The Fixer of Her Unsound Soul

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Emotionally void 19 year old Nerezza has had a shit life so far and doesn't expect things to get better until a sexy psycho King Alpha with a soft spot for her tries to win over her non-trusting heart. Basil the son of the Moon Goddess and King to the Wolf, Vampire and With kingdoms is and asshole who tries to be less of a dick to sun over his long awaited mate. He will go through crazy lengths to prove his love to her. No matter what.

Fantasy / Erotica
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|A Rough Start

“Get the fuck out of my house you piece of shit! Take your things and get out, you fucking whore!”

Well so much for a peaceful Saturday morning. I’m currently being kicked out of my asshole moms place because apparently I was seducing her pedo boyfriend for a fuck because I wouldn’t want to sleep with literally anyone else because the world is currently lacking in a variety of men and woman to have sex with. Note the sarcasm in my voice.

I’m tired of dealing with your disrespect! I could’ve aborted you and settled with having one good kid, but I decided to keep you, you little shit! Only for you to try and steal my happiness from me! Ungrateful slut!”

At this point I’m actually surprised she hadn’t kicked me out of the house sooner considering how much she seems to hate me for no particular reason, even though I’m not exactly heartbroken by being kicked out, it still kinda sucks, because where the fuck am I going to go.

I’m 18 and I just graduated from high school, I mean yeah I have a little money saved up but it sure as hell ain’t enough to get me place to rent, the best I could do is probably two to three days at some crappy motel.

After I finished packing what little I had into my pride and joy, a beautiful yellow 2012 Volkswagen Beetle with 170-horsepower and five cylinder engine, that may not seem like much but Betty does a great job at getting me from point A to B and she’s seems to probably be my temporary residence if I run out cash to stay at a motel. So until I get a job or figure out what the hell I’m going to do I guess I’m a street kid. Wow an adventure.

I guess that’s life huh. Here I am a homeless teenager driving around downtown until I spot a cheap enough motel to spend the night while other normal kids are planning what college or university they want to go to and what they want to do with their lives.

They’ve got everything planned out, when they want to get married and have kids and all of that normal healthy shit and I’ve spent the most of my life wondering if it'd really hurt if I murdered my mom in her sleep and pinned it on her good for nothing abusive boyfriend and be rid of my problems, but I guess that kinda sorted itself out considering that all I had to do to get rid of them was get kicked out by getting hit on by her disgusting boyfriend.

I spot a motel that was nicely hidden in this lovely unsafe neighbourhood that seemed cheap enough to spend the night in without getting murdered by some random druggie in the middle of the night. I park my car and take my little suitcase that contained all the things I own. Yes, my life does indeed fit into one small suitcase. I’ve got 4 outfits which consists of four big second hand black hoodies for the winter, 1 new plain grey shirt, 3 second hand band shirts, 2 pairs on evaporating Jean’s, 1 pair of leggings and my favourite, the precious grey sweat pants and a backpack of two pairs of off brand sneakers and combat boots. Yep, I am the CEO of the kid who grew up in a dysfunctional home where they didn’t give a rats ass about her.

I walk into the motel called Desiree, funny cause that means stable and responsible which this motel seem to be the direct opposite of. I get to the front desk and there is a white guy sitting there clearly high of his ass on some cheap weed telling from the smell, and the fact that he’s laughing at a blank TV screen.

“Hey I’d like to book a room with a single bed for the night.” I say trying to make this interaction as short as possible so I could go rest.

This jackass looked me up and down, scoffed and grunted a ,”that’ll be $75, and I suggest you make sure your door is locked at all times gorgeous.”

I quickly paid for my room, took my key and luggage up two flights of stairs because this shit hole doesn’t have a fucking elevator.

I finally make it to my room number and surprisingly it doesn’t seem that bad, the bed looks clean enough and the floor carpet seems decent. The bathroom is even clean, for $75 dollars I’d say I got lucky and I could stay longer since I saved 1 grand which gives me some time to figure some shit out but now I just want to take a shower and sleep. The rest can wait until tomorrow.


I wake up and it’s so fucking hot, I can barely breathe. Holy shit! Why is it so hot? I get up and practically crawl to the small window and quickly open it gasping at the fresh air that hits my face.

Once I feel as though I’m safe from a heat stroke I get up from the floor and decide I should probably get ready so I could go look for a decent job if I would like to have a roof over my head and food in my belly.

I rummage through my clothes and decide to go with the depressing leggings and the decent oversized grey shirt so I could at least seem a little normal enough so somebody would take pity on me and hire me.

I get in the shower and turn the water on and immediately get assaulted with ice cold water bullets. I fucking hate my life.

After a 15 minute shower where I questioned the point of my existence I finally got dressed in the outfit I picked out and went with the usual off brand sneakers.

Once I was ready I double checked the room to make sure I hadn’t left anything behind and headed for the door so I could leave, but once I opened to door I saw a group of nicely dressed men walking down the hall and when I say nicely dressed I’m talking about the suits that could pay for a nice brand new functioning Prius.

What the hell would a group of well built rich dudes be doing in a crap hole like this? Unless they are into that shady business shit, like a gang or mafia.

Knowing better I chose to wait until they went around the corner before I moved and inch from my position behind my slightly opened door, but as fate continues to shoot spicy hot cum shots in my eyes when I’m just trying live. The one in the centre of them who seems to be the big boss because when he stopped they all paused and waited for him.

He swiftly turned towards my direction and immediately locked eyes with me. Those steely hard silver eyes trapped me from even thinking of moving an inch and I felt a shiver roll up my spine, a warm knot formed in my lower belly as I stared at him back unrelenting without any fear.

Finally it was the questioning from the people he was with that snapped me out of whatever the fuck that was and I quickly proceeded to get my ass out of there, into my car and on my way to find a decent minimum wage job.

Basil POV

I’m so fucking tired of these damn fucking mortals messing with my time and patience! It’s the third time this month I had to come down to this run down motel to deal with one of dealers messing up the orders with the suppliers.

I run a successful company that deals with security and all that hacking shit, but I also run a even more successful drug trade. Don’t get me wrong, I have enough money to last a man 100 lifetimes so there is no actual reason to have an illegal business on the side.

The truth is I desperately craved the excitement. I’ve been alive for almost the same time this doomed world has and it can get boring at some times. Like watching the same movie over and over again, at some point you'll feel like stabbing your own eyeballs out.

Recently I’ve been thinking about just giving this whole drug trade thing up because it’s really just starting to get on my goddamn nerves with all the dumb twats who keeping fucking up.

I finally make it to the shit hole and pass the shameful excuse of a receptionist without a second glance to the room the stupid dealer usually stays in. I honestly think I’m just gonna end the idiot's life because I’m honestly irritated.

As I’m walking down the hall to the room the hairs by my neck suddenly stand and a intoxicating electric wave goes down my spine stopping me dead in my tracks.

I swiftly turn around to face the most enthralling creature staring back at me unwavering, without any fear at all. She’s inexplicably gorgeous with her beautiful brown ebony skin, her thick black 4c hair that’s tied messy on her head, her black eyes that hold me captive with no emotions.

I finally found her. My reason to breathe, the reason I’ll continue to wake up every morning just to tend to her every need, the only living soul in this whole universe that I’d go down on my knees and beg for her unending love because it would be a privilege for her to even let me be in her presence, My other half and the bearer of my heart, body, mind and soul.

But something was off. She didn’t seem to feel the same pull I was but I could tell that she felt something for me from the quick flash of lust that passed her through eyes was evidence of that, but no the same love I already had for her.

“Boss?” one of my bodyguards asked.

"Aren’t we going to be late for your 10 o’clock meeting later?”

That snapped both of us out of our reverie and she clicked right back into motion and quickly slammed her door and made a fast exit down the same way we just came up from

I should go after her. Keep her safe. Now that I think about it she looked really young at least 18 years old, way too young to be alone in such an unsafe environment all by herself. For now I’ll let her go so I don’t scare her away by throwing things she know not of on her, I need to handle her very carefully before we can properly meet again.

“Follow her and see where she goes and what she does at all times. Don’t let yourself be seen and report back to me at every hour.” I ordered stiffly to no one in particular but they knew better than to question or make me repeat myself and two of them hurried after her without complaint

Now, I guess I have to deal with an incompetent drug dealer.

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