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The Scorpion and the Bull

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Two goddesses rival for the love of the moon. One forges the stars of earth, fire, air, and water creating the constellations giving him the gift of light. Jealousy stirs in the heart of the other and she curses the stars to fall, walking the earth alone, loveless, and immortal. Seventeen-year-old foster kid, Nova Bright thought she was nothing special. Sure, boys came and went, but her emotions never stirred. Not until her eighteenth birthday when the amber stone she wore, found attached to her cradle of cardboard began to glow and handsome Maddox Decker walked into her life. Could she have found the key to home... true love? With the fate of the worlds teetering on the ambition of a madman, the starbloods must come together to find the one destined to return them to their home in the sky before the fate of man is changed forever.

Fantasy / Romance
P.J. Van Cleave
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

PROLOGUE – Once, long ago, a story was told, passed from generation to generation. A myth whispered through the ages, told to children at bedtime with the promise of a wish come true. A tale as old as the universe waned over time into fairy tale. But some still believed the story as truth as they still lived. In a land far away, in a kingdom of legends, a castle stood tall in the city of Valstella. In a valley of another realm as ancient as the sky, teeming with wildlife, green grass, rolling hills, and streams. Where a lonely moon shone bright as glistening snow and two Goddesses rivaled for love.

The Star Goddess, Edite, guardian of the kingdom protected the city. She guided the king with her infinite wisdom and cared for the people. In return, they blessed her with offerings of bounty. Their kindness filled her heart but an incessant tug inside her left her lonely, longing for something more.

Each night she gazed upon the moon and lavished in his magical beams, filling her with a desire she never experienced before. She fell in love and offered him the gift of light. He accepted her gracious offer. So, she forged the stars of earth, fire, air, and water and created the constellations, enchanting the night with a luminous twinkle. The moon beamed with joy.

The Night Goddess, Hedda became enraged at the betrayal as she loved him, nurtured, and provided for him. A blind wind blew with jealousy and her heart shattered into a whirlwind. She gave into madness and punished the moon for his unfaithfulness, casting shadows over his lustrous beauty.

Hedda turned her anger toward the stars and cursed them, unleashing her power with a darkness and plagued the heavens. She declared each would fall from the arms of the moon and never love.

A storm raged over the city with Edites tears as she swore to protect them. In a breath her magic showered the heavens. One day the stars would burn from the sky, she could not change their fate, but they would not die. Instead, destined with rebirth, falling to earth reborn as Starbloods. Their journey would not be easy as they each would grow up alone, loveless, and immortal.

She loosed her charms, over wind, rain, and made a vow. One would rise from the fallen, gifted with a powerful magic. Destined to travel an uncertain path filled with sacrifice and fear. Friendships would bond, loyalties unite withstanding time. All in search of a love true to heart to bring the people home returning them to their rightful place in the sky.

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