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CHAVIAS - Udora's Consequence

Stone Peak, Black Mountains, Battling Border


“How could you let this happen?” Radix pointed a gnarled finger at her.

“Me?” Udora asked, petrified.

“I thought your spells kept them from leaving?” He murmured thoughtfully. Beginning to pace the caverns. “Someone showed them how to get passed my magic. They couldn’t have done it without help.”

“Who could do that?”

“You!” He spat.

“Why would I save the children?” She squawked. “You know I hate them. I’ve thrived every moment in knowing the last of the little watchers would soon die.” She gestured wildly. “I was near to breaking that littlest one as you asked. The one with visions.”

“Why was it not done already?”

“You said it was best to crush their spirits first before you consumed their souls…”

He growled in his throat recalling the words. “Dread Wench! You failed me!” He continued his rant. “I should burn you alive.”

“No, My Lord!” She threw herself at his feet. “Please do not. I’d do anything. You’re the one who loves me. I’d do anything you asked of me! I’d never betray you.”

“I have heard that from women before.”

“But none such as me.” She pleaded. “What would you have of me?” She quickly unbuttoned her dress, tugging the sleeves down to expose herself to his roving eyes.

“I-I…You know I’m yours!” She proclaimed. Tossing her head back to expose her neck.

A neck Radix was sorely tempted to slit just now. “Fool woman! You’ll be punished for their loss. Today has cost me greatly.”

She nodded emphatically. “I understand.”

“Okine.” He shouted.

Making Udora’s eyes dart nervously. “No.” She shook her head fervently. Clutching the edges of her dress in an effort to cover herself. “Not that.” She wailed.

“Okine!” He shouted again. Summoning the giant who lumbered into the cavern. His thick hammer in hand. He wore only a strip of leather to cover himself. And a strap over his torso that he could sling his hammer through when the want arose. His skin was pale green, and he was wound all over with thick muscle from his years as a blacksmith before being turned cimmerii. He was massive.

For a moment, Radix almost pitied her. Had he been capable. “Take her Okine. You may have her.” Radix gave a dismissive gesture.

“No!” She cried. Reaching out for Radix as Okine, cackling, circled a crushing arm around her waist and ribs. Lifting her from the floor. “Please!” She cried.

Radix looked over his shoulder dispassionately. “We shall see if there is enough of you left to forgive when he is done.”

Okine laughed as he drug her from the cavern as though she weighed no more than a child. Fabric ripped as he greedily clawed at the woman shrieking against his hold.

“No! My Lord!” She begged on a whimper as Okine drug her down to the darkest parts of the caves.

Chavias lay in his prison, the bars crossing the cavern impossible to break. He cringed as he heard the desperate sounds the woman made. Making him quake in sickness. Despite the woman’s evil he knew he was partly to blame for what happened to her in the dungeons now.

But I destroyed Radix’s plans. He consoled himself. I saved those girls. And probably hundreds of lives.

Vowing he’d get better at Spirit Running until he could manifest strong enough to offer hands to those he tried to help.

It was heart wrenching to watch those girls fall and rise and I could do nothing but pass my hands through them.

He nodded to himself. I’ll get better. Stronger. He closed his eyes, pushed his palms over his ears and began to rock in an effort to escape the agonized shrieking echoing in the caves.

I couldn’t begin to explain the Hell I was barely surviving. My only solace came in learning to Spirit Run to reach those I could no longer approach while in my wretched skin.

I learned to run…Learned it well. And I stumbled onto the Dread doors during my wanderings. A few I could use to check on those once brothers to me.

When I found the little Watcher Girls starving and dying, I had no choice. No other recourse. I would’ve risked anything in that moment…For them.

But I never expected help from such a distant soul. One I had thought even further from their reach then I’d become. Yet she was there when I needed her help the most.

Wouldn’t Raese be proud to know?

From the Journal of Chavias Derenoe.

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