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SEBASTIAN - She Knows this Day

WaterRose, Meadow Mountain, Grier Country


Elsabet knew the day because he’d refused to fight with her all day. Refused to incite her. This morning he’d left some mint and date pastries in her chamber. Hearing her shuffling awake and moving to peer under the silver lid.

I’d bet she’d never tried the holiday treat.

“Is that bread?” She asked as she came in for breakfast that morning. Customarily taking a tray and piling it with a bit of egg and retreating back upstairs until he left out to the bailey for the day. To check the stone walls of WaterRose which required digging through the snow.

“Yes.” He murmured.

Her eyes moved to the window slits and noticed the green tinted candles there that hadn’t yet been lit.

Her eyes brightened briefly on one as she eyed it thoughtfully.

He finished his tea and rose without a word.

Crossing the meadow, he felt her eyes on his back from the window slit on the second level. She watched as he swung the axe and fell the wiltry tree.

When he returned dragging it with inhuman strength, it was much to his surprise that she opened the foyer door.

She said nothing and didn’t offer help. Merely opening doors for him.

He stood the wiltry tree. Returning to the bailey to bring heavy stones back in and pile them around the base.

She stood in the parlor and watched.

He said nothing. Unwilling to chase her off. She stood by quietly as he hung all the crystals and came to the cloth in the bottom of crate he typically kept under the stairs.

She watched his placement with alert eyes. Leaning as he leaned to hang them.

He fought a smile at her intensity. As she took it in. He felt her strange curiosity and perhaps a flicker of excitement.

“Will they start coming tonight?” She spoke of the other knights.

“It’s hard to tell.”

“They usually do. When you light your candles.” She gestured to the nearby window slit.

“Sometimes.” He hung her pearl earring.

She said nothing.

“I’m surprised you notice them. You never come down.”

“They’re not pleased I’m here.”

“They might be if you spoke to them.”

“It’s not something I’m good at.” She said quietly. Her usual bitterness returning. “They all know I’m a captive.”

“And none of them help you.” He finished, hanging the earring from last year.

“Yet.” She said.

He shrugged. Holding out his hand to her at his side. Without looking at her.

She hesitated a moment before quietly reaching up and pulling the hook from her ear. Setting the small silver ball in his palm.

“Where?” He asked.

She pointed a finger toward the bottom of the tree.

He hung it.

She turned and left the parlor without saying anything more.

Her part is done. He knew. Infinitely pleased she’d joined him as much as she had. Despite that she still didn’t come back down for chocolate.

Alazareth arrived and they laughed together.

“What is with all these jewels?” He gestured to the fancier decorations.

Bast nodded upward.

Alazar shook his head. “Are you going to explain why you’re keeping her? What she even is?”

“Eventually.” Bast sipped from his wooden cup.

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