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CHAVIAS - Introduced to a Temptress

Stone Peak, Black Mountain, Battling Border


“I won’t do it.”

Not a chance in hell! Chavias’ stoney gray eyes glinting in a way Radix recognized as unrelenting.

“So, you’ve already found him then.” Radix’s shrewd black eyes assessed the defiant lift of Chavias’ chin. The black goatee framing his mouth hid the hard lines of Chavias’ face, but Radix could often tell his thoughts.

“I found no trace of him.”

For once just believe me.

“Funny. You were busy in Dread Hideout for a long while.”

Damn his spies! Chavias’ jaw clenched. A telltale muscle ticking there.

“Did you talk to him?” Radix was in the main cavern rather than the smaller one he considered his personal chambers. He sat on a carved stone throne. Leaned forward, black eyes focused on his slave.

Chavias was motionless.

“No. You did not.” Radix sat back. Orange eyes flashing in the pitch room. “So, he does not yet know I hunt him.” Radix stroked his beard thoughtfully. “I could send Okine to kill him with his mighty hammer.”

“Do what you must.” Chavias lowered his head in feigned deference.

Please do it. He hid his smirk.

“You think he’ll kill my Commander?” Radix’s voice rose.

He’d put six arrows in Okine’s chest before Okine took two steps.

Despite that the demon couldn’t read Chavias’ mind he’d learned to read his body language well.

“So, it will be you then…”

“It won’t.” Chavias’ chin hitched.

You can bloody well rot.

“Then it will be me.”

Not that. Chavias’ eyes hollowed. He wanted to wretch. Most of Radix’s minions followed orders. Killing in whatever way they knew how. Doing the deed and skittering back to their master.

But Radix…He revels in his victim’s anguish.

“I’ll have you bled and find his location. And when I kill him, it’ll be slowly. Perhaps fileting him alive will teach you a lesson you won’t soon forget.”

Chavias’ breath hitched. Knowing Radix didn’t bluff.

“Return him to his chamber.” Radix ordered the Targue strolling at his feet. “Prepare yourself Chavias. You’ll be bled well for your defiance.”

Chavias turned on his heel, the animals moving parallel to him.

“I will give you a last opportunity to make your choice.” Radix called to his back. Making him stop. “I kill him, or you do. And if I have to bother myself. It will be worth my time. And when I bleed him. Perhaps I’ll find where your precious Protector hides.

Sebastian. Chavias grimaced in the shadows.

It was Radix’s favorite threat. But fortunately, Chavias had managed to kill all the Forever Knights before Radix could find out if they knew Sebastian ruled WaterRose. And where.

But Acharius knows. Fear choked Chavias.

Radix was true to his word. It was one of the fiercest torture sessions Okine had subjected Chavias to yet.

Then he’d been returned to his cave chamber and bound to the brutal metal cot. Chavias huffed in pain. His body straining. Now he fought a fever and immense pain from being utterly immobilized so long. His body reacting to the hunger and fear and near insanity by trying to change. White wings jutted from his back and lifted his body up in an arc. Forcing the shackles that bound him at his wrists and ankles to cut through tissue and bite into bone.

He shouted in pain. His back jerked as his body tried to change into the wolf. Spine trying to curve and bend. Making his hips pop until jerking from their sockets due to his ankles stretched to the foot of the bed’s posts.

His voice broke in a howl of agony. And half whimpers.

“Calm creature.” Radix mocked. “And they call me demon. Look at you…”

Chavias’ body vibrated from pain and overwhelming energy.

My body is going to tear itself in half. The vital instincts that’d kept him alive so many centuries, now worked against him. Fighting captivity.

“I’ve brought you something.” Radix swung a giggling woman out from behind him.

She was vibrantly beautiful with fat red ringlets framing a heart-shaped face with large beautiful eyes. Either red or brown.

Hard to tell in the dark.

She giggled and the sound was melodious in the horrible torture chambers.

He was filled with dread at the demon’s motivation. He didn’t bring her here for my pleasure. Of that Chavias was certain.

Radix is nothing if not an artist in breaking a man’s mind.

So, what new torture does this pretty beast bring? She danced to him, swinging her skirt like a playful child. Soft brown eyes glinting red briefly.

Radix watched, motionless. Interest flicking through his eyes. She knelt in the filth next to Chavias and splayed her palms over his belly. Her fingers spanning his skin. She closed her eyes and her head fell back and he immediately felt his body easing. Bit by bit it relaxed as the writhing energy of his beasts drained away.

Thank God. He could draw a long breath. Leaving him finally at peace. His screams settled. Skin calming as the things inside him relented.

She’s siphoning energy out of me. Even as he recognized it, he could only feel the immense relief spurring through him at the respite.

“Her name is Deiti. Quite talented, isn’t she?”

“Ohhh…So so pretty, My Lord. May please please.” Okine squawked having just joined them.

Deiti’s face turned vicious and she drew her hands from Chavias to twist toward them. “Never! You’ll never lay a hand on me, you filth!” Deiti shrieked. “I’m not for scum such as you. Bottom feeders.” She tipped up her nose contemptuously. “But him,” She nodded toward Chavias on the cot. Splaying her hand fully over his chest hungrily.

She gave a long sigh. “He has great power pulsing through him. The taste of it…Mmm” She purred.

“Come, Okine.” Radix barked, making the other man scuttle behind him. “Deiti. Take care of my slave. Give him a taste of something so fine he’ll want nothing more than another meal of it. A meal only you can provide…” Radix’s voice faded as he walked deeper into the caves, his hands brushing the backs of the targue that moved in step with him.

Deiti launched atop the cot, astride Chavias. She began leisurely unlacing her bodice to expose the ample mounds beneath.

Ohh. He groaned at the beautiful sight. Knowing what was happening to him would have grave consequences. But too weak and exhausted to care.

Screw it. His eyes feasted on her beauty. A pretty escape from the torment.

She unlaced his breeches greedily. Scratching his stomach in her rush. And rubbing her bosom against his midsection. Soft lips trailing the waist of his pants.

She positioned herself atop him. In moments he felt the rise of pleasure as her body moved with the supple sensation of satin. A moan escaped him.

The first not filled with pain in much time.

When she finished him, she curled against his side. Pressing her softness to him. Her breath along his neck as she rested. Her soft hair caressed along his shoulder. And he noticed she was strangely comfortable in the dank prison.

His own breathing eased, and he felt himself relax.

Why is Radix Malorum letting me sleep? It made no sense that the creature behind endless hours of torture now gave him moments of bliss.

Radix felt her dark hunger even before he heard her footstep. He waited near the entrance of the cave.

“It’s done.” She put her hand to his shoulder.

He turned and swept it away. “Do not try your tricks on me.” He said acidly.

“One can try.” She gave a half smile.

“If one wishes to be slave to my commander.”

“Okine?” She shuddered. “Hideous creature.”

“You were not always so lovely.” He reminded her.

She smiled. “You always saw beauty in me.”

“I do not see ugliness or beauty.” He grunted. “I see potential. Power. You had that.”

“Well,” Her voice grew haughty. “I have more of it now.”

“Thanks to me.” He bit out.

She lowered her head in reverence.

“Did you get it from him?”

“The power of his beasts?”

He nodded.

“Of course. He was so eager to give them up.”

“To you.” Radix corrected. “He’d have fought me. He fights me in all things.”

“He pumps warrior’s blood.” She acknowledged. “Handsome. Virile. Filled with fury and vengeance.”

“Of which, he’ll never get.” Radix said absentmindedly.

Chavias understood the gravity of what she’d done to him when he woke a couple days later. The hunger coursing through him in vicious pangs.

He was alone in the dark again. The woman, Deiti, only a pleasurable memory. He instantly craved her again. That touch that could soothe the raging energy within him. And the soft body that could appease the nearly constant pain.

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