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TEVERIUS - Training Starved Boy



Teverius saw Zierno approaching in the distance and dropped from the tree to work with the lad. He crossed the distance and met Zierno peering around the hut.


“Ssh. She’s out there.” Tev pointed over his shoulder.

“She’s not quick enough to catch sight of us.” He shrugged.

“Watch your ego.” Tev reminded, pointing at him. “One day it may be your downfall.” He eyed the boy thoughtfully. “Do you wish to meet her? She’s near your age.”

And you’re a good lad. Tev thought. It’d do well to have someone like the boy watching over her.

“That witch?” Zierno looked horrified. Walking next to Tev as they arrived at the sparring clearing away from the hut. “I don’t like anything Dread.”

Tev gave him a chastising look as he slapped a thin metal hatchet in the boy’s hand. “Don’t be unkind.”

“Dread’s are capable of all kinds of magic. I’d rather fight something I understand. A hatchet!” He noted what was in his hand. Feeling the grip suited his young palm well. “Where’d you get one small?”

“Made it.” Tev absentmindedly said over his shoulder as he snapped a branch loose to keep them from backing into it or knocking their heads as they jumped around their sparring clearing.

“For me?”

“For you.” Tev grunted as he snapped another one. Pretending he didn’t notice the loving way the boy stroked the new weapon.

“You wear it in your belt. Don’t let the other boys or your enemies see it until you know how to use it. Well.”

“Okay.” Zierno nodded emphatically.

“If you learn to use it well, I’ll make you another.”

“So, I can fight with two like you do?”

Tev gave him a quick look. “If you think you’re fast enough.”

“I’ll be fast enough to keep up with you.”

No, you won’t. Tev thought. Fighting a chuckle. But he felt damn proud of the boy for his determination.

He slapped the lad on the shoulder as he passed him. Pulling them from his waist to spin his hatchets as he crouched in readiness.

“I’ll be as fast as you one day.” The boy lowered his chin. Eyes narrowing as he focused on Tev.

“We’ll see.” Tev grinned. “Now come here, Boy.”

“Even I’m not that big of fool!” He cried. Ducking as Tev swiped at him.

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