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Chapter 3

Three things I need to do -- start my new job, get to know my pack and stay clear of the Alpha....

Nate has headed out to morning training, he's been gone a few hours now. It has been amazing waking up beside him, all the madness of my first day here was rather overwhelming, now I feel like I am settling in. As I lay here in our bed with our scents mixed together, It's the most amazing feeling.

Before he left Nathaniel had asked me to go too, but, I'm not yet ready for all the male testosterone fuelled crazy that goes with that. After the stress of exams, I need a few days to chill out. So that's what I intend to do today, one day after 4 years of hard work, I think I deserve that much.

After breakfast, I start doing some laundry, not exactly chill time for most but there is something I find relaxing about it. Plus between packing and preparing, well let's say my clothes have taken a hit and I was down to my last outfit, yesterday!.

There was no way I am going to walk around in my little black dress or a few ball gowns I had, beautiful but just not appropriate. After the second load the clothes on my back was all that's left so I chucked them in, nudity didn't bother me and I'm alone here anyways, and theres something exhilarating when your free of your clothes, I know Oriel my wolf loves it.

Now for something to calm my mind and soul, grabbing my mat I lay it out in the living room, switch on some relaxing tunes and start my morning yoga. I giggled feeling how amazing this feels,butt naked! With that thought I switch to my half moon pose when suddenly I hear the front door open.

Stunned by the sudden intrusion, in walks Nate with Atreus in tow. I was frozen in my pose... I mean literally FROZEN! No kidding, seriously! What could make the situation worse, the smug smirk growing on Alpha Atreus' face, that's what. Anger broiled up at the intrusion and it fuelled a rage within me, I stood straight then stormed from the room humiliated.

"Babe we've got a guest." Nate calls after me, I stomp back grab the Alpha's hand, "Welcome Alpha, thanks for visiting, you'll have to excuse me for a moment, I forgot my clothes." There was no politeness in my tone it was full of venom for both of them and I hope Nathaniel caught the dirty eyes I flung his way... I am seriously pissed right now! Leaving them I run up upstairs and dive on our bed. Shoving my head into the pillow as I scream in frustration.

Yes I know it's second nature for us Wolves to be naked around each other, it's part of the shift but come on, a girl would like a heads up. Especially around that guy... Now he's seen all of me and I mean all. I cringe thinking back to the scene what on earth was Nathaniel thinking.

After ten minutes of my brooding Nate saunters into the room. "Are you messing with me babe seriously calling me back when I was naked, that was humiliating, come on, Nathaniel, what the hell." I hissed at Nate, my anger yet to be sated.

"Your beautiful babe you've no need to feel ashamed, I love your body." He smiles and leans over for a kiss, I dodge his lips, he has pushed me too far on this, he needs to realise that!

Unaffected by words he asks. "Are you coming down, the Alpha is here, I cant leave him hanging." I can feel urgency in his words, even though I am still pissed at him, I hop out and grab that little black dress I didn't want to wear. Yes I love it, and dam do I look hot in it, but its eleven a.m. on a Monday morning, not Friday night at the nightclub. Honestly if the ground opened up and swallowed me now I would be grateful.

I pull the dress on staying in my bare feet and head downstairs, this is going to be fun --- not!

When I enter the living room Nate is nowhere to be seen, and the annoyingly hot Alpha has that smug expression on his face. Someone take my eyes out because I hate how hot this asshole looks, my body is reacting to his in ways it shouldn't. For crying out loud I have a mate!

"Yes you do!" Alpha Atreus states and I look around for answers... What is he saying.

"Yes I do what sir?" I ask confused by his statement.

"Yes you do have a mate, so why are you thinking about me."

What the heck... did he just hear my thoughts, oh my Godess, is that how he knew to call me bunny.

"That would be a yes, bunny." Alpha Atreus replys smirking even more.

I yelp at the horror of the truth. "But how? we are not mates, I can't even do that with mason yet. How?"

"I am the Alpha of this pack so my connections within it are strong, though my connection to an individual is not usually so... strong. Theres something different about you, that's why I am here. To speak with you." Atreus tilts his head his eyes full of intensity.

"Look I don't know what your insinuating but I am just a normal omega, nothing special here, so if your done you can leave now thanks."

"I don't know about that, the pose you did was pretty special." His smirk grew to a full out grin, chewing on my bottom lip I try to contain the emotions that burn with me.

What did I do to deserve this. I avert my gaze then my eyes are killing me as they sweep over his body, this time he has on a tight button up white shirt, the first few buttons open, oh my word those abs though, he looks like he could tear through the material if he just flexes...

Oriel shut up, stop thinking, stop thinking, stop thinking.... oh dam he looks hot in that... No no shut it!! thoughts get out of my head, stop thinking, stop stop STOP!!!!

I am screaming to my own wolf to shut the fuck up and all the while the dam Alpha sits their enjoying the show and my inner turmoil.

"Thanks by the way I wasn't sure if I liked this shirt but I am glad I wore it now.

Now let me get to what's important, I am your Alpha, so show me some respect." I gulped down, he is so intense it's so overpowering.

"Yes Alpha, I apologise." I bow my head in submission cringing at my behaviour, he's right though! Godess I hate to admit it but I would never speak to my old Alpha so disrespectfully, what has gotten into me.

"I realise we met under unusual circumstances, so maybe you have misconstrued me but understand this, do not allow your first impression to cloud your mind. I am Alpha of this pack first and foremost, I demand respect and obedience, the safety of the pack and its people's are paramount. Do you understand! I will not accept underhanded behaviour, disrespect or disobedience." His voice is so commanding and authoritative, so fucking sexy.

"Yes Alpha, I apologise." My knees go weak and my cheeks are seared red every time this guy is around.

"What you saw the other day was not what you think. That is not how business is usually done around here, but everyone needs a time to blow off some steam! Understand..." He raises his brows awaiting my response, I nod accepting his explanation even if it is weak then agree, maybe I have been to rash with my judgement but then again maybe not, I just don't know.

"Tonight will be your welcoming party and merging ceremony. The ceremony is short, we are not much for big fancy occasions, so it will be held in my place then there will be a barbecue outback, you'll meet everyone and join the pack officially. Have you participated in a merging ceremony before? And do you know what it entails."

"No Alpha, I had a natural connection, I have never been involved with one before." Honestly I never really cared to much for pack ceremonies, actually I hated them especially when I was younger. I can't remember what it was about ceremonies but they always left me with a bad feeling. It didn't help that the men would end up trying to outdo or oneup each other and I had no love for that. I swear it's like a dick measuring contest, ugh! Not my scene.

"Ok that's not a problem. Firstly I will introduce you to everyone so dont get frightened away from the attention, it's to be expected. Then I will bite into my hand, you do the same, I then will take your bloodied hand in my own. Clasping them together as the bond between you and the pack takes hold. The bond can be a little overwhelming at first, but you will get used to it in no time. Actually seeing as I can already mind link you, it should be rather quick." Alpha Atreus looked carefully at me, I could tell he was contemplating whether or not to continue, so I waited with baited breath, wondering what words were to fall from his lips next.

"That's rare you know, I've never experienced that with anyone else. I'm still wondering if you got something special, or maybe your just that weak."

Fabulous I see he's skilled in the art of negging.

"You'll have to learn to put up a barrier, if you want to keep those thoughts to yourself bunny."

"Fuuck! Oh shit I'm sorry Alpha."

"Well you said that one out loud, so I will take it, but I am not joking you need to strengthen your mind. Your the Beta's mate if your vulnerable so will he be. Ok." His words are surprisingly reassuring and comforting.

"Thanks again, I'll take your ideas on board and I promise to work on it from now on. Though I have never had that problem with anyone else. Most of my college friends were from an Alpha bloodline and they never had that connection with me."

"Maybe they never let on!" Atreus says with a wry smile creeping onto his face.

Chocking on that thought, nope not going there. "I am almost certain they didn't because... I probably wouldn't be friends with them anymore." If they had heard all my thoughts, ha, ugh the horror of that thought.

"I am still friends with you and I have heard into that naughty mind of yours." He raises a brow making me cringe at the truth.

Trying my best to change the subject of conversation I ask. "Where's Nate gone by the way, is he outside." I'm genuinely wondering what my mate is at, he better not be hiding from me.

"I sent him to check the borders, he will be back before the ceremony starts, dont worry." The mention of the ceremony has me spinning again.

"Sorry to be a pain Alpha but where is your house, I'm not familiar with the pack yet, just in case Nates delayed."

"No worries, I will pick you up."

"No, no no sir that's not necessary, I can get there myself if you give me directions "

"Paloma, listen to your Alpha, I insist. I will see you at 7 sharp, ok?" The Alpha's dominance demanding me to submit, there is no way I can refuse. I nod in acceptance and he stands up to leave. Getting to my feet in respect of him, he grabs my wrist and pulls me over. "I cant wait to see what your wearing next, though as nice as this dress is what you were wearing when I came in was... much better." My cheeks burn up with embarrassment as he drops a kiss on my cheek and walks out the door with that smug grin. All the while I stand there shook, too dumbfounded to understand what just happened.

I try shaking off the encounter, running upstairs, tears streaming from me. I feel guilty, I shouldn't let him get to me. Why is he doing this, it feels like torcher. The only person I should feel drawn to is Nathaniel my mate and yet the kiss Alpha Atreus gave me feels like it burned into my soul.

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