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Chapter 7


I can't believe it! A bundle of emotions flooded through me then, and I looked to Nate for an answer. How could this be... Maybe all the other marks were just a transformation and like a mind reader Nate announces that it's not a mates mark, that much they were certain of.

I speedily walked towards him wrapped my arm around his strong comforting body, waiting for the heat of his embrace but it never came. Looking up he turned away, refusing eye contact, his fists still clenched. All I wanted was a little reassurance, something to ease my mind but he refused to make any effort. Squeezing him tighter I then began trying to comfort him, after all he is in the same boat as me.

The room slowly cleared out, everyone giving us time to ourselves, time to heal. After a good while he gave in and finally my body was wrapped in his arm. The embrace grew tighter and tighter until his fingers dug into my soft skin my ribs aching from the crushing hold. "Your MINE!" He fervently declared, the possessive side of his character surfacing. I was both happy and a little scared at the same time,

"I needed to hear that, thank you...

I am Yours!"

I tenderly affirmed, though the words struggled to leave my mouth. Our eyes meet, held there in that moment it felt like time had halted... He sweetly kissed my lips in a chaste kiss pulling me closer again. "Mine." He professed.

Whether it was his words or what I'm experiencing my body finally gave in. I went limp in his arms, tears flooded my weary eyes and as I dug my head into the crook of his neck breathing in his calming sent they soaked his black tee. Whatever I had been holding back broke through and nothing could stop the flood that ensued. I was overwhelmed, scared and exhausted.

Placing a soft kiss on Nates cheek I excused myself, needing to clean up and wash my face. As I stepped into the grand hallway it was still surprisingly full of people, their looks and stares making my anxiety flare. The feeling of being on display made my hackles rise, I always hated too much attention and now was no exception. So I fled upstairs to that same bathroom I had used before. My ascent was slow, all energy had truly been drained, it was the first time I had payed attention to the interior of the mansion, it truly was an opulent home. The dark wood stairs had a large carved wooden banister lining the steps it was grand and beautiful. As I reached the top the light from the enormous chandelier of crystal hanging just above the stair landing, lit the grand hallway that went both left and right. The walls painted black, with white trimming the door and skirting, the oak wood flooring matched the stairs and doors. It was a bold masculine masterpiece, and its grand stature gave me the desire to run back to my little shabby apartment that I loved and felt so safe in. This world of wealth was so foreign to me I just wanted some home comforts.

Luckily I found the upstairs empty and shut myself in, locking the large door. The sensation of deja vu hit me when I looked about this room. What has my life come to, the new start I had been so ready for has been one bump in the road after another. My body weakened by whatever this mark is I stumbled over to the sink, the large mirror giving me a closer look at myself.

Trailing my finger along the intricate design I cant help but admire its beauty. Even the fact it's on my face which under normal circumstances I would never consider marking,

I like it!

I shouldn't but for some odd reason it feels right. What doesn't though, is me and Nate. I could feel it, even as I said the words... it wasn't the same, the bond was broken, the final threads that had held my mates mark together had been severed. I was so glad he couldn't mindlink me at this point because he wouldn't like the direction my thoughts were going.

When I finally got myself together I readied myself for home, I needed my home comforts, my pjs a warm snuggle in my own bed. I had spent a week unconscious and all I wanted was more sleep, kinda funny really though, as calming I found the sanctuary of this little bathroom, home was way more enticing and what I really need.

Slowly pacing myself back down the stairs I could hear the muffled sounds of raised voices. I couldn't hear what was being said but as I neared the bottom rungs of the stairs I could see it was Nathaniel and that bitch that confronted me at the joining ceremony, and it stumped me. I stopped where I stood observing the encounter.

She had her hand wrapped around his wrist, almost possessively. Their conversation was heated and there was obvious sexual tension between them. My heart sunk when I noticed how their other hand where held together with their fingers intertwined, the look in his face when his eyes met hers was undeniable. Their is definitely strong feelings between them, more than what is acceptable if you have a mate. Was this it?

What the actual fuck! Is the moon Godess playing with me now? Has our relationship come to an end, Godess he has already found a substitute for me.

Standing like a statue, no -- more like a deer caught in headlights, not one person appeared to even sense my presence and I watched my mate head lower, his lips about to press on hers in what looked like what would be, a passionate kiss.

After everything all those months of pain, I had suffered through my heat cycles, all this time feeling incomplete because the bond between us hadn't been completed. I gave up everything, believing him to be my everthing and what for? To be rejected, dropped for some slutty bitch who looks like she has probably fucked half the pack, maybe more.

I didn't cry, I couldn't even if I wanted to. I'm stronger than that I wont let this ruin me.

"Paloma." I could here my name being called, but I fixed my gaze on my mate. The shocked look on his and that bitches face was priceless as they removed themselves from each other. I didn't say one word to them as I turned and walked towards the Alpha. He called me and I was ready to speak to him, I was ready to be out of this fucked up situation.

Nate ran after me, pleading with me but I tuned it out. Put me in an interrogation now and I wouldn't be able to tell you two words that came out his mouth, I didn't want to hear it. I was here suffering from joining his pack, unknowing what the future held for me and he was having a make out session with the biggest bitch I could imagine.

Fuck him! She can because I know for sure I wont! Not now, maybe not ever.

Can you come back from something like this? Right now I doubt it very much. I really do.

My body was trembling as I walked past the Alpha, I didn't raise my head or acknowledge him I just slowly slipped by, then I felt something soft fall over my shoulders. I looked towards the offending item and realised someone had placed a warm woolen blanket over me. I hugged it tight and slumped into the sofa that was sitting in the corner of the room, drawing my legs upwards and huddling down in that corner, the blanket became my shield. I know it was the Alpha who did that, under all his male bravado he is a kind man.

Alpha Atreus takes a seat in his chair, I still haven't acknowledged him or even looked towards him but I can see in the corner of my eye as he takes his seat, his dominating aura and scent giving away his identity. Nathaniel stomps into the room, the gaul of this man is beyond reason. Seriously you would think he thought himself as Alpha as he demands attention.

"Alpha." He almost shouts.

"I need to speak with Paloma in private, my mate." Is this guy for real, seriously! And the way he added on mate at the end was ridiculous, who was he trying to convince me, the Alpha or himself.

"Its important." He adds, like that will help his cause in some way.

"BETA NATHANIEL!" The Alfa booms out his chair goes flying back and slams into the wall, jumping from the shock of the impact I huddle even tighter in my blanket.

"Do NOT disrespect me in such a manner again, or I will have you stripped of your rank and sent to the outlands for some hard labour." The power undulating off the Alpha was overwhelming, it was as if he amped up his strength by a thousand. Never have I been witness to such fierceness and pure physical energy, I wanted to lie flat on the ground and prostrate myself before him, he was like a walking god and all I wanted to do was worship him. I didn't though, I was stuck in that spot frozen with anxiety and fear.

"Alpha please forgive my insolence, it's just this is private between mates and very important, it wont take long. I will send Paloma back in no time at all." Seeing Nathaniel walk towards me then grabbing my wrist in a possessive manner, I am shocked by his actions still. Is he trying to have us killed.

Before he made any further progress the Alpha steps in again, his voice even angrier now if that's even possible. "NATHANIEL --- LEAVE NOW. Do NOT make me repeat myself! I have important pack business to discuss with Paloma, your domestic arguments can wait."
Nates hand loosens on my own feeling my arm drop, I am relieved. I'm not yet ready to confront the shit show that is our relationship.

"Wait, one more thing before you leave I will only say this once. Do... Not... Involve me in your relationship again, I have already reprimanded the Paloma for this, do you understand... if you fuck up that's on you, no one made you act the way you have or forced you to do what you have done. You are responsible for yourself. Only you, no one else, just you! Now get out of my office and go do your job."

The white knuckled clenched fists were a giveaway to how Nate was feeling about now, his back was to me and I couldn't see his facial expressions but right now I couldn't care less. I was glad Atreus intervened and I hope that Nate was wallowing in his emotions, because what Atreus said is right. It's all on him, Nathaniel fucked up and he only has himself to blame.

When the door shuts behind Nathaniel my attention turns to Alpha Atreus. When my gaze lands upon him, his head is lowered, stood at his desk he flips through papers, I stay quiet awaiting his prompt. With his hands crunching up some paper he turns his head towards me. "You two." Those two words came tumbling off his lips, and he let's out an annoyed sigh, shaking his head and stares at me with an intensity that's startling. I can't understand what emotions that are swirling about in those beautiful eyes of his, he hides it so well. But the words he spoke, just those two, had such a deep meaning. Me and Nathaniel are a disaster, a complete mess and I guess everyone can tell. Full disclosure, I agree we really are and I'm lost as to what to do about it.

After a few moments the Alpha grabs his chair pulling forward and takes a seat at his desk, clearing his throat he begins...

"So... The Lunar council have been in contact. They found out about your predicament and believe they have some possible insight on the matter." He declares.

I'm stumped at that statement, The Lunar Council! Godess now I'm scared.

"I'm sure it's not that serious for them to intervene." I said with a trembling voice, yes the council look out for all our kind. But what if they deem me a mistake, a burden, a liability or... a danger.

"At this point I am unsure who contacted them." He says , honestly I could think of a few who would love to see me stuck in muddy water, that slutty bitch for one...

"I had hoped we could solve the problem ourselves, involving the council can be problematic but at this point we have no choice. Just know -- I am your Alfa now, you have joined my pack and I will protect you. Dont worry."

"Thank you Alpha." My words are so little in the scheme of things but I hope I conveyed how much his support means. Rising to my feet I say my goodbyes and make my way to the door. As my hand grazes the door handle he let's the bomb drop.

"They will arrive within the next 24 hours be prepared..."

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