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CHAVIAS - Learning Suffering

Black Mountains, Battling Country (Radix’s captive for a year)


Night after night, Radix sent his grotesque minion, Okine to torment Chavias.

Okine arrived with an army of minions to drag Chavias down into the far reaches of darkness.

“No. No!” Chavias’ shouts echoed in the stone halls as he fought against them.

They linked him to the walls, by shoving metal hooks attached to chains, through his arms, back, and legs.

Okine joyfully plied dull blades to Chavias. Glorying in the patterns he carved in Chavias’ flesh. At first, they healed quick. But after hours of Okine’s ministrations, and much blood loss, Chavias’ body weakened, and the cuts healed slower every hour.

Such was most nights.

Okine dropped the bloodied knife, letting it clatter to the metal tray before taking the curved blade and plying deeper gashes. Cackling madly as he wielded the tools of his trade.

Chavias stamped back screams. His throat dry from swallowing back the vomit.

Weakness only makes him more vicious. Chavias reminded himself again and again. Okine will become inspired if he sees my agony.

Okine twisted the curved blade as he planted it again with a dull thunk in Chavias’ side. Dragging it upward crookedly.

“Look at the beauty of it!” Okine crowed.

Chavias swallowed back putrid bile. Gagging. Still, he met Okine’s look unflinchingly. Knowing if he glanced down his body and saw his shredded torso, he would be unable to control his reaction.

I made that mistake before. Chavias shuddered at the memory. His body coursing over with goosebumps.

Okine drew a new pattern up Chavias’ back and down the side of his neck. Dragging it out before forcing the dull blade ripping through his taut abdomen, and deep into the muscle. Okine carved hunks from Chavias’ thighs, tearing jagged lines.

Chavias noticed the bucket Okine carefully positioned between them was already filled with Chavias’ blood. Which now dripped down the side and pooled on the floor.

Okine never considered stopping until Chavias went limp, half-dead and blind with pain. Before finally passing out.

When that bucket is full.

Okine never stopped before that.

Then finally, Okine would lift the bucket as if it was filled with precious treasure. Walking to the stone cut out, where the fire raged, Okine reached the rickety table to carefully pour Chavias’ life fluid into an ornate goblet.

For Radix. Chavias had long ago learned he was bled as sustenance for the old demon.

“Master so enjoy!” Okine hooted. “He taste thoughts, know memories.”

Just the ones I think of while I’m bled. Chavias knew. Despite that Okine never mentioned it.

Okine handed the goblet to another minion who proceeded up the stone steps to Radix’s chambers.

Over the years, Radix interrogated Chavias. Inadvertently telling Chavias what Radix knew. Chavias came to understand whatever he thought of to escape the torture, gave Radix knowledge. Inevitably leading to Chavias having to hunt his own kind.

Once Radix knew where another knight resided, Chavias was sent under threat Radix would kill the Captain or Sebastian if Chavias refused. And worse torments for the knight if Chavias didn’t kill him.

But when my mind is blank while I’m tortured…Radix learned nothing.

So Chavias trained himself to control his thoughts despite the unbearable pain.

It was a trial every time. Trying not to surrender to the urge to let his mind wander to more pleasant things as solace from the agony.

Okine walked over and ripped the hooks from Chavias’ body, which dropped Chavias’ weight heavily onto the others until the last was torn free.

Chavias collapsed to his knees, heaving unsteadily. His breaths ragged.

Okine shouted for other minions which appeared and drug him back to the tiny stone cell, where Radix kept him.

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