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Chapter 38

After Bri’s confident reply, she allows me to break first. Edric and I are stripes and we kick their ass. They have all but three balls out of pocket when we sink the black eight ball into the top left pocket. “What were you saying, Bri?”

“Best two out of three. We were just letting you warm up. It’s been a while since the Pres played with us and you never have before, so we wanted to test the waters, see what we were working with before we kicked ass.” Lync states as if he knows they have the next two games.

Edric and I chuckle, as do a few others around us. “Right. We will go with that reason for you losing and you’re on. Best two out of three.”

They win the second game and in the middle of the third one, as I’m leaning down to shoot, I feel something rub against my backside. I glance over my shoulder and see a smirking Edric looking at my ass as he slowly rocks his hips side to side against my ass. I shake my head and try to concentrate on making my shot when he adds a little more pressure, pushing me against the table and I lose my train of thought instantly when I feel his hardening member.

“Edric, really? I’m trying to concentrate.” I raise my eyebrow knowingly his way and he just shrugs his shoulders innocently.

“What? I’m not stopping you from making your move. Come on, Luna, take your shot.” He says in a teasing tone.

I huff and turn back to the table as Bri snickers, I mockingly narrow my orbs at her and she tries to stop the giggles but cannot contain herself and bursts out laughing. Just as I pull the pool stick back, I feel Edric’s hands on my hips and he holds me to his groin as he grinds on me. Regardless of his cock teasing, I make the shot and get the ball into the pocket.

I rub my ass into him before standing up and childishly stick my tongue out at him, “your turn, Alpha.”

I watch as he adjusts himself in his jeans and chooses what shot he wants to make. I follow him, having come up with a plan as he does so. He wants to play dirty, I’ll show him how I play. He winks at me before lining up the stick to the cue ball and I stand up close behind him, rubbing on his shoulders and feel him tense, “relax, baby. I’m just making sure you get this shot.”

He lets out a deep breath and relaxes his shoulders, just as he is about to take the shot, I reach around and massage his member. He growls and misses his shot completely, which makes it Bri’s turn. Edric turns to me and grabs me by the waist and pulls me to him before wrapping an arm around my back so I can’t escape his hold.

He kisses my chest on his way up to my collarbone before he licks a path up my neck, uses a husky growl and whispers in my ear. “What are you doing, Gia? I thought you wanted to beat Brianna and Lync in a game of pool?”

I lean into him, running my hands along his chest as I purr, “oh I do, Alpha, but I like touching you even more. Since you want to play so badly though, let’s play. It’s our turn.”

I step back and he tightens his hold on me before reluctantly letting me go so I can take my shot, and I do, effortlessly. “Bri, what’s wrong? You sure do have a lot of balls left on the table.”

“Lync and I decided we would take it easy on you both. We can’t kick your ass in front of everyone here, it would make you look bad.” She flashes us a sweet smile. I know that smile though, I have had to use it a few times myself. Alright little miss innocent, I see you.

I nod, “ha, right. Okay then. Edric, your turn for the eight ball.”

Once again, I stand right behind him and don’t waste any time grabbing him through his jeans, rubbing him and making his shaft hard. “Gia…” He growls out my name in warning.

Murmurs and sniggers in the background are heard but I pay no attention to them. What I want is in the palm of my hand, being constricted by material. I blink rapidly as I look up at him with soft eyes and pouty lips, “what? I’m just feeling my Alpha’s stick since I don’t get to touch the pool one anymore tonight.”

He drops his head as I continue my teasing, blows out a deep breath and goes for the shot. “Fuck this.”

Before I have a chance to see if it makes the hole or not, I’m picked up and see a bunch of feet as I bounce up and down on his shoulder. Hoots and hollers are heard throughout the room before Edric lays a hot palm on my ass cheek, hard, making me yelp and slap his ass back. He clenches his cheeks before relaxing them as Mac yells up the stairs that Edric is taking two at a time, “Alpha, Luna, the black ball went in! You guys won!”

He uses his boot to slam the bedroom door closed and my world gets tossed right side up when I’m thrown onto the bed. Edric is on top of me in an instant, growling as he pushes his groin into me. “Is this what you want, baby? Or were you wanting me to fuck you right there in front of everyone?”

I push my hips up into his and he growls as I whimper at the connection. “No. I got what I want. I wanted you to bring me up here to fuck me, Alpha.”

He pulls back and rips my pants along with my panties off, inhaling deeply as he bends down to lick me from my slit to my little pearl. I groan as I grab a hold of Edric’s hair and pull, wanting him to hurry up and get up here already. Edric takes his time, swirling, licking and flicking as I try not to squirm but fail horribly. He holds my hips down onto the mattress, trying to keep me still as I twist and turn.

“Edric, please. I’m so close.” I whimper when he takes my clit into his mouth. He growls and shoves two fingers into me, pumping them with a fervour I’ve never felt before, causing my hips to buck up as I scream out my orgasm. My body quivers as he eases up on my nub, pressing soft, gentle kisses on my skin as he climbs up my body. I grab onto the rails of the headboard as he uses the belt from his jeans to keep them there.

“Edric?” I ask as I give my arms a firm tug and realize I’m unable to pull my hands free.

“Shh, baby. Trust me. Relax and let me make you feel good.” He whispers in my ear as I let my body relax, knowing that whatever he has in mind, I’m going to love.

As he reaches my stomach, he pulls my shirt and bra up over my breasts. I think he is going to take it off so I raise my head, but he stops and uses the t-shirt to cover my eyes. I let out a deep breath and lay back onto the fluffy pillow and close my eyes behind the material, it’s not like there is a point in keeping them open when I can’t see anything anyway.

Slowly crawling up my body, I feel his breath on my lips before he kisses me as if I’m his life source and I kiss him back just as passionately and needy. He pulls away a few seconds later as a growl vibrates his chest when my head tries to follow him, needing more. His lips trail down my jaw to my neck and then to my mark, he nips it as he lets out a seductive growl. I buck my hips to get some sort of friction as he makes his way down to my breasts. His hot mouth covers one hardened pebble while his hand plays with the other, squeezing, tugging and pinching as I moan out the pleasure he is giving my body.

He makes his way south to my navel and licks my belly button, continuing his way down and when he reaches my core, he uses two fingers to spread my lower lips apart before his mouth dives in. I try to buck my hips but his hands hold me down to the bed as his tongue does not let up on his hurried pace. My moans vibrate throughout the room and right when my body gets tense and prepares to let go, Edric stops as I feel him get off of the bed.

“Edric, what the fuck?” I kick out my legs to try to wrap them around him and bring him back to me, but the bastard is too fast and manages to get away. I rub my legs together to try to get some friction, I thrust my hips forward and try to pull out of the restraints, but it does me no good.

The jerk responds with a deep chuckle and I huff in annoyance, “it’s not funny.”

I feel him climb on the bed, his hands on my ankles before I have a chance to say anything, I’m flipped onto my stomach and lifted onto my knees as Edric slams into me. He is so much deeper in this position. “You’re right, baby. It isn’t.”

He slams into me from behind with so much force, I have to hold onto the headboard and push back so I don’t hit my head. I scream out loud at the sudden invasion as he fiercely holds onto my hips and repeatedly pushes in and out of my soaked pussy.

“Oh, Edric. Yes Alpha! Fuck me harder, please!” He loves it when I beg and so do I. It turns him on even more and I squeeze his shaft with my walls every time he pulls back so it is tighter when he pushes back in. Edric growls as his nails elongate and his thrusts pick up speed and strength.

“Do you like it when I fuck you like this, Luna? Do you like it when your Alpha’s cock is shoved deep inside you?” He asks through gritted teeth.

All I can do is nod my head as an answer. He hits a sensitive spot inside me every time his pelvis meets my ass, every time he pulls back on my waist and pushes forward with his hips I feel him deep inside me and I fucking love it.

“Oh Goddess! Right there, don’t stop!” I cry out as Edric grinds into me.

“Cum for me, Gia. Cum all over my thick cock!” He demands of my body and as if it has a mind of its own, my pussy quivers and tightens around his shaft as I let go. His cock thickens and he slams into me causing my face to hit the headboard as he roars out his release.

“Fuck, Gia! You feel so good.”

White dots go off behind my closed eyes and my trembling body loses all strength as I drop onto the soft pillow in exhaustion. A gush of air is expelled from my lungs when Edric drops on top of me. He is squishing me, but at this moment, I could care less.

His sweaty body is keeping me warm from the chilly bedroom air, I almost pass out before I feel him untying the belt and removing my shirt from my eyes. My arms drop to the bed as Edric rubs feeling back into them as I slowly open my eyes, letting them adjust to the light. I stretch and moan at the delicious feeling in my achy body as Edric growls and rolls off of me, we both groan when his semi flaccid manhood slides out of my soaked core.

Edric pulls me into his chest after covering me with a blanket, kisses the side of my head and murmurs, “sleep, baby. Tomorrow after breakfast we have to meet with Benny.”

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