The Blazing Wolves MC

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Chapter 6

I wake up the next morning and lay in bed for a few minutes, enjoying the sun rays shining through the half open curtains. My mind thinks back to everything that happened yesterday. What a fucked up way to meet my mate. Why did he have to be fucking her right then? Ugh, just thinking about them is going to ruin my day and I refuse to let them do that.

I exhale deeply before stretching and enjoy the warmth from the smooth fabric on top of me. As I move my feet, I accidentally kick something and make it fall off of the bed. A yelp and a loud bang comes from the bottom of the bed as I quickly sit up to see who it was.

Wolfy looks up at me as he shakes out his fur with a mock growl. I can’t help but giggle at the fact that I literally just kicked him out of bed. He narrows his eyes at me before giving me a wolfish grin. I instantly stop laughing and hold the blanket close to my chest not knowing what he is planning. You don’t go from mock glaring to smiling within seconds for no reason.

Narrowing my eyes back, “don’t you dare mister. I will kick your butt off of the bed every night if you do what I think you’re going to do.”

He tilts his head to the side in confusion, as if he has no idea what I am talking about. “Don’t give me that innocent look wolfy. I know you’re planning something.”

With a bark, he jumps up on me and begins licking my face before I get the chance to cover it with the comforter. I laugh as I fall back from the weight of my mate as he continues to lick my face and now my arms, as I’m using them to try to shield my face.

In between laughs I yell out to him, “Stop! Wolfy please! I give up! I’ll give you a kiss, if you promise to stop bathing me with your tongue.”

He freezes and when I realize he isn’t going to lick me anymore, I open my eyes to see one green-blue eye and one gold, staring at me with mixed emotions varying from lust, mischief and joy. I clear my throat and look down at his chest with a sheepish smile. “One kiss and then I’m going to have a shower before we go for breakfast okay?”

Wolfy subtly nods his head in agreement. I give him a quick peck on the nose before I get off the bed and rush to the bathroom to have a quick shower. As I get undressed and wait for the water to get hot, I hear the door to the bedroom close. I am assuming he left to go downstairs.

While I’m washing my body, I can’t help but have the urge to get myself off at the thought of Edric. Hopefully it will squash down my urges to hump him every time I see him. If only that was true. It doesn’t help that his smell is everywhere, and then seeing him last night in just his shorts and no shirt was too much to handle. Why couldn’t he wear a large shirt and huge pants that didn’t show off his sexy body.

I lather my hands with my raspberry body wash and massage my breasts together as I rub my nipples to hardened peaks. I imagine they are Edric’s hands groping my succulent globes and twist my buds, giving them equal attention. I drop my head back as I close my eyes, holding a moan in the back of my throat.

I use my right hand and follow the path of the water dripping down my torso as it reaches my dark curls covering my pussy. Spreading my legs and vaginal lips with my ring and index finger, I use my middle finger to push on my clit and start rotating my finger around the hardening nub.

“Mmmm, Edric, yes. Don’t stop.” I moan quietly, not wanting to risk him overhearing me in case he came back into the bedroom. I flick and twirl my clit with my thumb as I insert one and then two fingers into my pussy. I pump my fingers in and out for a few minutes until I’m at the edge of an orgasm with my juices drenching my fingers. I put sudden pressure directly on my little button with my thumb, imagining it’s his tongue making me lose control. I bite my bottom lip to prevent myself from crying out in ecstasy as I cum all over my hand.

My knees are wobbly as I come down from my high and I have to lean onto the shower wall for a few minutes to prevent myself from falling to the floor. I’m a panting mess as my heartbeat pounds erratically and I work on getting my breathing under control. I have never cum so hard in my life, but then again I didn’t have a mate to imagine was touching me then either.

I take a deep breath once I can stand on sturdy legs and finish washing my body. I shut the water off, grab a towel from the counter and exit the shower. Wiping the steam from the mirror, I see that my skin is flushed and my eyes are bright. Let’s hope he won’t figure out what went on in here.

I walk out of the bathroom and shriek at who I see standing near the closet doors. It’s Edric and he looks like he wants to eat me alive.

Well shit. So much for hoping he didn’t hear me.

I stand in the bathroom doorway, frozen, as I don’t know what he heard. Deciding to play it cool, I ignore him and make my way to the dresser where Brianna left my clothes. Edric inhales deeply before releasing a suggestive growl that has my thighs squeezing together. I inwardly groan at what just a growl from him does to my hormones. I have to hold onto the edge of the dresser to prevent myself from falling to the floor in need of my man’s cock. My knuckles are white from the strength I’m using to stop from going to the beautiful specimen whose eyes keep traveling down my towel clad body.

I have to close my eyes tight and start to mumble to myself, “not yet, you are stronger than the bond. You need to be. It is too soon to jump his bones right now. Make him work for this pussy.”

A hearty chuckle enters my ears from across the room and my eyes shoot open. “Fuck. I said that out loud, didn’t I?”

“You sure did, sweetheart.” I can feel him getting closer, the heat from his body is felt on my back yet he isn’t touching me. Thank the Goddess for small miracles. The more I am near him, the harder it is for me to want to stay away. My resolve is starting to crumble and it has only been a day! I need to make him wait for at least a week or two… at least…

Edric slightly touches his chest to my back. He also makes me feel the need he has for me in his black jeans and it takes a lot of strength to not moan at the size of him. Seeing is one thing, but when you can feel your mate’s hardened cock? Oh good Goddess, I am going to be a fucking sex fiend when I give him the green light to fuck me. Skimming his hand down the front of my towel, barely touching it, is driving me crazy.

My wolf is howling in my mind, wanting our mate to touch us. To show us the pleasure he can give us with just his fingers. I shush her and ask her if she remembers how we first met him, if she remembers that he was making some bitch scream his name. She whines and pouts, before turning in a circle and curling into a ball, looking at me with narrowed eyes. I mentally roll my eyes at her. She gets her time with her male wolf later. At least he was loyal to the mate bond.

He stops his wandering hand just below my belly button, letting me feel the heat from his just barely there touch as he whispers in my ear. “Don’t worry gorgeous, I won’t let you jump my bones yet. I need to work for this pussy and I will show you the man I really am. But have no doubt about it, we will be teasing you and your wolf every chance we get. The smell of your pussy dripping with need for me, drives my wolf and I crazy.

“I will have you begging for my cock to fuck your cunt so hard you see stars, to have my tongue drink your sweet juice like a man dying of thirst and to have you so desperate for my thick dick to be in between your beautiful lips, as you drop to your knees without any prompting to suck me off. Mmmm fuck Gia, do you feel what you do to me woman?”

He thrusts his hips forward, urging me to feel his thick rod between my ass cheeks. I let out a quiet moan as I imagine all of the things to come in the future. I’m grateful that he understands that if I was to forgive him now, it would be based on sexual desires, not actual forgiveness and that would just reset any progress that we have made at this point. It isn’t much, but I am thinking more clearly now that I have had a good night’s sleep.

He grinds his dick into my ass one more time before nipping at my ear with a lusty growl. Suddenly, I no longer feel his heat on my back and his hand is instantly missed. “We need to go eat. My wolf is clawing to get out and I can’t have you going downstairs to meet everyone smelling as appetizing as you do.”

I stand completely still to get my bearings together before I turn to look at my tease of a mate. A desperate whimper escapes my lips before I can stop it. He is wearing thigh hugging black jeans, a white t-shirt that sticks to him like a second skin and his MC’s leather jacket. I cannot stop ogling this man of mine as if he is the thickest, juiciest steak I have ever seen.

Swallowing hard and deciding to be a little bit brave yet a total tease, I make eye contact and drop my towel as I put my bra on. Two can play this game Alpha. We don’t break eye contact as I get dressed as his quiet moans and groans have me almost losing my composure. It definitely doesn’t help when he has to keep adjusting his crotch either.

Ignoring the need within my own body, I grab the clothing that Bri had left for me to wear. A white lacy bra, black leather skirt, which happens to be a bit too short, considering the fact I will be sans panties for most of the day, and a yellow frilly button up top. I throw my hair up in a messy bun and take a deep breath.

“Edric, we need to stop doing this.”

His eyes are confused and his smile turns into a frown. “Stop doing what?”

“Teasing each other. It is going to make things harder for the both of us if we keep doing it when I am not ready to move forward yet. If we have sex before I have forgiven you, I will not only be pissed off at myself but it will take that much longer for me to forgive you. In front of the pack or club members is fine as we need to be a united front, but when it is in private and behind closed doors we need to stop with the sexy teasing and seductive touches. It is going to take some time for me to see her and not think about how you fucked her. I need to get over that visual before I can move on with you.”

His mouth opens and closes a few times before he takes a deep breath and shakes his head, nodding it a second later. “Alright, I’m sorry. I will try my best to keep myself in check in private but just as a warning, I won’t be sorry for what happens in public. I know I fucked up, and I am giving you the time you need to forgive me and to show you I will make you happy, but in front of the pack, all bets are off. You are my mate and even though we haven’t marked each other yet, it doesn’t mean I won’t act like you’re my old lady.”

I look down to my toes before looking back up to him, “Don’t overstep Edric. Don’t make me regret giving you a chance to prove yourself to me.”

“You won’t. I can promise you that.”

I need to change the subject, the smell of our potent arousal is driving my wolf mad and I need her on my side with this, not wanting to jump and fuck our mate every damn chance she gets. So I decide to change the subject to a safer topic.

“So, when is breakfast going to be ready? I’m starving.”

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