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Chapter 37

Before I can respond, he answers the phone while smirking at my sexually frustrated state. “Alpha Edric speaking.”

Oh, he thinks he can say that to me and that’s it? That he can talk to me in his sexy baritone voice and then answer the damn phone as if nothing was said? He has no idea what he started. I grind my ass into him as he listens to whoever is talking on the other end of the phone, a low rumble leaves his chest as he grabs my waist with one hand to try to push me against his groin and keep me still.

“Yes, Gavin. What time will you be coming through so I can have someone meet you at the border.” Edric asks in a gruff tone.

I slowly stand up as he reluctantly releases my waist, probably assuming that I’m going to sit in a chair so he can talk to this Gavin male. Silly Alpha. I drop to my knees as I watch his eyes go wide and his mouth parts in shock. I undo his zipper, not wanting to waste any time, and spread my lips to put his semi flaccid cock into my warm, wet mouth. He groans into the phone, instantly trying to cover it with a cough but I hear a chuckle on the other end of the line as I let him past the barrier that I feel him trying to get through in my mind. “Fuck, Gia. What are you doing?”

I swallow him whole, bobbing on his hardening shaft as my hooded orbs meet his lustful green-gold ones once again. “I’m not doing anything that you wouldn’t want, baby.”

His free hand runs through my hair until he reaches the back of my skull, engulfing it with his large palm and urges me further down on his manhood. I comply with his demand and take him to the back of my throat as I flatten my tongue, running it along his shaft as my head bobs up and down. “Just like that, baby, fucking just like that. Your mouth feels so damn amazing swallowing me whole.”

He clears his throat, responding to Gavin as I continue to show my Alpha who is in control at this moment. “No, everything is fine, Gavin. Alright, so between one and two in the afternoon in three days time? Dammit, Gia. You couldn’t wait until after the phone call, could you? That works just fine. I will have my men waiting for you. Fuck, woman… Ah shit, no sorry. How many brothers are you bringing with you?” Edric is barely holding on to his control as I try not to laugh at how I’m able to distract him from his phone call.

“You like how I swallow your cock, Alpha?” I ask seductively, making sure I am looking up at him when I talk. One of the things I was told to do while giving a blow job is to make eye contact when sucking your man’s rod as it is super hot and it can turn them on even more than the action itself.

“Fuck yes I do, Luna.” Edric moans as he covers the receiver with his other hand to muffle the sound. He thrusts his hips upwards, shoving his member further down my throat as I gag and my eyes tear up before I gain control of my gag reflex and push my nose into his groin. I inhale deeply, breathing his heady aroma into my lungs before I lift my head from his red, pulsing manhood, lick around the tip and suck his balls into my mouth and swirl them around with my tongue.

“Ah shit! Brother, I have to go. In three days between one and two. Meet my men at the border. I’ll see you then.” Edric hangs up the phone abruptly, ending their conversation and can now focus on how my warm mouth is making him feel.

Edric grabs me by the back of my head, groaning in delightful pain. He lifts me up and smashes our lips together in a devouring kiss as a moan escapes my mouth at the way he dominates me. He entangles his thick digits in my hair at the back of my nape and pulls my face from his, I slowly open my eyes to see him appraising my face and takes a deep inhale of my arousal causing his chest to rumble in approval.

“Get up here, step back until your ass hits the desk and take your pants off along with your panties, slowly for me, baby. I want to look at that pretty pussy of yours before I take you against the window.” Edric orders as he patiently waits to see what I will do.

I nod and stand to my full height proudly as he scans my body and strokes his cock slowly, rubbing the precum into the enlarged head with his thumb. I keep my eyes on his manhood as I cautiously take a few steps backwards and come to a halt when I bump into his desk. I slowly draw my pants and panties down like he demanded, and step out of them as I wait for his next command.

“The things you do to me, woman.” He growls out before he leans back in his chair, still stroking his shaft and stares at the junction between my legs with unadulterated need.

“Such a pretty pussy. Is your cunt ready for me, Luna? You just couldn’t wait until later tonight, could you? You just had to tempt me while I was on the phone.” He states huskily as he uses his forefinger to stroke me up and down, my juices flowing onto his finger.

I moan at his tone of voice and the sensation of his digit gliding up and down my moist core, causes goosebumps to rise along my skin. I have to grip the edge of the desk so I don’t fall as my knees almost buckle from underneath me with the look he is giving me. He removes his wet finger and slips it into his mouth, growling as he sucks it clean and bites his lower lip before swiping it with his tongue seductively.

I have to stop myself from falling to the floor with the things running through my mind at what I want Edric to do to me. “Come to me, Gia. Ride my cock, baby girl, before I fuck you against that window.”

I kneel onto the chair on the outside of his thighs as he slowly strokes his angry, wet cock. He patiently waits for me to get situated before lining up and pushing me down onto his glistening shaft. I gasp as he groans at how tight of a fit it is. Regardless of how many times we fuck, he still stretches me immensly. We stay completely still and wait for my body to adjust to his girth. He reaches up and unclasps my bra, removing it along with my top and throwing them onto the desk carelessly.

He palms both of my breasts and squeezes them together, making eye contact before taking my nipple into his mouth. Edric sucks and nips on the hardened bud with his sharp teeth which causes me to inhale deeply at the pain before he soothes the pain away with his tongue as he licks it gently. Switching breasts, he repeats the same action with the other one.

I slowly start to swirl my hips as I place my hands on his shoulders, playing with the hairs on the back of his head as he continues to show attention to my globes. I moan out loud at the feel of his length inside me as I start to rise up and down on his member hitting the sensitive spot deep inside me.

“Fuck, Edric. I love having you inside me.” I throw my head back and start to speed up my pace, using my legs to bounce up and down on him.

“Yes, baby girl. Ride my cock. That’s it, beautiful.” Edric groans as I circle my hips, grinding down onto him before raising my hips and dropping down hard and fast onto his soaked shaft. His firm palms grasp onto my hips and help me bounce up and down repeatedly until I’m screaming out Edric’s name as I orgasm.

I sag against his chest, catching my breath as I feel Edric twitch inside me, his hands rubbing up and down my back in a soothing manner. His hips start to rise seconds later, slowly pushing himself deeper into me as he lifts himself up and stands. I instantly wrap my legs around his waist, letting out a squeal as he does so.

“Hold on, baby. I’m going to fuck you against the window, then we will go eat. Once you are fed, I’m going to take you upstairs to bed and make you scream my name all night, Luna.” Edric promises as he takes me to the window, pushing me against it and deeper into me at the same time.

“Oh Edric, yes! Yes! Yes!”

His thrusts get faster and messier as he groans into my collarbone, his hand gets between us and he rubs on my clit feverishly as he licks my mark and demands, “cum for me, Gia. Cum for your Alpha.”

My body quivers as my pussy squeezes tight and holds his cock hostage. He spurts warmth into me, his dick jerking as growls out his release. Edric slumps against me, barely holding us up with his knees against the wall as we try to catch our breath. Leaning his forehead against my chest, I tenderly run my fingers through his hair and we both let out a groan as he moves his hips back to slide out of me. Slowly unwrapping my legs from around his hips, I slide down his body to stand on my own two feet.

The atmosphere surrounding us is relaxed and silent with the smells of sweat and sex saturating the air. Edric drops into the office chair with his flaccid shaft hanging out while I slip on my clothing, fix my hair and go to the bathroom to splash water on my face. When I exit the bathroom, he is standing by the door, holding his hand out for me.

“I could eat. Are you hungry?” The man asks, knowing I haven’t eaten for a while and with what we just did, I am definitely going to need some replenishing to get my energy back.

“I’m starving.” I answer as I walk up to him and take a hold of his awaiting hand. We go downstairs to the lounge where almost everyone is hanging around conversing and having fun.

“Hey, Alpha, Luna! Want to play some pool? We already beat everyone else and it gets boring locking the same asses all of the time.” Brianna calls across the room as Mac walks out of the kitchen with a plate of food in one hand and a bottle of beer in the other.

“Woman, the only reason you beat me was because my partner sucked. It’s not my fault that Clover doesn’t know how to handle balls.” Mac winks at me while speaking to Bri, everyone else chuckles at his words.

Donny speaks up a second later, “she knows how to handle balls just fine.”

“Damn rights I do, baby.” Clover pushes her body against Donny’s, grabs his package and looks over her shoulder and winks at Mac. “I just prefer using my hands and mouth to play with them instead of a stick.”

A groan echoes around the room. “Really mom?” A smiling Clover pats a smirking Donny’s chest, kisses his cheek and shrugs her shoulders at Bri before she turns around to go upstairs. Everyone chuckles at Bri’s embarrassment as she buries her face into Lync’s chest. His thumbs rub her hips as he laughs along with the rest of us.

I turn to Edric and wink at him, “go get the balls ready while I go get us something to eat?”

He slaps my ass as I walk away, “you got it, woman.”

I go into the kitchen and the smell from the pot on the stove makes my mouth water and my stomach gurgle. I guess I’m hungrier than I thought. I grab two bowls and use the ladle for filling them with what looks like cream of mushroom soup with huge chunks of mushrooms. I put the bowls on a plate and add crackers to the side, leaving the kitchen to meet Edric at the pool table, talking to Lync.

He turns and takes the plates from me to put them at the bar where there are two open beers waiting. We both sit and eat while listening to everyone interact around us. When done, I take the dishes and add them to the dishwasher, starting it as it is full of everyone else’s. I return to the lounge and smirk and Bri and Lync, “so, who is ready to get their asses kicked?”

Bri rounds the pool table, puts the balls in the triangle and leans on the cue stick, smiling like she has a secret while stating confidently. “We will see, Luna. We will see.”

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