keep me safe and even though I love the Alpha in you who does that, I admire the fact that you also recognize that I am your equal. So for that, thank you.”

He kisses the tip of my nose, “you don’t have to thank me for that. You will always be by my side, never underneath me. Unless I am making you scream my name.” He says with a smirk, making me laugh and hit the arm that’s wrapped around me.

“Stop it, I’m hungry. Feed me, Alpha”

“Oh, I’ll feed you alright.” He mumbles under his breath as I roll my eyes.


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