The Assassin's Spoils

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I, Zierno the famed assassin, am hunting the mythical Mist Mare. My king, my friend, has promised me command of his guard if I bring the gift to him. I never fail a mission. The beast will belong to the King of the Netherlands, one way or the other. It’s deeply amazing how much can go wrong in a single day. From capturing the rare creature for my liege, to it nearly making off with my king. Now I’m on his short list of enemies. During my mad flight from the castle, I thought to save an injured woman. I couldn’t have been more wrong. What I have now is a sack full of problems. This pretty red-eyed woman, being the largest. She looks like a sweet creature one moment. Then the next, a bloodthirsty demon. And truthfully, I’m terrified. I’ve never seen anything like her. “Chain me to the wall” She says. Normally I’d think that might make for an interesting afternoon. Now I’m thinking I’d rather be anywhere but where she can shriek at me when she has one of her ‘spells.’ “Go talk to the sorcerer.” She orders. As though I should know who he is. “I need your help.” She says, as though I’m intended to be some great savior. I’m a killer not a saint. Meanwhile, I’ve gotten word that the King has sent out an army to hunt me down and drag me back to face the consequences of a potential assassination. One which I did not intend! So my plan right now…Is essentially just to stay alive.

Manda May
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Ardae Myth


Miernephen was a powerful Spriggan ministering to the needs of Feglen Forest. A creature of beauty and magic. Favored by the Green King.

She possessed all living things around her. Bringing each tree to fruition at its designated time. Every flower to bloom. Every leaf to the perfect state of unfurling. Like artwork painted with magic from her soul.

Believing herself invulnerable to threat, she was oblivious to the plans of the Water Spriggan. Devious wretches jealous of her power. Hungering to control her capabilities and sate their greed.

Her downfall came one glorious spring day. The sun cast dancing gold spirals through the rich green needle trees to sparkle across the watery surface of Widow Lake.

In the form of a gorgeous woman, Miernephen knelt. Pushing aside blooming lily pads to splash water on her face.

In doing so she saw an animal foreign to her woods. Of perfect shape and vibrant green.

Touching the snake was irresistible.

As she reached for it, she found immediately, that she’d been deceived.

It’s flicking tail turned to a watery blue hand which roughly grasped hers.

She shrieked and fell backward, trying to get away.

But it was too strong.

Yanking viciously, it pulled her into the water. Body expanding to massive proportions, the python wrapped her. Knowing her magic, like most in Ardae, was dulled by water.

She struggled to reach the bank. Clawing desperately against the creature cinching her. The tightening grip weighed her down. Choking and tiring her.

After hours of struggle, the snake drew her under.

She was taken silently to the bottom.

Water Princes, jealous Spriggans of far weaker nature, surrounded her. Shifting into the bodies of strong men, they each caught her limbs with biting fingers.

Gathering what air she could from the water, made her breathe in shallow gasps. Already depleted, she offered little resistance as they brought the heavy silver link towards her.

The Seringue.

Miernephen, the Forest Spriggan, didn’t know of the Seringue. It was forbidden by the Green King. Because of its power to control the will of others.

Stolen from his personal chambers and secured in the Lake, it was now wrapped around the arm of the weary Spriggan. Instantly clenching with a snap, it seared agonizingly into her flesh. Heating further until the metal itself grew molten beneath the distortion of the cool water. Melting into her blistered skin.

Her screams were muffled by the water flowing into her lungs. Immortal as she was, it brought discomfort but couldn’t offer her the reprieve of death.

When the band had burned completely into her, the muscled bodies of the water princes fell away. Their hands releasing her. Their triumphant smiles bared venomous yellow fangs.

Miernephen, once the pride of Feglen Forest, was now slave to the Water Princes of Widow Lake.

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