The Blazing Wolves MC

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Chapter 7

“Hang on Gia. Before we go down there, I got something for you that I would like you to wear. At least out in public in front of the pack. Last night when I went out for a run, I asked one of the guys to get this done for me, for you actually. You don’t have to wear it now but as my future old lady of this MC, it will be mandatory to reassure everyone that you have accepted me as your old man. It will be easier for other men to recognize you as mine.”

He growls out the last part as he grabs my waist and pulls my body to his, shoving his nose into my neck and inhales. Edric grunts before licking behind my ear, making my eyes automatically shut and my body go lax in his arms. My resistance with this male is futile.

A nip at the spot where we mark each other snaps me out of my lust idled brain and I take an unsteady step back, just enough to be able to look up at my male.

“What is it that you got for me?” I make my voice sound excited. I am curious, but I really need to distract both of us out of this lust induced haze we keep finding ourselves in.

I clear my throat and stand taller, waiting for Edric to show me what he needs to, so we can go for breakfast. My stomach is on the verge of reminding me that I haven’t eaten a full meal in over a day.

Clearing his throat, he grabs a feminine looking leather jacket off of the hook hanging over the back of the closet door. He holds it out to me to show me what it says on the back.

I cover my mouth after I gasp, my sight starting to blur as I stare at the jacket that has Property of Edric in bold letters across the top and then The Blazing Wolves MC Luna at the bottom. The same wolf that he has tattooed on his left pec is in the center of the words.

It’s insanely beautiful.

“Oh Edric, it’s gorgeous. Can I wear it to show everyone I accept you as my President and Alpha? Don’t get confused though, mister. As my mate you’re still on probation.” I cannot take my eyes off of the jacket. It is absolutely stunning.

A sharp inhale has me looking into his eyes which are now glassy. Who knew something as simple as accepting him as my Alpha and Prez would cause my man to get teary eyed? I think it is more than that though. By accepting the jacket, he knows that I won’t reject him and it also lets club bitches know he is mine and if they were to flirt with him, their asses are mine to deal with.

“Of course Gia. It would make me immensely happy for you to wear my cut and let everyone know you’re mine and that I’m yours. I got this done last night as well.”

He lifts his shirt and turns to show me his back. My voice hitches in my throat when I see the new tattoo. The beautiful calligraphy stating Property of Gia Nealey right across his shoulder blades. I skim my fingers over the words, outlining them.

My emotions are everywhere with the things this male makes me feel and in my moment of weakness, I wrap my arms around his back and ribs, squeezing him to me as I push my face into his spine.

“Thank you Edric. It’s breathtaking. You got it done just for me?”

He lets out a hearty chuckle, “it does say property of Gia Nealey, does it not?”

I roll my eyes even though he cannot see me. “yeah, yeah, yeah. Be quiet and help me put the jacket on so we can go freaking eat.”

I feel him take a deep breath before he intertwines our fingers together and brings my right hand up to his mouth, giving a gentle kiss on the inside of my wrist before swiping it with his tongue. I quickly drop my arms and glance up at him as he looks over his shoulder at me. With a sharp nod, he replies, “of course.”

He holds the jacket out for me and I put my arms through, relishing in his warmth at my back. Once the jacket is fully on, I hug it to me and inhale the scent. The smell of new leather and Edric has me smiling to myself. My male, my mate, my wolfy, all mine.

I’m interrupted by Edric running a gentle finger down my cheek to my jaw and down to my collarbone causing me to take a step back and give him a warning glare. “Edric.” My tone has a warning to it.

He sighs as he takes a step back, “Alright, let’s go have breakfast. Your stomach already growled so I know you’re even more hungry than you were when you got out of the shower.”

I put a hand on my grumbly stomach, “you’re right. Let’s go. I’m starving.”

We leave the room and walk side by side down the stairs. There are a few men lounging by the pool table, Brianna and the guy she was grinding on last night are all cuddled up on the couch, lost in their own little world and a young male is cleaning up the bar area.

Edric leads me to a large kitchen where there are a few old ladies cooking. I look for a clock and I see that it is eight o’clock in the morning. “Good morning Alpha. Good morning Luna.”

“Good morning ladies. It smells wonderful in here. What are you making for breakfast today?” All of the women give me a genuine smile before going back to cooking whatever they are making except one, Brianna’s mother.

“We are making an all american breakfast. Sausage, eggs in three different ways to choose from, bacon, pancakes with syrup, toast with four different kinds of spreads, cereal for the pups if they want, orange juice, coffee, tea or milk. It is almost done, give us another fifteen minutes and you guys can come get your plates.”

“Do you guys need any help?” I can’t not offer. When there is this much food being prepared, I want to be able to help in some way.

“No thank you, Luna. Not today anyway. We have it all covered, but I will take you up on that offer next time.” She winks at me and the warmth in her smile helps me relax and feel welcome.

“I am Clover, Brianna’s mom and Donny’s old lady. The big brooding male that brought you here last night. The female taking care of the eggs and pancakes is Dahlia, manning the sausages and bacon is Iris and the old lady setting up the table and placing the condiments is Lilac but we call her Lil for short.”

The old ladies all turn to me, bowing their heads in respect and take turns walking up to me. One by one they grab my hand and vow their loyalty and protection to me, their Luna. My eyes water and I smile at these amazing women who have made me feel so accepted into a pack and club I just happened to run to last night.

I chuckle as I wipe the tears from my eyes. “Thank you, truly. As your Luna, I vow to care for and protect each one of you and your children. I will be there for anyone when you need advice or just someone to talk to. I promise to be loyal to The Blazing Wolves MC, along with their Alpha and President Edric. I know I am new here, so because of that, I am going to need some help from time to time as I don’t know a lot about MC laws. I am willing to learn and make you all proud to call me your Luna and your President’s old lady.”

I look up into Edric’s orbs and what I see has me smiling a genuine smile at this male of mine. Times like these make me want to just hold him and even though that is what I would do without hesitation, our situation isn’t normal.

Who knew that restraining yourself from pouncing your male in front of a kitchen full of females took so much self control? He is looking down at me with adoration and pride on his face. I blush and look at the females who are snickering at us while they go back to preparing breakfast.

Lilac looks up from what she is doing at the table, smiling my way before looking at Edric and her smile disappears. She announces something that I’m guessing the other females agree with also. They all nod in agreement once she starts to speak. “You take care of your woman, Prez. If Valerie doesn’t watch her mouth, she will have to deal with more than just our Luna and you know us old ladies aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty.”

“You don’t need to tell me how to take care of my woman Lil. As far as Valerie goes, I want you guys to keep your ears and eyes open when it comes to her. She backed down too easily and we know it isn’t in her blood to just sit back and watch as things don’t go her way.”

They all nod in unison. Dahlia speaks as she takes a step forward, “yes Alpha. We will let you know immediately if we see or hear anything suspicious.”

Clover turns her gaze back to me. “Luna, you let us know if you ever need our help with handling that she-wolf and we will be there at your side. No hesitations, alright?”

I give her an unsteady nod. I have never felt so much instant respect without having to earn it in some way from people before. It is heartwarming and exhilarating all at once. “Now shoo you two. Go relax until we call you for breakfast.”

With that said, Edric nods, “ladies,” and he grabs my hand, leading me out of the kitchen to the couch where Brianna is sitting.

Donny comes strolling in the front door to Edric as he side-eyes me. “Prez, can we talk in the office? Club business.”

Edric turns to me and rubs a finger across my collarbone, causing my body to shiver and goosebumps to appear on my arms. Looking up into his bright eyes, I see desire, need and a teasing glint shining through. He knows what his touch does to me. Cocky asshole.

I clear my throat and look to Donny who has a smirk on his handsome face. “Donny needs to talk to me about club business. Do you want to hang out with Brianna until I come back? We shouldn’t be too long. I need to eat breakfast with you and then we will let our wolves out to stretch their legs. Wait for me?”

The look he gives me makes me wonder if there is a hidden meaning behind that question, rather than just waiting for breakfast. What other meaning could he be talking about? Possibly be patient with him? I don’t know and I’m not going to think about the hidden meaning right now.

I nod my okay and he gives me a lingering kiss on the forehead, breathing in my scent, before he takes off to where his office is with Donny at his side. I exhale a breath I didn’t realize I was holding and look around at my surroundings.

Well, I guess I better get comfortable here since this is now my new home.

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