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Empress is a Dark Witch Assassin who has never failed in killing her target but that changes when she find someone that might be worth her time, The Tri User Master of Heaven Fire, Hell Frost and Earth Toxin rare magic with limitless mana, Erlock is special, As a Tri User he has alot of people that want him dead for just being alive, So when a failed attempt at his life happen to him he's a choice to work with assassin and consider he got nothing else to do why not

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1


"Daughter," My father called to me

I walked up to his desk placing my hand on his shoulder as he stared at the glass window in front of him looking at the ant we call human,

"I'm proud of you out of all my assassins you killed more than 150 targets these past 4 months," Father said looking at me

I smiled and looked at the window as well seeing the image of us, "I would have killed more if you let me take on S rank missions" I suggested

My father chuckled and stood up grabbing a file and handing it to me

"Looks like your getting what you asked for," He said as I open the file

The files show a 15-year-old that might as well be 19 with his messy hair, Brown eyes, 6'1 height, and facial hair,

"He'll be at the beach tomorrow just kill him and leave," Father said

"Yes, father," I said before leaving his office

"Ohh S rank I'm so proud of you" Queen my right-hand women and best friend sudden appeared in front of me,

"Of course you would be listening in I train you well I didn't even hear you not one bit," I commended, Queen giggled and took a look at my files

"Oh, Shame he looks handsome," Queen said

"And he is 15," I informed

"Really? Looks 19" Queen said

We chuckled and head to my room, I lay down on my comfy bed while Queen sat next to me going through the files,

"Huh his name is Erlock quite the weird name he has and he's a Tri User, Empress this one might give you a tough time," Queen said to me

"I know which is why I'm going to kill him and get out as quick as possible," I stated

Queen walked up out of my room, Few minutes later she came back with an umbrella, The umbrella had symbols similar to runes and she handed it to me,

"It's crafted from dark magic I figure since you are a witch this might help you, I don't know what it does but I found it after killing some vampires and figure you might like it, I was going to give it to you for your birthday but this might help you in case your assassination with the Tri User goes wrong," Queen explained gifting me the umbrella

"Aww," I smiled and took it, "Don't worry I'll be fine Queen"

(Next Day)


I sat down at the table drinking a pineapple smoothie, I was staring at some play football, See their hot body crashing in each other with their sweat dripping down making me bite my lips and lick them, I didn't notice the girl in black behind me until she clear her throat making me jump and look at her, She looked beautiful her ebony skin just as flawless as the black lipstick, Her eyes were dark brown and magnificent, Her black color nail and shadowy wavy hair, wearing all black and holding an umbrella to block the sunlight,

"Y-Yes," I asked

"Are you Erlock Barlow?" She asked, I slightly nodded and waited for her to respond, "Good," She said before pulling out a gun and pointing it at me, She shot three times, I quickly encase my body in ice stopping the impact of the bullets, I felt a dark aura wrap itself around me and suddenly I was lifting in the air restricted from movement, Sand started to flow in the air and stuffed itself in my mouth clogging up my airway and throat


I looked at the poor soul as I use my dark magic to control the sand and choke him to death, His eyes almost rolling to the back of his head as the life from his eyes fades away, But then his throat heated up and I could see flames sparking out his body I duck for cover and he combusted in flames, a glass spear lunged at me cutting my cheek a bit, The boy smirked as he seems to be in perfect condition with not a single scratch on him, His hands and arms encased in ice as he walked up to me, Changing to blood magic I flick my wrist toward him shooting Blood Ravens at him, He blocked the attack by turning his hands into huge ice gauntlets, I smiled getting information from him, As long as I use quick blood attack, He won't be able to counter it all, I created blood knives and started throwing them at him, He was able to block a few but after 25 hits I stabbed him in the leg where he fell to the ground, I walked to him grabbed my gun and shot his face,

"Sorry kid nothing personal," I said to the corpse and started walking away

I then heard of chuckling and sand moving around, I turn to see my target getting back up on his feet,

"Alrighty time to stop playing around," He said as he slams his hand on the fall creating an inferno, Once things calm down it shows I was in a huge area of glass with him on a glass throne,

"Impressive but nothing new," I said before using my dark magic to grab ahold of a part of the ocean and dropped it on the Tri User, The glass shattered, and both him and I were in the water, Suddenly the water freeze leaving me stuck in place as I saw the boy coming at me, His feet blazing with flames as dropkicks me out the ice and making me flew, I hit the ground hard also a little piss that this brat won't die,

I harness my dark magic and shot a dark ball at him, He ducks it and came at me once more, I smirked pulled the ball back slamming into the boy's back, and grabbing him by the throat, In a desperate move, he lit up his hand and shot out the fire but this combust with the oxygen made us flew to the ocean, I crashed landed hard yet again, Using blood magic I flew out of the water using Blood wings, I looked to see if he was dead but yet I see ice forming and he climbs out the water and looks at me, He was tired I could tell by his panting, He ignited his feet to hover and took flight running from me like that was going to happen,

I chased after him shooting blood spikes at him, As expected he got hit in the back with 3 and fell from the sky and in the water, But I learned my lesson so I flew down to see if he was really dead, Turns out he wasn’t as steam started gassing up the water making it boil, I gain my distances away from him, He shot out the water with rage surging him,

"I'm going to break you," He threatens

Time to get ready for round 2
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