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DERAGAN BLACK of The Forever Knights: I was gifted immortality from a Fallen Angel. But I wasn’t the only one. I wonder if any of them know the price I pay to be their alpha? Alpha of a pack of shapeshifters requires a demand for obedience, a call for loyalty, and a willingness to inflict sheer brutality. I can summon my brethren with a thought. I command from the sky or the ground. When I bark, they move into line even after centuries under my command. I don’t deny what I am, but I wonder if Radix fully understands it? He took my mate from me. And he dwindles my pack each year that passes. But he hasn’t defeated me. And the years have not tempered my rage. The softest breeze could mark his last breath. I won’t stop until he stops my heart…And for that, he has to get close enough I can reach him. SAVAGE JAXSON, King of Assassins: I was born into darkness. Growing in the dungeons of the Grier Citadel. Feeding on the rats that lived there. Until the day my father, the King, paid an assassin to drown me in a river. To hide the king’s great secret…Me. He couldn’t let anyone find out what I really am. A secret to be kept at all costs…Even from me. But a troupe of demons passed through Ardae that fateful afternoon, like a storm cloud of evil. And amongst them was Chavias Derenoe, Warlord to the Demon Master. Chavias would become the closest thing to a father I would know.

Manda May
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The Prophecy

Note from the Author:

This is the older version of FOREVER KNIGHTS: Emergence which has been cleaned up and the chapters shortened to be more practical for you.

I'll soon be taking down this version. But wanted to give those of you already reading it time to finish.

I plan to take this version down after 12-23-20.

1400 Nierwae’s Holding, Battling Country – Ardae


On a windy night in the blackest hour, a male creature glistened like white marble as he scrambled on all fours across the brush and dried leaves of Battling Country. Running sideways, low to the ground with the stilted movements of a spider. His chin barely above the yellowed grass he clambered through.

Inside the castle, an ancient demon sat on a throne dais. The huge seat carved from pure stone. Radix’s narrow frame was a stripe down the center. Only his hands could rest on the armrests due to the width of the vast seat, created for a far larger demon.

A far less powerful one.

The floor around the dais swelled and rippled. Alive with the movements of a hundred black creatures. Gray human things clung to the edge of the throne, laying weakly on the floor and lovingly reaching to touch Radix’s feet and legs.

Radix sensed the coming of the awkward man long before a look out shouted a warning. Telling of the presence crossing the night-cast strip of grass separating Battling trees from the holding’s bridge.

“It’s Essius, My Liege.” A well-spoken, mammoth of a creature ducked to pass through the throne room’s entrance. It was the demon who generally resided on the throne Radix currently commanded.

“Let him in, Nierwae.” Radix’s hoarse voice reverberated through the empty Hall.

“Yes, Liege.” Nierwae bowed out, wearing no clothes. Huge body shrouded in a dusting of coarse black hair. Nierwae cared little for his nudity. His rare need for brutality far outweighing such frivolous concerns.

When Nierwae returned he brought the alabaster man, Essius, with him. Crawling on all fours at the end of chain hooked to a neck shackle. Nierwae held the other end in a massive fist.

The pale man skittered. His ducking gait sliding over the dirtied stone floor. Bare skin stark gray in the dark Hall. Blue eyes glowed almost white. Bare feet and hands maneuvered over the scatter of jagged rocks. Step cautious, he was heedless of his bare body.

The rodentish creatures blackening the floor skid from his path. Long tails flicking.

“Essius.” Radix hissed.

“Master, Master.” He bobbed a bald head. Weaving side to side, as he nervously approached Radix’s feet.

“Have you had a vision?”

“Yes. Yes.”


“You, Master.” He clumsily leaned up to put hands on Radix’s knees, lapping the back of Radix’s withered hand. “I’ve fears. Bad, bad visions.” Essius said quickly. Nearly whimpering.

Radix leaned forward in the stone seat to hear what the albino creature had to say. Knowing Essius’ visions were highly accurate.

“A silver hair will Fall. And when he unlocks her power, she will be your undoing.”

“You come to me with this?” Radix launched to his feet. Cuffing the white man-thing.

Creatures stirred to life all over the Throne Room floor.

Giant dogs stood, snarling. Bark-coated backs rippling.

Bigger creatures with frail front legs reared up on hind ones. Standing over twelve-foot tall and drawing Essius’ nervous eye.

The rodents crisscrossed the floor in a jumbling mass.

“There more. There more!” Essius whimpered as he scampered off the dais to cower at Nierwae’s feet. Covering his head, he squinted his eyes closed and trembled.


“If…If you hold her,” Essius uncovered his head and rose to ease a couple steps closer on all fours. “she’ll be your greatest weapon.”

“Who is she?”

“She’s not fallen yet, Master.”

“She’s a Watcher?”

“For now. She will fall. Soon, soon!”

“I hate that you always speak in riddles, you Little Wretch!” Radix’s eyes turned to lava as he hopped off the dais, far too agile for this withered frame, to violently kick Essius.

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