The Blazing Wolves MC

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Chapter 35

After we have eaten all of the food that Edric had packed for us and cleaned everything up, we both lay down on the blanket and let out a long breath as I pat my food baby. “Edric?”

“Hmm?” He has an arm behind his head, facing the sky with his eyes closed in relaxation.

“Do you wonder how things would be between us if we met under different circumstances? If we met and you weren’t doing what you were?” I ask him curiously, wanting to hear his honest response to that question. I don’t like thinking about how we met, but it isn’t like I have the choice of meeting him some other way, what’s done is done and unfortunately, we cannot rewind time.

I sometimes question if we would be where we are right now if Sterling wasn’t so consumed by thinking I was to become his Luna and he chose another female to obsess over. If I didn’t have to run onto Edric’s territory for protection and met him on the night of his sister’s engagement instead, how different would things be between us.

He doesn’t say anything for a few minutes and when I look up at him, he is deep in thought. A long breath is exhaled before he answers, “not really. In the beginning I beat myself up a lot for the situation I put you in. Thinking back on it now, I feel like it made us stronger as mates. I wouldn’t have had to show you who I really am as a man before we mated, usually that comes after we mark each other. The willpower you showed to battle against the mate bond proves how strong of a female you truly are and I’m honored to call you my mate, my Luna and my old lady. So honestly, besides what you walked in on, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

“Hmmm, that is definitely a positive way to look at it. I bet you never had to work for pussy before, huh?” Edric’s chest rumbles from light laughter as he shakes his head no, laying a lingering kiss on my forehead and inhales my scent before releasing a cleansing breath. I think about what he said for a minute as he runs his fingers gently through my hair, lulling me into a relaxed state of mind. Even though I definitely wouldn’t want to have met him for the first time the same way we did, I agree that it made us come together as a couple on my terms rather than that of a mating bond.

We lay in silence for a while before Edric’s phone vibrates from his jean pocket. He pulls it out and answers it in a gruff voice, sitting up as he talks. “Talk to me, Donny. No, it’s fine, you didn’t interrupt anything. Alright, tell him to meet us at the clubhouse after he gets off work. Okay, see ya then.”

I lift my head from his chest and set my chin on it, knowing we have to leave this serene space to get back home. “We have to get back to the clubhouse, baby. Donny said Damian has something that he thinks we should know. He didn’t want to tell Donny over the phone in case someone was eavesdropping, so Damian is going to be at the clubhouse right after work to give us the rest of the details in person.”

I curl myself around his body like a monkey and he chuckles at my antics, “Gia, what are you doing?”

“I want to stay like this for a few more minutes. It’s peaceful and once we go back home we won’t get this again for a while, so I want to enjoy it while I can.”

He takes a big breath in before slowly letting it out, “alright. A few more minutes and then we will go.”

What seems like hours later, I’m startled awake by a pat to my ass. “Wake up, baby. We really have to get going now.”

I uncurl from around Edric’s thigh and torso to stretch my limbs, noticing that it has gotten later in the afternoon. I slowly crawl over him and sit on his stomach as he rests his palms on my thighs, “how long did I fall asleep for?”

“Only twenty or so minutes. You good now?” Edric asks as he tilts his head to the side.

“Yup. Let’s go!” I say enthusiastically as Edric lifts me from his stomach and sets me onto the blanket, getting to his feet and helping me to mine. I grab the basket as he folds the blanket and puts it inside and he wraps an arm around my waist and leads me back to the bike to go home.

“Gavin from Satan’s Angels MC called Donny to arrange a day that would work for his arrival and they set it up for three days from now. I need to confirm the time with him to give the go ahead and to ensure that Mac and Lync know roughly what time to meet him at the border. I will call him once we hear what the brothers have to say about the wolves who attacked you, Brianna and the pups and see if we can get any information regarding Valerie’s attack as well. Mac and Donny should have an update regarding that, so if you want to sit in while I meet with them, you are more than welcome to.”

“Thank you, I do. I want to know everything that is going on when it comes to Sterling, this Gavin guy -in case he is my brother- and whatever Valerie is hiding.”

“Alright. Put your helmet on and let’s go.” Before I get a chance to do exactly that, Edric leans over the bike and groans as he takes my mouth with his, just to pull away seconds later and adjust the crotch of his jeans. He winks at me before taking the basket from my hand and setting it in the saddlebag.

Cruel bastard.

I put on my helmet with narrowed eyes and watch as he straddles the bike to start up the powerful machine, his muscular thighs hugging the sides of it as he holds a hand out for me. I clench my thighs together, close my eyes and inhale deeply as I lift my head to the sky to give me the strength I need to not jump his ass right here. Edric’s rough growl suddenly comes from behind, making me startle as I didn’t even hear him get off of the bike, nor did I feel him behind me.

Hot breath is felt at the nape of my neck as his hands grasp my thighs and move up to my waist, pulling me into his hardened member. I wiggle against him as a raspy moan escapes my lips.

“Edric, we have to go. Donny...”

He thrusts into my clothed ass, cutting any thought of leaving off as he growls his displeasure at what I said, “he can wait. We still need to christian my bike, baby girl.”

A large palm wraps around to the front of my waist and slides into my panties, teasing me by stopping right above the junction of my thighs. I mewl and throw my head back onto his shoulder as I reach up to grab a hold of his hair with both hands and tug on it, causing Edric to tease my mark with his tongue as he groans at the strands being pulled. He travels up my nape with his wet muscle, nipping on the way up to my ear and bites it roughly as he lowers his hand down, teasing me by not going any farther.

His other hand climbs up my stomach and grabs onto a breast, squeezing it before plucking at the nipple that is poking through the lacy bra. Thick fingers finally reach my bundle of nerves and start to go in circular motions as I push my hips toward his hand, needing more force on my pulsating nub. Edric picks up the pace just a little but it is still not enough to do anything, he is still teasing me. He removes his hand from my breast as I whimper at the loss of contact to pull my pants down, right before the buckle is heard being unclasped from his belt and the zipper is lowered on his jeans.

“Are you ready for my cock, baby girl?” He purrs darkly into my ear as I push backwards, his shaft sliding between my slick folds before he enters the tip of it into my soaked pussy.

I nod my head frantically, not able to answer vocally at the moment. I am so focused on the feeling of his digits swirling around my hardened pearl and his bulbous mushroom head that he slid between my slightly spread thighs, that I cannot voice a response to his question. I groan out in frustration as every time I push my hips toward Edric’s, he pulls away, teasing my pussy with his dick rather than giving it to me.

“Dammit, Edric! Fuck me already!” I huff out, needing him to get his thick cock inside me already.

“Lean forward and hold on, baby. Use the bike to keep your balance while I fuck you.” I do as he says right as he plunges into me, almost knocking me over onto the machine and toppling us over. We groan as my pussy clenches around his shaft, sucking him in as he pulls out and pushes back in again. His hand is still on my clit, rubbing in circles as he sucks on my neck and moves onto my mark, taking the scarred skin into his mouth and growls as I thrust back with every plunge forward.

“Oh, Edric! Yes! I’m so close.” I reach down and put my fingers over Edric’s on my nub and rub hard and fast. He growls possessively and impales my wet heat with more speed then previously as he growls into the back of my ear. His heavy breathing gives me goosebumps and right as I’m about to cum, his canines dig into my mark, claiming me again.

My eyes slam shut and I throw my head back, screaming out his name as my pussy squeezes him. He pumps faster as his dick starts to thicken inside of me, the vibrations from a growl against my mark causes me to cum once again and I feel my juices dripping down the inside of my thighs as Edric’s skin harshly slaps against mine. He pulls out until only his thick head is the only thing inside and slams back in, stilling his hips as his shaft spurts warmth into my womb and he releases my neck, roaring out his release for anyone within the vicinity to hear.

Edric stands completely still with his rigid cock still nestled inside my soaked walls and lays his forehead against the middle of my back as he tries to catch his breath. A kiss is laid on my spine before he straightens himself and slowly slides out of me with a hiss and a minute later, I sigh in contentment when I feel him cleaning me from behind.

“Come on, baby. Let’s get dressed and back to the clubhouse. I think we made them wait long enough.” Edric states while chuckling as I nod my head, knowing damn well they are going to know what we were doing when we were supposed to be on our way home.

I stand on shaky legs as Edric helps me pull my pants up so I don’t fall to the ground when I lean forward. I turn around to face my sexy Alpha who grabs my face with his large palms and kisses me hard with a possessiveness only a male can toward his mate. I grab onto his shoulders to hold myself up as he deepens the kiss, pulling away a few minutes later, slaps my ass and throws his shirt into the side saddle.

I stand there dazed until Edric gets situated on the beast and it roars to life. He holds his hand out to me, “Gia? Are you coming?”

I shake my head to snap out of my reverie and smirk, “You already accomplished that, Alpha. Twice.”

Edric shakes his head and laughs, “just get on the damn bike, woman.”

I smile wide at him and grasp his awaiting palm, placing my other hand onto his shoulder for leverage as I hop on to the purring beast. I exhale a deep breath and relax my face against his spine, finding comfort from the heat emitting off his back as we take off back to the clubhouse.

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