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Chapter 2

Every step, every breath, every beat of my heart has got me here to the place I belong, with my mate and my new pack.

My jaws hurt from the amount of smiling I have done over the past few hours, but I just can't help it. My happiness is bursting through me and no matter if I tried I just can't help but smile.

Turning my car the first sight of the forest ahead hits me. Nathaniel has spoken about it so much he built up my expectations. Now looking at the behemoth ahead I can see its magnificence. No exaggerating done, I am in awe of the beauty, all I can think is wow, wow wow wow!

The trees tower to such extreme heights and the dewy musky scents of the forest already blowing in through the open window is calling me, egging my wolf to take over and run through that big beast of wilderness.

Not yet we must get to our mate first and meet the pack, we have the rest of our lives to run free in this beauty.

Pulling over to capture the scene, this is something I don't want to forget. I am startled by two warriors, catching me unawares like ghosts. Until I was gasping for air when the warrior wrapped his giant hand about my neck. I didn't hear a thing when they approached, not good!.

Nice welcome!

"State your business bitch." Wow the aggression coming out in waves, this guy is out of the stratosphere. I know wolves are touchy of pack lands but come on.

"I...I'm Nathaniel's mate, I'm moving in with him." I manage to stutter out the words through my squished throat. The warrior let's go and nods though he has a look of sick satisfaction in his eyes, like he got off on what he just did.

Sick fuck!

"Why didn't you just say that in the first place." He almost yells at me. Jumping with fright he laughs, then mumbles some crap about a moth and flame or some shit.

"Continue up this road the pack house is the big white building."

I shut my window as quick as I can and head off up the dirt road, I was surprised I thought it was the other larger paved road, good subterfuge.

I Hope the rest of the pack arent like that dickhead .

When I finally roll up to the pack house I see it's a large three story mansion. White pillars line the outside with a covered veranda, its beautiful but a little neglected. The paint chipping here and there and the outside left to grow wild, though it does have some character.

Parking up I'm still sat in the car my heart racing from the encounter with the warriors, I may be a werewolf but I am not a fighter. I need a minute, as I sit there calming my nerves two people stumble out the front door. It appears they are drunk and stumble a bit. My eyes drawn to the guy, he is like some giant adonis, no shirt on with his abs on display, a pair of tight ripped Jean's covering his lower half. I cant seem to look away as he pulls the chick up against the wall. I am shocked at the live porn going on in broad day light as people walk up and down past paying no heed to them.

Is it just me? What the...

Averting my eyes and gathering my courage I grab my bag and head for the front door. As I pass the two porn stars fucking in the open, I foolishly look over to my regret the guy makes eye contact with me, his piercing deep blue eyes stun me as he smiles with the most unsettling grin. All the while he continues his assault on that willing female, his mate possibly, godess who knows at this point I am doubting even being here. First impression is not good.

This is not what I was expecting!

The inside is a wreak! Like an absolute shit hole! I actually cannot believe what I am seeing here. Nathaniel gave me the impression this is like some kinda of paradise but its more like hell. I pass numerous people making out, fucking and passed out. I don't even know where to look now cause nowhere seems safe. My eyes are being assaulted in every direction, I am going to fucken kill him, seriously this mf!

After walking the length of downstairs I don't find any sign of the Alpha's office or any kind of administration or reception nothing. There ain't no way I am going up those stairs, so I head back out to my car. I will contact Nathaniel and wait for him.

My feet get a mind of their own and I find myself out by my car in no time, glad to be out of that inferno.

My life nearly leaves me when someone taps my shoulder and I let out a earth shattering scream. To my horror the hot guy from earlier stands in front of me. His scent is intoxicating like whiskey and cologne mixed with the forest, I dont know what the hell is wrong with me, but I look down. Its to make sure he has put his Jean's back on, in this place I just can't tell what's going through peoples head, I can not be careful enough.

"See something you like." Power is rolling off this beast in buckets and the salacious look on his face is unsettling. Why godess did I look down! I have never felt so unsure of myself.

"Just making sure your decent." I mumble out.

He pins me between the car and himself, my heartbeat goes through the roof. I'm not strong like my friends like most wolves I am an omega, weak like a bunny. His alcohol soaked breath sweeps across my face and I gulped down as he breathes in my ear. "Now that's not your job is it love."

Oh fuuuck! Why me, and where is my mate, I am going to beat his ass!

Still pinning me to the car he asks "So are you going to tell me who you are, or... if you like I can find lots of ways to get the information from you."

I am literally a lamb to the slaughter here, this guys terrifies me. I dont think I have ever been in the presence of such a malevolent male.

"I.. I am Nathaniel's mate, Paloma"

"Now this makes sense. I knew that fucker had something up his sleeve." He laughs again and has a fervent look in his eyes as he continues to stare me out holding me prisoner as he pins me in place.

My knees feel week at this point like I could drop any second, my head lowers giving in and submitting to his sheer dominance and power. Its suffocating, my wolf just isn't strong enough to resist.

"Ah so your Bunny."

I cannot believe that that ridiculous name has followed me here, ugh! I wanted a new start, maybe a bit of respect.

"Paloma is my name sir, please I don't like the name bunny."

"Really I think it suits you bunny." The evil smirk on his face as he leans in again grazing me with his now very solid manhood. Then whispers in my ear again causing a chain reaction of goosebumps travelling down my spine, I hold in the moan that was dancing on my lips. Why is this guy affecting me so much, I have a mate.

"I bet you hop around like one too, I'd like to see that... on your knees bunny."

I drop the minute he commands but plea to him. "No no no no sir, I can't I have a mate, that's why I am here, remember..."

"Oh I remember but I still want a taste."

Oh sweet devine, someone needs to save me and quickly. I feel his hot breath on my ear again this time he makes contact and bites it. I yelp with the sudden sting clasping my ear in shock.

This asshole drew blood, what fucked reality am in in now.

Suddenly I hear Nathaniel's voice shouting "Alpha" and the fucker steps away leaving me in utter shock with a bloody ear.

"Alpha, so you've met Paloma my mate." Nathaniel smiles and winks, it looked like he winked at the Alpha, I actually think I am loosing my mind now.

"Yes she looks tasty Nathaniel, maybe you'll share I can see the attraction." The Alpha unashamedly grabs my ass giving it a tight squeeze, rubbing his finger along the cut in my ear coating it with my blood then sucked on it. "She tastes good." Winking at me, right in front of my mate.

"Ha ha Alpha good joke." Nathaniel says but honestly it doesn't feel like he was joking as his eyes never left mine and my wimpy ass is in no position to fight him off.

Nate makes his way over to me and pins me against the car now, what is happening this day, I guess he is asserting his dominance but I'm not in the mood for this crap.

"What are you doing here Lolo, this is the club house and bar."

"What!! That warrior on the border sent me here, he said this was the pack house."

Nate nearly falls over with laughter, "They were messing with you Lolo."

"Well it's not funny Nathaniel, jeez I thought that shithole was the pack house."

"Hey now, no dissing the clubhouse it's an important place for the pack. They need somewhere to let off steam." The Alpha says with a smug smile on his face. I feel like he set this whole thing up.

Nate wraps his arm around me and pushes me forward, the only settling thing is that he is here, though for some reason his scent is different not the usual cedar and lime, strange... the Alpha smells more alluring right now, and that thought is just wrong!

"Lolo meet Atreus, the Alpha of the Dark Orb of Knights. Alpha my mate, Paloma." We shake hands do all the introductions but it just feels awkward and uncomfortable after everthing that just happened. I feel eyes peering through me the whole time. Why Nathaniel felt the need I dont know I just want to get out of here.

"Come on babe we'll go get you settled now."

We hop in my car I let Nate drive seeing he knows the way, we pass the actual pack house, I'm a little stunned its beautiful. Its actually like a copy of the club house but well kept. This part of the town looks great, just like the little paradise that Nate described, I guess I can't fault the guys for playing a trick on me. Maybe it's some kinda hazing they do to accept new members. Relief is a beautiful thing as I finally sit back and relax now. Thank goodness!

"Nate, babe --" he nods "What's up sweets."

"Why'd you tell people I'm called bunny, babe you know I hate that name."

"I didn't, look... I never call you bunny."

What! How the heck did the Alpha know then...

Turning off the main street we land in a little cul-de-sac with three large houses. The one at the end was a huge mansion with two smaller houses either side. The road ends in a roundabout, its centre is a little flower bed with three driveways heading to each house.

I squeal with excitement when we pull into the third house. Now this is what I am talking about.

"Wow Nate this place is awsome. Is it really ours?"

"Yeah babe its ours, and your finally here." Nate's look of satisfaction on his face is adorable then he wraps his strong arms around me and kisses me slowly.

The next 24 hours we spent together getting me settled, lots of time making out, though we still haven't mated. Nathaniel wants to wait till my next heat, he's a stickler for old traditions and insists on the ceremony of unity. After all this time what's another week or two.

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