Kyro and The Secret of the Descesed Vampire Queen

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Kyro has always been an outsider within the Crescent Nightshade pack. He was the alpha's son who was born half werewolf, half vampire. His mother was a vampire, killed the night he was born. He never knew he was half vampire, hence why he was shunned by the pack his whole life until... He meets the mate he never thought he'd have, but now he's thrown into a world he never knew about. Due to his deceased mother, he was left to suffer by the hands of his abusive father, and his pack. Kyro can't help wondering what other secrets his mother was hiding, such as the one about a sexy vampire named Elias, and what's his role in what is to come? He is a child born and blessed under the watchful eyes of these sun and moon godesses, just what do they have planned?

Fantasy / Romance
Nathan Suko
Age Rating:

The Confrontation

On Kyro's 16th birthday, the day when all werewolves shift for the first time, he didn't. Today was the same as any other day, lonely as hell. Yet he could sense that something was off. Suddenly there was yelling coming from the distance, he turned around to find an army of vampires approaching him.

Part of him was yelling to run away, but as they grew closer and closer he felt an immense wave of peace wash over him.

Kyro just stood there frozen in place as if in a trance, when finally he was surrounded by the large group of vampires. Then the vampires began to clear a pathway for a tall man, about 6'2" with dark hair covering his eyes walk up to me. Out of the corner of his eyes Kyro noticed that the pack had also surrounded the vampires. They were snapping and growling, ready to attack.

The alpha, my father walked through the parted vampires to confront the man in front of me. When my father reached him he yelled,"You and your kind need to get the hell off of my pack's land or there will be war here and now!"

"You'd lose, old man, he said hissing at the werewolf! Neither I nor my clan will be leaving without my mate. He's been raised long enough by you mangy overgrown mutts! After all you knew this day was coming." He said, pulling me into his chest.

"Fine take the boy,and get off our land immediately, he's worthless to me anyways. Just like his vampire mother!"

"What did you say!?" I questioned, feeling hurt and confused.My father didn't say a word as he dismissed the pack with a flip of his wrist. In the blink of an eye my world disappeared, leaving me to fade into darkness.
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