The Blazing Wolves MC

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Chapter 8

“Luna Gia! Come sit with me.” I spin around to where Bri is sitting on the couch and notice that the male is gone. Making my way to her, I see Valerie exit a bedroom at the other end of the hallway, thankfully not near Edric’s office. She smirks at me before she fixes her tits and struts her slutty ass outside.

Dumb bitch.

Brianna follows my line of sight and rolls her eyes. “Ugh, she is so desperate and disgusting. She has been with the MC for just over two years and she tried for a year and a half to get into Alpha Edric’s pants before one drunken night, he just gave into her, or so I’ve been told. I know you would probably want to hear it from him or not at all, but I want you to have some time to cool off so you don’t get pissed at him for something that first happened over six months ago. I don’t think that he has been with anyone else from the club besides her.”

I groan as I plop down beside her. “I believe you Bri but it just sucks, ya know? I waited for my mate for twenty six years and grew up dreaming about how our first meeting would go. Never did I expect to find him fucking some slut while I was on the run from a mentally unstable Alpha. I know I will forgive him sooner than I would like, but it’s still so fresh in my mind.”

Releasing a tension filled sigh, I continue letting my thoughts flow out of my mouth. “I’m trying to forget that bitch screaming out his name as he fucked her, but unfortunately it’s not that easy and it doesn’t help that the female walks around like she owns the fucking place. The bond is not making it any easier for me to resist that fine asshole either, which really sucks. I planned on making him suffer for at least a month or two. I don’t even know if I will last a week! And don’t even get me started on my wolf! That female is all for jumping our male already!”

I lean forward and put my forehead in my cupped hands. Shaking my head back and forth, I mumble more to myself than Bri. “I don’t know what I’m going to do anymore. Maybe I should just take it one day at a time and stop worrying about anything except for the here and now. Let him make it up to me like he promised he would. My heat will be here in about a month and I still have yet to decide whether I should let him fuck me into oblivion or just get someone to knock my ass out. You guys do carry the serum needed for mateless she-wolves right?”

Bri’s manicured fingers grab my hands and she slants her body towards me, pulling my hands so I have no choice but to turn and face her as well. “Luna, I know you’re still hurting and it is all so fresh for you, but I want you to know that even though we walked in on what we did, he isn’t the manwhore you think he is. Trust me, clubwhores don’t keep their mouths shut. No pun intended. If he would have fucked more than just Valerie, I would know about it and I would tell you. He has been alone for a long time and I am not saying that as a way out for him, but what he did before he knew you, shouldn’t be held against him.”

“I know Bri and I hear you, I do. I don’t hold the fact that he fucked her however many times before he met me over his head. Even though it hurts that he didn’t wait for me, I won’t make us both suffer because of it. It’s the fact that I pretty much walked in on him fucking her in that moment, that is bothering me. I would have rather remained oblivious to how he sounds when he is with another female or how he can make someone other than me orgasm, than hear what we did, ya know?”

Releasing a deep sigh she nods her head. “I get it. I would be the same way if the female my mate banged before he met me came strutting out of the room after he just blew her mind. I just see how much my Alpha adores you already and I just want you both to be happy.”

“And we will be, but until then, I just need him to be patient and think about the position I’m in. My heart has not had any time to heal at all as it’s been a whirlwind of emotions since I have met him. I need time to get used to the fact that the bitch lives here, her screams of pleasure have to evaporate from my mind and that won’t happen within a few days.”

Bri looks at me with sympathy filled eyes. “I hear you Luna. How about we change the subject? No point in getting depressed about something so early in the morning right? So, we are still going shopping tomorrow, right?”

“Correct. I need new panties and bras as I forgot to grab mine in the hurry to get away from Alpha Sterling.”

Bri opens her mouth to say something but is interrupted by Clover yelling that breakfast is ready.

“Let’s go eat. I’m starving and if I heard right, I think your stomach is telling you that it is also looking for something to fill it up, little missy.” I look down to Bri’s stomach as she puts her hand over it and lets out a cute little embarrassed laugh.

Just as we stand up, I feel Edric’s warmth on my back. “Let’s go get some food, beautiful. We need you full before we let our wolves out so they can eat as well.”

We walk into the kitchen and everyone steps to the side to let us go first. “Isn’t anyone else going to eat? That’s a lot of food.”

A few chuckles come from various areas in the kitchen, Edric speaks up for everyone. “Of course, but as Luna and Alpha, we will always get our food before anyone else. Unless of course we offer anyone to get theirs first. Usually, I have the pups go ahead of me. That’s why you don’t see any of the little ones in here. They have already come to get whatever it is they want to eat and they then take their plates to their little tables in the yard. When it is beautiful outside, we all prefer to eat while enjoying the sun, rather than staying inside.”

“Ahh okay. That makes sense. Well then, let’s get our food so everyone else can eat as well. I’m pretty sure everyone is as hungry as we are.”

Edric hands me a plate and whispers in my ear as I go to grab some scrambled eggs, “don’t be shy with what you put on your plate baby. The more you eat, the happier the old ladies feel, knowing they are responsible for cooking food to make their Luna’s belly full. So eat up woman, because I have a feeling our wolves are going to need the energy later.”

He winks at me before he stands tall, gently grabbing my hand holding the scoop to add more eggs to my plate. I glance at Donny and I see a slight smirk on his face. He winks at me before he grabs a plate himself and follows behind Edric. I grab some scrambled eggs, a bunch of bacon, two sausages, three pancakes covered in syrup, two pieces of toast lathered in strawberry jam and a tall glass of orange juice, before I stand off to the side and wait for my Alpha to finish piling food onto his.

He opens the door that leads to the backyard that I haven’t seen yet, and allows me to walk through first. Straight ahead of me there are three insanely long tables in four different rows with at least twelve chairs on each side. To the far left and right, there are two tables that have a setting that seats four.

In between each of the adult tables are three children’s tables with at least four to six kids chairs at each one. I am assuming that Edric and Donny sit at each of the head tables, which makes sense. Edric can keep watch over the pack from one side and Donny, his VP and Beta does the same from the other.

Unsure of where to go, I wait for him and follow his lead. Just as I suspected, he puts his plate and mug of coffee down at the head of the table while pulling out the chair to his left, waiting for me to take my seat as his Luna. Donny sits at the other table and to his left, Clover is beside him. Bri sits to his right with a giant grin on her face. I cannot help but chuckle at this female. She is always so bubbly.

She sends me a wink before kissing the male beside her. He must be her mate, he is good looking but he has nothing on my man. Edric clears his throat to gain everyone’s attention. Everybody goes silent to listen to what their Alpha has to say. He glances my way and gives me a panty melting smile before addressing everyone in the yard.

“Good morning everyone. After we have all eaten, I want everyone to remain in their seats unless they are going for seconds as I have an announcement I would like to make, alright?”

We are greeted with a bunch of “yes Alpha” and some “you got it Prez” from around the tables. I dig into my pancakes before they have a chance to get too drenched from the syrup. I hate soggy pancakes.

People make light conversation as they eat. I look around and realize that everyone here is like one giant family. I have never been to a pack that eats their breakfast like this before, everyone is usually all into their own cliques and more spread out.

Twenty minutes go by and I swallow my last gulp of orange juice just as Edric gives my hand a gentle squeeze before standing up to make his announcement that he mentioned earlier.

Clearing his throat to gather everybody’s gaze his way, he speaks loud enough so everyone can hear. “For anyone who wasn’t in the clubhouse last night, I would like you to meet your new Luna and my old lady. Gia, can you stand up please?”

I clear the lump of nervousness from my throat, and stand tall beside my mate. People will need to see us as a unified couple, whether we have mated and marked each other or not. A bunch of whoops, whistles and howls are released to show their happiness at their Alpha finding his Luna.

I meet everyone’s gaze and as I do, they bow their heads in respect and lower their eyes, not wanting to be disrespectful. A little boy and girl, who can’t be much older than six run up to the front of the table and look up at me in awe.

The little girl has strawberry blonde hair, bright hazel eyes and the cutest dimple on her right cheek. “Hi Luna! My name is Georgie! I’m five! Is my Alpha your mate? My older sister has a mate and he is the bestest in the world!”

I cannot help but laugh at this little munchkin, she looks like a mini version of Brianna. Bri calls from across the yard, “Georgie, go sit down and finish your breakfast. Now.”

“It’s alright Bri.” I walk around to the front of the table and crouch down to their level. I am face to face with the little ones, holding my hand out for her to shake. “Hi, my name is Luna Gia and yes, I am your Alpha’s mate. Who is your older sister munchkin?”

She laughs and an adorable shade of pink touches her cheeks. “I’m not a munchkin. I’m a werewolf, silly Luna. My sister is right there and her name is Brianna. She is the best big sister and she always lets me sit on her wolf to go for a run. I love her wolf sooo much!”

I turn to look at Bri and chuckle when I notice the embarrassed blush on her cheeks. Her mate has a smug smile on his face and whispers into her ear, making her giggle and smack his chest. Looking back to Georgie, I notice the little boy hasn’t said a word yet and has his head facing the ground. I reach out and gently put my finger under his chin, making him raise his eyes to look at me.

I gasp at what I see.

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