The Blazing Wolves MC

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Chapter 5

I hold in a sob when I smell him. He must be right outside of the bathroom door. “Go away Edric, I don’t want to see you right now. It’s bad enough I’m in a bedroom that you fucked your whore in. Let me at least have the bathroom to myself, unless you fucked her in here too?”

I pray to the moon Goddess that he hasn’t. I want somewhere here that could be my whore free zone. I hear scratching at the door and a low whine. The smart bastard knows I would be okay with being near his wolf right now, since he isn’t the one who willingly fucked Valerie. At least I hope his wolf didn’t, otherwise my wolf and I will kick the bastards ass.

I peek over to see if he has entered, he hasn’t, I just see the tip of his nose under the door. It’s opened enough to where if he really wanted to just come in, he could. I smile at the thought of our male wolf. I don’t want his skin side here with me completely naked, as my hormones are already starting to get out of whack.

Give or take a month after we mark our mates, us females go into heat. It sucks, but it is how the Goddess guarantees that mates stay together and procreate the next generation. It starts with the males becoming stronger and their testosterone levels increasing which makes us want them more often than normal.

Our wolves start imagining all sorts of ways for our mates to take us and it gets more frequent as our heat gets closer. Our scent becomes more potent, not only making our mates cock hard at all times, but other males sniff around us, causing a lot of possessive marking, public sex and fighting. Thankfully, it is very rare for there to be death between our mate and the males he fights. Of course, the fighting turns us on even more.

In the pack where I grew up, there have been males who have taken their females right in the middle of the field once they have knocked all the males out. Most males prefer somewhere that others cannot see their females so they take them somewhere private.

Growing up, my parents taught me all about being in heat, about waiting for my mate and even if he doesn’t wait for me, it doesn’t mean he is less of a male, but it still hurts. My wolf and I know Edric and his wolf are phenomenal males, but he doesn’t get to enjoy having me when I caught him fucking a clubwhore. Sometimes being oblivious is better than knowing the truth.

Snapping out of my thoughts, I inhale a deep breath and prepare myself to have a conversation with Edric in his furry form.

“Hey wolfy, you can enter only on two exceptions. One, Edric didn’t fuck any bitches in here and the second is that you didn’t go along with any of the times he fucked that nasty hoe. You better be honest with me because I will find out and you won’t like what happens if you lie to us.”

He nudges the door open and very cautiously walks toward the tub where the curtain is slightly open. His one eye is grass-green and the other is gold. I’m in awe. It’s not very often that wolves can be one with their wolves like this. He is spectacular.

I gently rub between his eyes and kiss his nose, inhaling his smell with my eyes closed. Ingraining his scent to memory. “Why couldn’t he wait for us? Why did he have to fuck a clubwhore instead of some female in the city? It would hurt a lot less having to be reminded who he had before me every time I see her.” He bows his head and whines.

“I know you cannot answer me, but know that my wolf already cares about you, as do I. I only wish your human was as smart as you are.”

His tail wags as he does a little wolf laugh that makes me chuckle. His bright eyes against the dark brown of his fur makes him look so beautiful.

I never expected for my heart to hurt so bad when I met my mate for the first time. I always wished that the meeting of my mate would have been as beautiful as my parents said theirs was. My father was the beta to our pack and my mother was the betas daughter to a pack in the mountains. He courted her and won her love the old fashioned way. My father didn’t know that she loved him the second she met him. She knew that his pack believed in waiting for their mates and were fierce in their beliefs.

My mates whine pulls me out of my thoughts, using his jaw, he brings my head closer to him. I dig my head into his fluffy chest where there is a little white spot. I didn’t even realize I was crying until I felt the wetness on his fur.

I whisper into him. “Oh wolfy, what am I going to do? Even though we never knew each other, the betrayal to our mate bond stings and I don’t know how I won’t see him fucking that bitch in my mind everytime I see her. I’m scared that he would fuck around even though he knows me.”

He growls and shakes his head no. Part of me wants to believe him, but I don’t know how much he believes in mates and the bond or if he would fight it and go fuck random bitches.

Letting out a sigh, I nuzzle into his chest as I get goosebumps on my skin from the water getting chilly. He takes a step back and nudges me back into the water.

“Okay, okay, I’ll wash and get out. My wolf wants to officially meet you tomorrow, so how about after breakfast, we go for a run and you show me the pack borders?”

He stands on all four paws and yips in excitement at my suggestion. He licks my face and struts out of the bathroom like a male peacock. I laugh out loud at my cocky wolf.

“You’re not going to make holding onto the anger easy, are you wolfy?” I mumble to myself, but with his super hearing he hears me and barks out from the bedroom.

With a smile on my face and my wolf prancing around in my head, I quickly wash myself and let out a sigh of relief once clean. Bri left me to choose from raspberry or cherry blossom scents. I chose raspberry as I love raspberry flavoured anything.

With a towel wrapped tightly around my body, I look into the fogged mirror at myself. The bath did help relax my muscles a bit. Now to go see if it is Edric or wolfy waiting for me in the room.

I cautiously open the bathroom door to find a light pink satin two-piece with a short baby blue silk robe on the bed with a note on top reading:

I gave you my nicest set of pajamas under this note. There is an outfit for tomorrow on the dresser with one of my new bras. We didn’t leave you any panties as I doubt you would want to wear used ones. I am in need of some as well, so those are on the list for our shopping trip! If you need anything else, get Alpha Edric to let my mom know and we will get it for you. Have a good night Luna!


I put the note on the nightstand and look around the room for Edric, I let out a breath that I didn’t notice I was holding, seeing that he isn’t in here. I go into the bathroom to change anyway, the last thing I want right now is for him to walk in while I’m butt naked in the middle of the room getting my pjs on.

I look at myself in the mirror. My once bright blue and grey eyes are sad and have lost some of their vibrance, my coffee colored hair is a tangled mess as I have yet to brush it, and my skin is pale. I lean against the counter and inhale deeply before standing upright and straighten my spine, preparing myself for seeing him in the privacy of the bedroom.

I didn’t take the time earlier to examine the bedroom. The bed is a huge California king with black silk sheets and a dark grey comforter neatly folded on it. He has a dark chestnut bedroom suite with two nightstands on each side of the bed, holding a lamp on each. There is a black leather couch near the huge bay windows that look out onto a large sparring field.

I look at him and see that he is watching me with lust filled eyes while sitting on the edge of the bed with his chin resting on his fists. I quickly close my robe and look away, I cannot be tempted to be aroused around this male. I don’t want to give him any ideas, it’s too soon. I clear my throat and just as I go to say that I’ll sleep on the couch, he beats me to it by using his sexy, thigh clenching voice.

“Are you hungry? I can go get some leftovers from dinner and heat it up for you, if you want?”

I shake my head, “no. I just want to sleep.”

“I know you don’t want to share the bed with me, so I will take the couch tonight. Tomorrow morning we will go for breakfast with the MC and then our wolves can go for a run. You can go shopping with Bri, Clover and a few brothers, to get whatever you will need.”

I cannot say anything without sounding turned on. His gravelly voice turns my insides to mush, so I just nod my head in agreement. I go to walk past him to get on the bed but he stands right as I get beside him and whispers seductively in my ear.

“You may not want me now baby girl, but I will have you pleading for me by the time I’m done showing you that I’m not the kind of man you first met. I will show you who I am, that you are mine and I plan to make you mine in every. Single. Way.”

I close my eyes as a shiver goes down my spine at the promises I can hear in his voice. Sexy bastard. He knows exactly what he is doing. I glance over my shoulder to see him standing inches from my body. His beautiful eyes flash to mine as he licks his lips and a low growl rumbles from his chest. I press my thighs together and squeeze my eyelids shut to prevent him from seeing how much I desire this gorgeous piece of man.

I feel his breath on my lips as if carressing them, “woman, I only have so much control and if you don’t want me to take you right here and now, I suggest you get your ass in that bed. I suggest you hurry that fine backside up because I can only hold back for so long before my resolve snaps.”

With a gasp, my eyes fly open and I take a step forward before turning to look at my mate. His eyes are gold and his beautiful grass green, and oh Goddess, the lust in them is driving my wolf and I crazy. Why didn’t my parents warn me that I would have such a strong urge to jump my mates bones!

Edric growls and takes a step forward which makes me yelp and run to get under the covers before he reaches me. As if the comforter will protect me from a horny Alpha. Yeah, right. Once he sees that I’m in bed, he shuts his eyes and shakes his head to clear it. I cannot help but study this male again. He is so damn fine.

I hear a warning in his tone when he talks to me. “Gia, I will tie you to the bed and eat that pussy until you black out if you do not stop looking at me like that.” He adjusts himself as I just stare at this man. What the fuck is he doing to me?

He clears his throat and when I look up to his face, he is smirking at me. The bastard knows exactly how much his body turns me on. “I need to go for a run to let off some… energy. I’ll see you in the morning beautiful. Get some rest.”

He walks up to the side of the bed and leans forward, giving me a kiss on the forehead. It lasts longer than just a peck, but my wolf relishes in the simple touch. I close my eyes and sigh at the feeling of his plump, soft lips on my skin. My eyelids suddenly feel heavy and my body relaxes under the feathery softness of the blankets. With the feeling of his lips on me, I fall into a deep, dreamless sleep.

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