Illusion (First Draft)

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The wolf changed everything. Seventeen-year-old Guinevere Emberblight has a dream: to become a musketeer in Baroque Hungary, but nothing is simple when her mother wants her to get married and have children. Then she meets the wolf, as well as a mysterious boy named Arthur. As a dark shadow looms over the kingdom of Irodia, the two teens will embark on an epic quest to find Illusion, a legendary mirror that has the power to grant somebody whatever they desire. Magic is in the air, as well as a curse that will forever change Gwen and Artie. The legend of Illusion was just the beginning, but there is something much more sinister waiting for them - something that will prove whether or not, the two halves of the Illusion will succeed. Who is the wolf? Who is Artie? Who is Gwen? Will they ever learn their true destiny, or will Illusion crush them?

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Author Note

Illusion is one of my most personal stories. I started writing it when I had a great disappointment in my life, and I felt like a complete utter failure. While they may be hard to pinpoint, this story is filled full of the lessons I learned afterwards, the most important being, “Failure is just a word. It is not the end of the world.” Though a bit more personal than other stories, Illusion still comprises of all the elements I have in any fantasy story I write: fun, adventure, love, and danger. Please enjoy it, for this is one of my all time favorite stories I’ve ever written. Take it as advice for what to do if you ever have a disappointment as heart-wrenching as mine, and tell yourself that at the end of the are the Illusion.

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