The Blazing Wolves MC

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Chapter 4

He reluctantly lets me go, but not before deeply inhaling my scent again by pressing his nose to the top of my head and squeezes my body to his. My wolf whines in my mind for how we can’t be held by our mate all night, but she understands why I refuse to forgive him right now.

His tone is gravely and filled with emotion when he replies. “Our room is up the stairs at the end of the hall. Everything is clean and there are towels in the bathroom as well. Some feminine products that Brianna and my VP’s old lady have been put in there that you might like, are on the counter for you to choose from. You and I can go shopping this week for anything else you need, or you can write a list and I can have one of the prospects get it for you. It’s your choice.”

“Alright.” I turn the door handle and open the door, just as I’m about to step into the hallway, the sound of his softened magnetic voice halts me in my steps.

“I know it doesn’t mean anything to you at the moment, but I truly am sorry Gia. I know you want actions rather than words, so I’m going to show you that you can trust me to be the mate you need.”

With a slight nod of my head, I close the door behind me, leaning on it for a second to prevent a cry that wants to escape.

Inhaling deeply to steady myself, I make my way into the area where the bar is. I need a shot -or five- of vodka after this night that just turned my life into a complicated disaster. Though, I think better of it when I see who’s sitting at the bar taking shot after shot. Right as I put a foot on the first step to go up into what is now our room, the bitch just has to open her mouth.

She has a slight slur to her words as she shouts to the room with triumph and venom in her voice. “Look everyone! It’s our new Luna! The saint of all females apparently! If only her mate was as faithful as she seems to be!”

Brianna stands up from the couch she was on, sitting beside a few other females her age and opens her mouth right as I subtly shake my head no. I will handle this. She plops back down with a huff, crossing her arms and pouts, making me laugh inside and my wolf adore this female even more.

This is between the clubwhore and I, and I refuse to let her think she can be a mouthy little bitch towards me and disrespectful to her Alpha and get away with it. Especially because I will be her Luna. I might as well use her as an example as to what will happen to mouthy bitches around here, just in case there are more of Edric’s fuck buddies that I have yet to meet.

I step off the stair and cross my arms over my chest, tilting my head slightly to the side and wait for her to say something else. For this female to give me more of a reason to remind her of the place she holds in not only the pack, but the MC as well. I need to show everyone that I wont put up with any bullshit, that I am not one to fuck with when it comes ot what’s mine and a mere jealous she-wolf won’t chase me away.

Valerie takes a drunken step toward me, trips on her own feet but manages to catch herself before falling, pointing a finger my way. “This female who just showed up out of the blue thinks she can take my place beside our Alpha! She thinks she can suck his cock and ride his dick as well as I can! The Prez really is a phenomenal fuck Luna, you should give him a try. Don’t be surprised when he screams out my name though.”

She laughs at her words after throwing a wink my way, while everyone else looks either livid, shocked or downright confused. My wolf wants to be let out to kill this bitch, but I won’t let her, not yet, we are still too new here. Valerie is just a jealous clubwhore who got pushed to the side by a male who she thought was hers. She needs to be shown who the lead female is and it sure the fuck isn’t her.

“I know my Alpha was in that room telling you all about how he wants to be with me, not you, and how my pussy sucks his fat cock right in when he fucks me. How he has fucked me on his desk in his office, his black Harley and the best place… his huge king sized bed. He did tell you about how spectacular he fucked me, right Luna?

Hearing how he fucked this disgusting female everywhere pisses me off and shatters my bleeding heart even more. An angry growl exits my mouth before I laugh right in her face. Shocking the fuck out of everyone in the room, the whore included.

“Actually no, he didn’t. Are you sure we’re talking about the same man? My mate? The one standing right there?” I point to the hallway where Edric is standing, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed and an extremely livid expression on his face.

She shakes off the shocked look on her face and goes to talk but I cut her off to take a step toward her. “You see whore, the reason he hasn’t mentioned you is because your pussy isn’t worth mentioning. I mean, what crusty ass cunt is, if it can’t satisfy a man enough to keep him from fucking other clubwhores. You honestly think you were the only one? What makes you so special?”

I criticize her body by looking her up and down. “Think about this and think hard Valerie. If you were honestly the only pussy he was pounding, why hasn’t he claimed you as his old lady? If your cunt is as great as you say it is, why am I the one that will be sleeping in his room from today onward and not you? Why am I the only female that will have his head between my legs from this day forward? You should know the answers to those, I mean you cannot be that stupid.”

I see her cast her eyes to where he is standing, maybe expecting him to deny the words about her not being the only one? I’m not sure. I will confront him about whether that’s true or not later. As for now, I continue my confrontational speech.

“I’m his moon given mate and not even the vag you seem to think is made of gold, could be nearly as satisfying as mine. The only cock I’ve had in me will be his and I’m sorry honey, but that man’s cock will never be going near your flea infested self as long as I’m around.”

Her wolf growls at me as I take another step closer, my own wolf growling out a warning for this she-bitch to remember who the Luna actually is. We are so close that we are literally chest to chest. “As a matter of fact, my mate will fuck me on his bike, but not before he gets a new one. No way would I let him fuck me on anything he did with you, that’s just a big fat, fuck no for me.

“I, unlike you, have more respect for myself. So maybe instead of announcing to the pack how easily you spread your legs and mouth for a male that never was, nor will never be yours, remember that I’m here now and you will never have the opportunity to touch what’s mine again. I’m not afraid to put you in your place and you don’t know what I’m capable of. Watch yourself Valerie, because make no mistake about it, you go after my mate after this? Your ass is mine.”

I look to Edric and make solid eye contact so he knows how serious I am. “I would get started on a list of things that need to be replaced, Alpha, because I will not touch anything that you have fucked this desperate whore on. I need a bike that will be a beautiful deep violet Harley. One I have always dreamt of, one that is capable of making my pussy purr as much as my mate would.”

Giving my attention back to Valerie who is staring at Edric, my wolf growls in her face, “hey now, I’m the one talking so look at me, not him. He won’t be saving you from me. You really need to stop being a desperate female for a man who belongs to someone else and go find a man who’s willing to fuck used merchandise. I’m pretty sure if a male is drunk enough, he will find you satisfying enough to get himself off.”

She smirks at me with her hands on her hips, slurring slightly as she speaks. “You mean the way Edric got himself off in me while you stood outside the door listening?”

I raise an eyebrow, acting like that didn’t sting at all. A deep warning rumble comes from where Edric is standing. He has no right to growl when it’s the truth. I shrug as if I don’t care. “It’s not my fault he had to settle until the real thing came into his life. Now that I’m here, he will never touch you again. Having you isn’t a mistake he would make again, now that he knows what he has to lose. Just remember your place and we won’t have any more issues. Now, it’s been a long ass night and I’m too tired to deal with any more shit from your mouth, so be a good little slut and go find a male who will pity fuck you. Alpha Edric is now mine, so as your new Luna, I don’t want to hear you talk disrespectfully about me or your Alpha again. Next time, we won’t be talking and that’s a promise I will keep whore.”

I ignore the daggers she throws my way and walk over to the stairs as Edric steps into the room and makes an announcement I didn’t expect to hear so soon. “Listen up everyone! Even though that’s not the way I wanted to introduce her, that badass woman is my old lady and your new Luna. She demands respect and she will get it or after she has dealt with you, you will have to deal with me! Do I make myself clear?!”

I see Valerie look at Edric with hurt in her eyes and then to me. She catches me watching her and narrows her eyes and mouthing, “he will be mine,” before she huffs and storms off through the front doors.

“Yes Alpha!” Is yelled throughout the room, followed by whoops and whistles.

“Now! As it is currently three in the morning, everyone get your asses to bed as we have shit to do tomorrow! Goodnight everyone and get the fuck to sleep.”

Brianna runs up to me and wraps her arms around me in a comforting hug. “I know I said it before, but it’s official now. Welcome to The Blazing Wolves MC Luna Gia. I know we are going to be great friends.”

I hug her back, not wanting to let go of the only comfort I’ve had since being here. I look over her shoulder to see Edric watching us with sorrow filled eyes, he meets my sad blue-grey ones and gives me a sad smile. I look down and slowly step away from Brianna. “Thank you Bri, I know we will as well. I need a friend around here and someone to show me how things work, along with all of the club rules. I also want to go into the city soon to buy some things that I will need while staying here.”

She jumps up and down, clapping her hands together, “yay! I love shopping! I’ll stop by after breakfast to come and get you so we can spend the day in the city getting what you need.”

Bri looks over her shoulder to her mom and pops calling for her, “alright, alright, I’m coming sheesh. Okay I got to go. I’ll see you in the morning. Bye Gia! Bye Alpha Edric!”

She gives me one more swift hug, a kiss on the cheek and runs off to where her parents are waiting by the door. Her pop nods his head slightly before leaving, Bri’s mum waves and yells across the room. “We need to get together for lunch when my daughter is done kidnapping you Gia. It’s nice to finally have a female to put that big oaf in his place. Goodnight y’all!” And with that, she exits the clubhouse.

I hastily make my way up to Edrics room before he can follow me, as he is busy talking to some males. I find some towels in the little closet right outside the ensuite bathroom and run the bath water. I decided to have a bath instead of shower. It will help in avoiding my mate for a little bit longer and relax my muscles as well.

I enter the hot water with a sigh. My wolf has been super quiet through everything tonight, so I check up on her. She is longing for her mate and confused as to why he wouldn’t wait for her when he knew that there was a chance his mate would wait for him. She howls sorrowfully right as I release an anguished scream at the male who has unintentionally cut us so deep.

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