The Blazing Wolves MC

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Chapter 36

When we arrive, Donny is waiting outside with a pensive look on his face. One which looks a little too serious and that is usually not a good thing. He nods my way before speaking, “Luna, Alpha, we have some news that you need to hear. I’ll be inside at the bar with Mac when you are ready.”

He looks to the sky, lets out a long breath and heads inside. Edric and I climb off the bike and follow him through the door to where we spot him and Mac taking a shot. Edric reaches for my hand as he nods at the men and pulls me along to his office as they follow closely behind.

Taking a seat on his chair, they take theirs on the ones across from us and Mac exhales a deep breath before informing us what he found out. “Alpha, Valerie had to have been beaten somewhere else and dropped off where we found her. I don’t know where it all went down, but it doesn’t add up to the story that she is telling. If she was actually abused where she was found, there would have been blood on the ground and proof of a struggle, but the only thing we found was tire tracks through the dirt. Whoever did that to her had this planned and didn’t do it at our border where she said she was left, that I know for certain.”

He shakes his head in disbelief, “I don’t trust that Valerie doesn’t know what is going on. Now that we know she is lying about where she was left, what else is she hiding?”

Donny nods his assent with what Mac said and tells us his part. “Ink, Sniper and I got the wolves who didn’t fight us nor Luna Gia home safely, along with the ashes of the ones we cremated. I met with their families, Alpha, and I...”

He stops and lets out a drawn out breath, “their living conditions are horrific. They have been living off of scraps and in abandoned buildings for years on the outskirts of the city and just wanted a better life for their families. The majority of them are living in their wolf forms and are so malnourished that they resemble medium sized mutts rather than the wolves they are. The ones who stay in human form have to pretend that they own the dogs so they don’t get taken to the pound or shot. The info we got from them is that Sterling’s brother paid the main male enough money to move them all from the slums to a decent area. Most refused at first, but that is when their families were threatened by his brother that if they didn’t help, they would kill their pups and take their females to auction off. Now that their leader is dead, they have no one to follow.”

I can feel the sadness coming from Donny while talking about these poor people. No one should have to live like that. I don’t understand how others could not reach out a helping hand to those who are not doing so great. If it is a choice for them to live like that then that is on them, but when they want a better life and cannot achieve it just because no one is willing to help? That pisses me off.

Looking right at our Beta, I ask, “Did you help them with food and somewhere better to live? How many of them were there?”

“There were only around fifty from what I saw. The ones whose mates got killed in the fight had either left or taken their own lives before we got there. As for food and somewhere else to live, I got in contact with an MC who owes me a favour and is only a state over, and I asked if they had room for some new wolves. They sent out a group of brothers and enough vans to take everyone who was willing to go to their new homes. I got a call this morning from my buddy who said that they are thriving, even though it has only been a few days. They send their thanks to you, Alpha, for not killing them.”

I smile at Edric for being the male that he is, grab his face and smash my lips to his in a dominating way. Right as he goes to deepen the kiss, I pull back and smirk at him. Donny and Mac chuckle at the frustrated growl Edric releases when he thrusts his hips forward, showing me what that little display did to him. I pat his chest lovingly and whisper, “later, Alpha.”

Donny continues as if nothing just happened between Edric and I, “as for the attack on you, Luna, the prospects that were patrolling said that they were knocked out with darts and didn’t smell anything before they were hit. A small pin prick was felt and the next thing they know, they are waking up in the van on the way to the clubhouse. The area right along the territory where we saw those wolves that day, a pattern was worn into the ground, as if they were pacing impatiently back and forth for a while. We found a narrow path that leads out onto a highway and then nothing. They came after our Luna, they went after two young pups and my daughter as well. Whoever did this better hope when found, they are given a swift death, because if I get to them first they will beg for me to end their pathetic existence.”

Donny’s wolf growls his approval at killing those assholes who came after the pups and his own daughter. Whoever those bastards are will regret messing with him, that’s for sure.

Edric addresses everything that Mac and Donny just told us. “Thank you, brothers. Valerie is leaving for a trip to Europe with a human male named Regan and his sister tonight, and I have decided to let her go. I want her out of the way so we can focus on finding Sterling and the wolves who went after Gia. Hopefully by the time Valerie comes back, we will know her involvement and I will deal with her accordingly. With her not being here, it will benefit us if she is indeed, the mole.”

He nuzzles into my hair and breathes deeply as he growls low, making his chest rumble. Lifting his head, he looks to where Donny and Mac are sitting before talking once more, “I have some neighboring packs keeping their ears out for Sterling’s whereabouts and it seems like he went off the grid. As of a few days ago, there has been no news on where he is and his Beta has been running the pack since then. His brother has not called around asking anyone if they have seen Sterling, which means he knows where he is, so we just have to keep our eyes and ears focused on the brother or Sterling shows himself for us to make our move.”

Donny, Mac and I sit in silence as Edric continues to brief us on what will happen going forward and we listen intently because we know this isn’t something to be taken lightly anymore. “As of now, no one goes beyond the gates without a brother or warrior, even if it is something as simple as going grocery shopping. Donny, I want you to round up the men who are not on patrol and inform them of everything you found out about the other wolves in person. I will inform the pack of the added security but I don’t want anyone except the patrolling wolves to know what to look out for at the border. Everyone doesn’t need to know the details and the last thing we need is panic to erupt within the pack. I also want more intense training to start immediately for anyone over the age of eighteen, male or female.”

A knock on the door interrupts Edric’s speech, “Come in, Damian.”

Damian walks in and nods his head in respect to Edric and I. “Alpha, Luna.”

“Hello Damian, how are you today?” I ask him in a welcoming tone, not wanting him to feel intimidated by being in a room of higher ranked wolves. We may be pack but omega wolves feel like they are the lowest on the ranking system. Even though that is true, it doesn’t mean they are treated with any less amount of respect than any other wolf. Edric and I included.

“I’m fine, thank you, Luna.”

“Take a seat, Damian, I was just finishing up with Donny and Mac and then we will discuss the information you have.”

He takes a seat on the couch as Edric now addresses the other two males. “Mac, I will need you and Lync to meet Gavin at the border in two days, I will update you on the time after I have talked to him. Anything that anyone thinks is suspicious, no matter how insignificant, needs to be reported to me instantly. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Alpha.” Donny and Mac respond in unison.

“Alright, both of you get to work and I will update you on anything you need to know later tonight.”

With that said, the two men leave the room and close the door as they exit, leaving Damian, Edric and I alone.

“So Damian, what information do you have for us?”

Damian moves to the chair Donny was sitting in, exhaling deeply before he begins telling us what he heard. “This morning when Dez and I went to get some items Janelle needed for the restaurant, we overheard a human female berating a human male. She kept calling him Regan and that their parents would be so disappointed in him. Apparently, he is involved with a she-wolf, who the sister feels like is using her brother for a place to stay when she is in the city. The she-wolf and her brother have been meeting with strange men every few days and the men have threatened them, along with his sister, that if they open their mouths to anyone about what is going on, there will be dire consequences.

“The sister is worried for Regan because he was living such a normal life before this female got involved with him. She begged him to stop interacting with her, to just drop the she-wolf and the male angrily yelled out that he can’t because he thinks she is pregnant with his baby. The sister stood there in shock as Regan left, leaving the groceries behind. Dez tried to innocently run into the female to try to stir up a conversation about Valerie, but she took off after her brother once the shock wore off. Alpha, if it is indeed Valerie they were arguing about, could she really be pregnant? I thought only fated or second-chance mates were capable of getting their females pregnant?”

Edric shakes his head as he tries to wrap his mind around everything Damian just told us. “There is nothing we can do regarding Valerie right now since she isn’t even in the country. Benny has been following her, so hopefully he saw the males that she has been giving these letters to. Thank you Damian, this helped a lot. We need to keep this between us though, I don’t want any of Valerie’s friends within the pack to get wind of this and tell her that we know what’s up before I have a chance to confront her myself.”

Damian nods his head in understanding as he stands up, preparing to leave. “Of course, Alpha. Is there anything else you need me to do before I head home?”

I give him a warm smile, “thank you, Damian. No, I think that is everything for now. We are going to get Mac and Ink to walk you home. From now on, you will have at least one other person with you at all times for your own safety, alright?”

“Alright. Thank you, Luna. Oh right, before I go, can I ask you both something?” Damian asks hesitantly.

My brows furrow in confusion, “of course, Damian. You don’t need to ask us if you can ask a question, just go ahead and do it.”

His cheeks blush and he nods his head, “okay. I will remember that.” He clears his throat a few times out of nervousness before getting to his question.

“I know that this might not be the best timing, but Bella’s birthday is in a month and she really wants you both there. I told her I would ask you two first before giving her an answer. Dez and I were also wondering if we could have her party here at the clubhouse? We were thinking of renting a bouncy house, doing green and purple decorations and Dez said she heard that we could rent a princess for an hour or two who will come and do crafts, play out a scene with the children from the movie and play a game of their choosing with them. Bella is really into Tiana from that movie The Princess and The Frog lately so I was going to book the princess and bouncy house with the tip money you gave me, Alpha. If it isn’t okay, then Dez and I could just do something small here inside, if that is okay with you both?”

“Give us a minute alright? You can sit back down on the chair so you are not left standing.” I meet his eyes and he quickly looks away while nodding, taking a seat back in the chair he was previously in.

“Baby, what do you think?” Edric asks through our connection as he nuzzles my hair and growls, his breath causing goosebumps to rise on my skin. I ignore the achy feeling down below as I think about our options.

“I think we should go all out for them. We can increase security around the clubhouse on that day and let the children have some fun. I want to decorate this place and hopefully Sterling will have been dealt with by then. And Edric, I want us to pay for the party. I want them to use that money you gave them for bills or food or even for a date night. He won’t know that we are behind it though because I don’t want him to think we are giving him any special treatment. I have a shit ton of money just sitting in my account and I want to use it for something good, so why not start with a pups birthday.” I tell him, honestly wanting to give Bella and the other pups a day of fun.

Edric hums at the thought. “Everyone with children will be invited and extra warriors will stand guard at the gates and patrol close by, just in case. I will find out where it is that they rent everything from and get the company to charge it to my card. As for the decorations and food, Janelle will give him a bonus on his cheque two weeks prior, plus the expense of the bouncy house and princess. I’m going to actually talk to her about starting an employee of the month bonus, unless you want to stop by there later next week to talk to her about it? You could probably give her other ideas to make things a little easier for the omegas who work there. I want them to know that they are appreciated.”

“Of course! It will be so much fun to help her with that.”

“Alright then, let’s tell Damian our decision.”

I face Damian to see him grinning at us before he looks to the ground, giving us a bashful smile at being caught ogling his Alpha and Luna. Edric chuckles as I smile brightly at the male, not at all shy at the fact that I was caught admiring my male in front of company.

“Go ahead and rent the bouncy castle and princess for Bella’s birthday, Damian. Let Gia or I know what day it is so we can clear our calendar to help decorate. The old ladies and sweetbutts will also help with any food prep that will be needed.” Damian opens his mouth to object, but I shut that down quickly.

“We want to help, Damian. You and Dez have been amazing with giving your all to the restaurant, helping with the Valerie situation, and just being the awesome people that you are. I also adore your little pup so much, so let us do this for you guys, please.” I say in earnest and give him puppy dog eyes. Edric laughs at me while Damian chuckles.

“I can’t say no when you ask me like that, Luna, nor do I doubt anyone can say no to those sad looking eyes. If you two are completely sure, then it would be an honor to have our Alpha and Luna help decorate and I am sure it would make things run more smoothly for Dez in the kitchen with the help of the other women as well. I will inform her of everything we have discussed today when I get home.” He says as he smiles warmly at us.

Edric continues, “Clover and Lync will go with Dez when she goes shopping for everything needed for the party so she won’t be going alone. Until then, have her make a list of the supplies needed.”

Damian stands up from the chair and nods our way before turning to the door, “okay, I’m going to head home now. I will let you both know the date as soon as I have confirmed it with Dez.”

“Alright, Ink and Mac will accompany you home. Have a good evening, Damian.”

“You as well, Alpha, Luna.”

Damian leaves the room with the soft click of the door. I relax in Edric’s lap as he wraps his arms around my waist, holding me to him as he digs his nose into the side of my neck and letting out an exhausted breath just as the phone on his desk rings.

He lets out a groan as I chuckle at his luck. “You think it’s funny how I have to answer the phone rather than fuck your brains out? Remember that later when you need my cock deep inside you, Luna.”

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