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Tension at the academy.

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Aviana Hendricks is the new girl in a certain school. She dresses like the typical bad girl and is always wearing a poker face. She is bold sly and does not stoop low for what does not suit her. Beneath the surface lies a broken girl with secrets she has kept vulnerability she has hidden and grief she has put aside but not even the clothes she wears or Friends she keeps could hide the sadness in her eyes or block from the hole in her heart from eating her from the inside. Mysteries she shall solve, secrets she shall uncover but will her own continue eating her from the inside or will they hole in her heart be filled? Alpha King Sean Grey is the most Ruthless Alpha alive and it only took him three months to earn that title after he eliminated the biggest rouge group that has been troubling the werewolves for a long time in the most Ruthless way possible. He is looking for his mate and the future Luna of the Ruthless Blood pack. What he finds is not what he was looking for but is she really better or worse? Is she really the one who killed his brother or not. All the traces lead to her so did she really kill his twin or not. What mysteries will be solved? What secrets shall be uncovered? and what life changing revelations shall no longer be hidden? (Under editing.)

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: New girl.

"I can't believe you mum!" I shouted.

"We are moving. Again." I continued.

"You know very well that we have to. If he finds us our lives are in danger. Is that something you want to happen?"

I contemplated for a bit before groaning out of frustration, anger and defeat.

"Yeah, I'm sorry it's just that I wish life could be different. We are always on the run. Why can't we just... I don't know.... woman up and face our problems?"

She sighed before saying,

"Dear, I also wish it was that easy. Do you think that I would be always on the run if the problem was just that easy to solve? Seriously, Aviana you know me too well but sometimes it's better to avoid them than get hurt fighting a battle you can't win."

" Yeah it's okay." I sighed.

" I'm just gonna go upstairs and pack my things. Besides, what have I got to lose. Oh wait I can answer that. I'm going to have to readjust again. Lose my friends and have to make new ones. It's just so annoying and depressing."

" Avianna June Hendricks. You will do as I say young lady. Pack your things and we're leaving in an hour."

" Fine." I huffed before slumping my shoulders on the couch.

"So much for keeping yourself safe." I muttered under my breath sarcastically.

I got up and went to my room upstairs so that I could pack my remaining necessities. The others I could buy once we arrive there.

Once I was done I decided to catch some sleep before the journey then in a few minutes. Who knows how long we are going to be in that plane.

I just wish things were different and with that one thought I fell asleep.

"Avianna!" I woke up to the soon-to-be most terrible day of my life.

"What! What! I'm up!" I groaned.

I quickly stripped and put my clothes in the hamper before stepping in the shower. I hope the hot water would take a part in showering my stress away.

I quickly dried myself up before running a brush through my luxurious black hair and put it down flowing in my natural beach waves down to my waist. I dressed in a plain black halter neck top that said 'haters will always be haters' in red and was bare at back

I wore some red high waist skinny jeans with a red leather jacket and black high top Converses. I took out my sunglasses and put on since my eyes were constantly shifting between green, purple and a deep royal blue but whenever I'm angry it shifts to a fiery red. I really need to find out what is wrong with me.

I always put on my poker face. I never show any facial expressions and with my eyes always hidden behind sunglasses or my bangs it's practically impossible to read my emotions.

Each new school means new people, new drama, new mysteries and new secrets. The ride to the airport who was short, fast and efficient.

By the time we got to our destination it was morning. I was looking forward to some rest once I got home but instead we pulled over at a school parking lot.

"Why are we here?" I asked baffled.

"What do you mean 'why are we here?' you young lady are going to school." She retorted.

" Can't I just got some sleep and then come back tomorrow?" I said my voice holding no emotion and still putting on my poker face as always when am around public areas.

"No." She said leaving no room for discussion.

"Fine." I simply answered.

My mum had personally requested a map of the school sent to her phone and which she shared to mine. My schedule and locker combination were also in my bag together with all the other school necessities that I will need.

Immediately I entered the building, all the noise quietened all eyes snapped to me. I hate that. So much. The murmuring started again as I ignored their stares and headed for my locker.

I stopped all my books inside and headed for my first class. I got inside and took my designated seat. All these stares were making me uncomfortable but I didn't dare show it.

Their teacher soon entered the class and introduced himself as Mr fredrickson. He had started teaching when a boy showed up late for class. Most preferably the bad boy of the school.

He was dressed in a signature black leather jacket with a simple grey shirt and darkwashed jeans that clung to him like a second skin. He had Brown hair that was almost black and the clothes he wore defined his muscles. His eyes were hidden behind his black aviator glasses. He was the definition of perfect.

Most of the girls in the room started straightening the backs or arching them to boost the view of some parts of their bodies. Yuck. It was like sitting among sex crazed lunatics. Talk about disgusting. That was definitely an understatement.

"Mr. Greystone. You are late. Again." He said clearly bored.

" Yes." He replied deep smooth husky voice. He looked at the teacher and he immediately shut up.

Yep. Typical bad boy.
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