The Blazing Wolves MC

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Chapter 9

The little guy has two different colored irises, one is a light grey and the other is a vibrant green. They are breathtaking and so rare. His eyes water and he goes to put his head down again. I prevent that from happening. This little guy has no reason to be ashamed.

“Nope, you can’t hide from your Luna little man. You have no reason to hide those beautiful eyes from me. Is that why you were looking down to the ground? You didn’t want your new Luna to see those stunning eyes of yours?”

He slowly nods his head yes and it makes me frown. “Why would you hide them from anyone? You should be proud of eyes such as yours. They are rare and so pretty.”

He sniffs and I notice a tear drop down his cheek before he can wipe it off. “Oh baby boy no, don’t cry. You will make me cry. What’s wrong? Tell me why you’re crying handsome.”

I pull the little guy to my chest and comfort him. He mumbles while his head is buried in my shoulder, “when I used to go to school, some boys would bully me and say I am a freak because I have two different colored eyes. The girls always said they were pretty, but the boys were so mean Luna.”

My heart breaks and I look up at Edric whose eyes are sad and angry. He shakes his head no, he didn’t know anything about this, otherwise I’m sure those boys would be bullies no more.

No one picks on a pup without any repercussions. I rub the back of his head to comfort him as he holds on to me, refusing to let go and look at me when he is talking. “Why didn’t you tell your parents or Alpha about this?”

“I didn’t tell them because I didn’t want them to worry about me. I am seven and a big boy. My Alpha always says that big boys have to be strong and to take care of the females in their families. I didn’t want anyone to think I was weak because I couldn’t handle some meanies.”

Edric eyes soften at this little boy’s words. He joins us on this side of the table and crouches down beside me to talk to the little guy face to face. Baron lifts his head to give his Alpha his full attention.

“Baron, when I said that you have to be strong, I didn’t mean you had to do it alone. I’m physically strong but I still need help from time to time. It’s why Donny is my Beta and Vice President, so he can help me if I am unable to do anything alone. You have big muscles anyway, show your Luna how big those guns of yours are.”

He flexes his arms and I squeeze them, being a bit dramatic, but what seven year old would want any less? I gasp, “oh my Goddess, Baron! Your muscles are so big for such a young man! Let me guess how they got that big. Hmmm,” I tap my chin, pretending to think hard.

“You eat all of your meat and vegetables and you protect this little girl right here, don’t you?”

He goes shy at my declaration of protecting Georgie and nods his head yes. Awe! How adorable! I glance at Georgie and notice her cheeks are a light pink as she is using the tip of her shoe to draw circles in the dirt. These two are already so special to me.

Edric chuckles at Baron’s shy face before continuing, “when I said you have to be strong, I also mean in your mind. You want to be a gamma like your papa when you’re older, don’t you?”

Baron nods his head eagerly and states, “I want to be strong and fast like my papa too, Alpha!”

“That means you have to stand up against the meanies and not let their cruel words get to your heart. I want you to be like a duck.” Edric telling Baron to be like a duck confuses the child and he tilts his head to the side, eyebrows drawn in confusion.

“A duck Alpha? But I’m a werewolf. I can turn into a wolf. I howl, have sharp teeth and my eyes change color too. See.”

His eyes turn a lighter shade of gold than a fully grown adult wolf and he growls, showing his sharp canines. I laugh at how adorable his innocence is.

“No, baby boy. What your Alpha means is that when mean people say bad things to you, you let their words go away from your mind the same way the water rolls off a duck’s back. The water just keeps going and the duck doesn’t get its body wet, because the feathers protect it. So when those meanies say hurtful words to you, you pretend you’re a duck and their words are the water. Do you understand?”

He stands with his furrowed brows and thinks for a few minutes before his eyes go wide with understanding. “Yes! When those bullies are mean and make fun of me for being different, I will pretend I am a furry duck! Their words won’t hurt a duck because the mean words are like water!”

He runs at both Edric and I and wraps an arm around each of our necks, pulling us to each other while we hug the little guy back. I feel a rough hand grasp onto mine as I hug Baron back. My eyes catch Edric and he mouths “thank you” to me. I give him a soft smile and nod my head once in acceptance.

A few seconds pass and Baron takes a small step back and looks up at us both, “thank you Luna. Thank you Alpha. I promise I will be like a duck when people are mean to me and if anyone is mean to any of my friends, I will tell them to be like ducks too!”

Baron grabs Georgie’s hand and starts pulling her to where he wants to play with the other kids by a tall willow tree. Startling her out of her stare down with the ground he yells, “Come on Georgie! Let’s go play with the puppy!”

Edric and I both stand up, I go to walk away but before I can, he grabs the back of my neck and pulls me swiftly into his chest as he wraps his other arm around my waist in a tight hold. I gasp at the contact that I’m not used to yet, making him growl before shoving his face into my hair.

My voice comes out as a soft whisper, “Edric, what are you doing?”

“How you handled those children was perfect Gia. I cannot wait until your heat comes and I put a pup in your sexy belly so we have children of our own.” He lets out a painful groan and thrusts his waist into my stomach, instantly showing me what the image does to his body.

“Imagining you round with my pup has me hard as a fucking rock woman. You feel what the image of your belly round does to me?”

I cannot help but to wiggle in his hold, rubbing my thighs together at the image of us fucking like the animals that we are.

“Fucking hell woman, stop squirming. Talk to me about something, anything to make my cock soft so I can walk without a raging boner in my pants.”

I look around at my surroundings and instantly come up with an idea as I see a cute little puppy chasing the kids around a large tree. I whisper heatedly in his ear, “Oh Goddess, who is that? He is so cute and the kids seem to love him. I think he might give you a run for your money, Alpha.”

He lets out a livid roar and turns to see the children playing with a baby pitbull. Turning back to me with narrowed eyes, I shrug my shoulders. “What? You wanted me to distract your dick, so I did exactly that.”

“Woman, you better fucking run because when I catch you, I’m going to spank that sassy ass of yours.” He growls out the words between clenched teeth and I can’t blame him. The last thing an Alpha male wants to feel is jealousy and the fact that I got him jealous over a dog makes it even worse.

I walk a few steps backwards before I turn and run for the door to try to get to our bedroom. I have enough time to close the kitchen door behind me before I hear him yell out, “I’m coming for you woman!”

I let out a squeal and run fast through the lounge area and up the stairs to the bedroom. A few men and women are sitting in the lounge whooping, whistling and yelling “run Luna run!”

I hear the kitchen door slam closed when I make it to the top of the stairs. Oh shit! My wolf is howling for her mate to find her, she wants us to be spanked for making him jealous the way we did.

I try to reason with her and tell her it was the quickest thing to pop into my mind and it isn’t like it was over an actual male who could take his place. No one would ever take that males spot as my man.

She just gives me a wolfish grin and swishes her tail in excitement. She is anticipating the feel of her mate’s hands on us again. I make it into the bedroom and close the door, stepping away from it before it slams open and Edric is standing there with his wolf also making himself present.

The look he is giving me sends shivers down my spine right to my core. My thighs clench with the need of wanting to feel his mouth between them, sucking me dry.

I close my eyes and moan at the image thrust into my mind by my own doing. He inhales deeply before stalking his way towards me, desire filled eyes stare me down and dare me to say anything to make him jealous again.

I whimper when my back hits the wall, knowing I am officially trapped. Edric puts both arms on either side of my head, just above my shoulders so I can feel him without him actually touching me. I have to put my hands into fists to prevent myself from dragging them across his muscular, broad chest.

A vibration of a growl leaves his mouth, his hot breath is felt on my lips, causing shivers to travel down my spine. I close my eyes and inhale his heady aroma. My wolf is strutting around in circles in my head with her ass in the air, swishing her tail side to side as she growls seductively to her male counterpart.

Edric presses his hardened cock to my stomach, as he whispers an inch from my face. “See what you do to me Gia? Every time I am in the same room as you, my cock stands to attention. The day you let me into your heart and between your legs, I promise that I will have you begging for us to never leave our bed.”

He thrusts his cock into me once more as we both groan at the need crawling through our veins. I can’t look at him, not right now when my hormones are overruling my common sense. The mate bond doesn’t make it any easier, that’s for damn sure.

“I’m going to fuck your sexy pussy for days on end. I’m going to make you scream my name and when I’m done with you, you won’t be able to walk straight for days.”

A strangled whimper leaves my throat at the visual he is painting for me. My pussy is drenched. I feel my juices sliding down my thighs and I could cum off of his words alone. Fucking hell, he is going to be the death of me and in this moment I forgot why I was avoiding this from happening to begin with.

Suddenly we are interrupted by a knock on the door, Edric refuses to move though. “Alpha Edric? I need to speak to you privately. I will be in your office waiting for you.”

The voice of Valerie is like a bucket of ice being thrown onto my arousal. Within seconds I’m reminded why he and I are not actually naked and in bed right now. My nails embed themselves into my palms, making the metallic scent override my arousal.

Before Edric has a chance to inspect them, I push him back and away from me. On a normal day, I wouldn’t have been able to budge him, but the man is smart enough to know not to push me and takes a few steps back.

I look into his eyes, “go see what your fuck buddy wants. I’m going to change and then we can let our wolves out for their run.”

I leave him standing there as I see hurt flash in his eyes but not before it’s wiped out by determination. I go to the bathroom to clean my cuts and to change my skirt. I dampen a cloth from the cupboard in the bathroom and clean between my legs, letting out an exhausted sigh.

I wrap a towel around my waist and go to the walk-in closet to my bag. I don’t know why I didn’t think of getting any pants from there this morning. My mind is a mess.

I grab the purple silk bra I managed to grab before I ran, a pair of grey skinny jeans and my mint green sleeveless blouse. I put my clothes on, add some liner, mascara and lip gloss to my face and put my hair up in a messy ponytail before heading downstairs to Edric’s office.

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