I’ll Change [De Pier Series BOOK 1]

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“eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. What once mine became yours yet you decided to be blind by the lie of a fruit” What’s this? I have never encountered such paragraph as before. Did the future change? ——————————————- “My lady, i offer you my life” “I gladly accept your offer” ——————————————- “Be mine” “Fuck off you bastard” “Feisty, i never knew” ——————————————- As she swing her sword , she shouted “let me kill you before i marry you” “How can you marry me if i’m dead? You just want to kill me” She laughed “that’s the point fucker” “Too bad i’ll kill you with my love” —————— My first ever novel that i have made, i am still an amateur writer but i will do my best to give you good chapters. P.s please read every authors note on the start or at the end of the chapters for clearing out some future accusations or problems. P.p.s author notes might be a little long but i hope you read them because when i make author notes I genuinely put my emotion and everything i wanna say in them. Thank you

Fantasy / Drama
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A/Ne: heavily edited! Better to reread!

There was once a young girl who believed, with the power she bore, he will come to love her.A young girl who foolishly believed that she is the rightful owner of his heart.

The young girl was called 'Chantelleia'. With her Family's power she was engaged to the Crown Prince of Eintiellyo Sun, Alexiss Vir De Entello. She believed that she will reign side by side with him, she sacrificed her youth learning how to be a proper Empress.

One day, War broke out the Empire. Many suffered, many lives were lost. She who yield the power helped the crown prince to obtain success. With her, The crown prince won the war. He who became hero and she who became a shadow.

Not long....A white light was seen by their naked eye. A young woman was found. A black haired woman who's skin was pale, The crown Prince took charge of the woman. Chantelleia felt jealousy arise from of her, 'how can he not look at me, like how he looks at her?' She thought, Soon The Crown Prince fell in love, He planned to make her an Empress while Chantelleia was given the rank of a lowly Queen.

Her hands form a fist as her eyes filled with anger, she was the rightful heir to the throne! Not some woman who magically appear out of nowhere. Yet......she stayed on the sidelines pitifully observing the wedding ceremony of the crown prince.........


"Queen Chantelleia! I offer you my friend Anne....since i think i stole your spot, she will be my compensation for your loss..." The Empress looked at her with ridicule

"I-I gladly accept your offer, Your Majesty.."


She was forgotten by Many, even the man that she loved. Everyday she prayed to God, that maybe one day he will come visit her.

It did happen, she met the hard hands of Alexiss.

" I told you to stay away, yet you dare...." his icy glare met her eyes. She shivered in fear, As she held her stinging cheek.

She stayed on the ground holding her cheek, she did not dare to stand up. The man that she loves slapped her, the same one who she helped, the sane one who became a hero because of her.


"I thought she was innocent but she's a wench, a monster like father"

"Never be deceive by such beauty"


She dragged her body towards her parents heads.

"I'm sorry.....because of me you lost your lives..." she cried


"Alexiss......i gave everything to you, why?"

"You're just an Insignificant Human being....no you're a monster. You're a tool, thanks to your foolishness i managed to use you"


Then she entered the darkness


"My Lady! Wake up! Please!" A little girl cry made her open her eyes.

'What??? I'm not dead?

"My daughter!?"


Her eyes were filled with tears, she cannot believe she was given a second chance to live.

"Young child.....you pitiful young child, i gave you another life, use it wise" a low voice rang inside her head.

Yes, I will
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