Elderberry Witches

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Beware the Elderberry Witches! On Halloween night if you don't look ahead, the Elderberry Witches will want ye dead, Stay away from the forests and the trees, Ye have been warned, turn around, please.

Fantasy / Horror
Holly Hamilton
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Chapter 1

It was Halloween night 1854. It was the last night I was alive. The last night my breath was ever seen in this world. My parents warned us of the witches that lived nearby. They were the sort of witches that existed in fairy tales.

The Witches of Elderberry. They were the ones who kidnapped children, tortured turtles, and stole faces. And that is what happened to my brother Mark and I. My name is Elizabeth Wilson. I died at the young age of twelve. I hadn't even got my period yet.

I followed the black cat down the river. It was a strange cat, with no shadow. That should have been the first clue, that this Halloween was dangerous and creepy. But I am an unobservant girl. The world is cruel to preteens.

Mark was ten at the time. The shadowless cat caught his eye too. He followed behind, as slow as usual. The cat entered a cave. The cave of the Elderberry Witches. There were said to be 13 witches who lived and worshipped there.

I didn't believe in ghosts or ghouls. Fairy tales were nothing, but hearsay. Or so I thought. The cat turned into a large plump woman. I remember her name vaguely, she called herself Edith Elderberry. She was the head of the Witch Order.

She determined if the blood of a virgin was ripe for the taking. I am sad to say that this particular Halloween, Edith Elderberry announced us to be her chosen sacrifice.

The Elderberry witches gathered around us and bound our hands with rope. I screamed and kicked. Their enchantments took my mind to the stars. I saw heaven and hell. I saw fire and water. Death was near.

The knives of Halloween are sharp. The stone table of Elderberry sacrifice was covered in blood. The ceremony would make them young and beautiful. It would make them live forever. They stole our smiles. Raped our dreams and took our childhood away.

Edith Elderberry held the knife up to my face and began to say words and enchantments that were not from this earth. Fear was ever-present in my eyes, the eyes of a twelve-year-old.

"This virgin is perfect. Prepare her face and bring me the ax."

The Elderberry witches were known for taking heads and placing pumpkins on top of the bodies. Every Halloween we would rise with the moon, to warn the other children to stay away from the Elder Forest...or ye too would suffer the fate of I, Elizabeth Wilson, and my brother Mark. Be warned to never come to Elder Forest, Virginia or the Elderberry witches will prepare ye and all virgins in their path for sacrifice.

The End

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