Hollow's Spirits

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Chapter 12

All was calm in the cellars, the mutated monsters were all asleep. Some were still awake but not making as much ruckus as they were hours ago. The rattling of chains can still be heard. It was also calm in one cellar that holds a little girl and the unnamed boy.

Phoebe and the boy have been telling each other stories, some were funny and some were fairy tales. She found some rocks lying around the cell and used to make a picture for him. She found one rock that was almost shaped like a fish. The boy laughed when he realized it did look like a fish.

They both fell asleep, not knowing how many hours had passed. Phoebe was the first to wake, she looked around and sighed, she thought being stuck in the cellar was a dream. She then remembered the key, she looked in her palms seeing the key was still in her hands. She wasn’t sure why the blob monster gave it to her, even the unnamed boy didn’t know who took his place.

She could use it to escape but what if she was caught opening the door. She has no idea which hallway she came down, to her it was all a maze. What she did know was that the crazy man will be back. If she doesn’t do anything now she’s would never get out. Phoebe closed her eyes, going into deep thought as if she was trying to summon the brave lion inside her. She took a deep breath and opened her eyes.

She knows what she has to do.

Phoebe glanced at the sleeping boy, she didn’t want to scare him but she needed his help.

“Hey, wake up,” she said as she nudged his shoulder to wake him. The boy slowly opened his eyes and sat up.

“What is it?” he yawned as he rubbed the sleepiness out of his eyes.

“We got to get outta here” she whispered and showed the boy the key.

The boy was still drowsy from his nap but seeing what was in Phoebe’s hand his eyes were alert and awake, “You had that this whole time?”

“I wasn’t sure what to do with it,” admitted Phoebe, “But we can open the door and find our way out.”

“But what about that man”, said the boy hesitating, his voice sounded doubtful, “What if he set up a trap, you know he will come back and find us.”

“Maybe,” said Phoebe, “But we have to try.”

The boy didn’t say anything but he followed her to the cell door. Phoebe carefully pushed the key into the keyhole, carefully turned it then heard a click.

The cell door swung opened in slow creaking motion.

Phoebe stepped out first and looked around, she noticed that some monsters were still awake. She quickly went back inside the cellar and grabbed a hand full of rocks. The unnamed boy did the same thing. They walked slowly together heading down to the hallway.

A monster notices them, it was the same one that tried to claw Phoebe. It growled at them as if they were invading its space. Phoebe threw a rock at it but the rock swooshes above its head. The beast turned to find the rock thinking it was given a snack. They quickly rush out trying not to get the other monsters’ attention.

Once they got out of the cellar room they found the many hallways that lead to the many rooms. “This will be harder than I thought,” thought Phoebe.

“I don’t remember how I got here,” said the boy, “but I think it was this one.”

They went to the hallway on the left, they walked straight and made another left. It was a dead end so they went back. They walked straight again and made a right. Phoebe could hear noises, they must be going the right way. They went left and straight again. Phoebe felt braver doing this as if she unleashed a princess warrior inside her. Something moved, in the corner left, a shadow moving closer to them. Phoebe and the boy ducked behind the corner of the hallway. They saw two wolves coming from the left hallway. Phoebe quickly threw a pebble at the north hallway. The wolves growled when they heard noises and went to investigate. Phoebe and the boy tiptoed as quietly as they could and went to the left hallway.

Almost there.

The noises were getting louder, so far they’re in the center of the castle. The door was nowhere to be found but they kept tiptoeing, hoping no one else was around. Phoebe could have sworn that she saw the entrance of the castle. She wanted to make sure so she walked quickly not realizing she bumped into something. She gazed up to see that it was the glopper monster.

The boy’s body shook in fear, hands covering his mouth to push down the scream crawling up his throat and wanting to tear the quietness.

Phoebe got up fast but her eyes never left the creature. It just stood there and stared back with its glowing eyes. This brings Phoebe back at the thought in the cellar. The unnamed boy used to be this thing but after failing his mission he was replaced by someone else but who it was he didn’t know. She kept staring and staring and it began to feel like minutes have passed by. But after a little familiar tinkle in the glowing eyes, Phoebe now realized who it was.

The glopper saw her smile and formed two arms, at least they look like arms, and hugged Phoebe. Phoebe could feel the coldness on the blob’s chains. As she hugged the body it didn’t feel slimy as she thought it would be, it was more like a misty fog.

“Oh good you got her,” said a voice.

A wolf popped out and jumped on the boy’s back. It pinned down his head with one paw-like a hunting cat catching its prey. Phoebe and the glopper turned to see that Jasper was standing in front of them.

“I was going to fetch you, but you’re already here so I don’t need to.”

The glopper grabbed Phoebe and moved in front of her to protect her. Jasper notices this motion.

“What are you doing?” he asked impatient, “hand her to me.”

The glopper made a rumbling sound and was about to lead on him but another wolf jumped out and the glopper went down. The flame wolf used its jaw and pulled on the blob’s chains. The wolves dragged the blob monster and the boy away back to the cellars.

Jasper smiled, “I knew you would do that. Oh well, I came prepared.” He took the girl’s hand and dragged her away, “Come, little girl, you are our guest of honor.”

Phoebe felt really uncomfortable. The man’s hands were a clayish color, it felt bony and rugged like an old rag cloth. She tried to pull away but Jasper’s grip was firm.

“I don’t know why you struggling, I just need your blood for a spell,” said Jasper who showed no emotion.

Phoebe look at him horrified, “You want my what!”

They walked down a catwalk that leads them to a boiling bowl, standing in the center of the castle. Jasper picked up Phoebe and placed her on the seat next to his table of potions and ingredients. Phoebe was glad that he let go of her hand but she rather is somewhere else than sitting next to these odd objects.

The small table held many glass bottles with colorful liquids like food coloring for Easter eggs. There was a plate saucer with hair on them and some were things that Phoebe has never seen before. And three glass jars with a snake, two-headed rats, and a pair of eyeballs inside them. The jar with the eyeballs was moving and stared at Phoebe as if she was the most interesting person in the world. Phoebe couldn’t help but stare back wondering how a pair of eyes could still stare.

Jasper saw this and simply rolled his eyes.

“The spell is almost done,” he said, “Just a few more of spiders’ legs and goat’s hairs.”

Phoebe turned her attention at the pot that was boiling. Whatever he was cooking in there she can see the glowing colors and it smelled very strong and disgusting like molted cheeses.

“I want to go home,” said Phoebe.

“You can’t go anywhere”, said Jasper, “if anything goes wrong I still need your blood. I need everything I can gather and get rid of those idiots. Let’s see how they like it when I banished them in the center of the earth.”

“You’re crazy”, said Phoebe her brows scowling, “You can’t just go around and kill everything.

Jasper stopped and turned to face her. Something about his face didn’t look right, each wrinkle on his forehead was stretched downward. He was frowning; his cheekbones were more visible. Phoebe couldn’t tell what emotion he was feeling right now.

“You have no idea how much I had to go through to prove my work. When I discovered this magic, I thought it was the most groundbreaking discovery. But people were so naïve back then, thinking it’s the devil’s work. Once I punished those fools, I will rise up to the surface again and share this power with your people.”

Phoebe stared at him. She seemed to understand him but she didn’t feel entirely bad for him.

“But, that still doesn’t mean you should hurt my friends,” she said, “You know they actually use magic for good things. If you could learn good magic then maybe people would see you as a good person.”

After a moment of silence, Jasper chuckled and looked at the girl with a smirk.

“I must have forgotten you are a naïve little girl,” he said, “Why would I want to do that? They’re the reason I turned this way and now all of them are going to pay a very special price…with your help of course.”

Phoebe didn’t know what to make of this. Her understanding feelings were replaced with fear as she saw what was once a hurtful man was now a greedy twisted man.

Jasper walked back to the pot seeing that it has change colors again. It was now a darker color mixed with reds and purples. He raised his thin arms, figures wiggling like they were dancing. With his deep raspy echo of a voice, he began to chant words in a form of rhyme.

From the south and north

Spirits awake come fourth

Strengthful blood taste for you

Water boiling hot

Untie the gates knot

Darkness of black night

Rise to claim your rights

Fear not death

As death fears you

Rise and awake

As the events are undertake

Rise and awake

For a new master to make

The ground suddenly rumbled loudly, the earth’s dirt fell from the ceiling like hail. As the ground rumbled the monsters and wolves started to howl and moan on the top of their lugs. Then the strange liquid started to pour out of the pot and on to the ground. Phoebe leaped to the table as she watched more liquid pour out of the pot, on the floor, and fell into the lava river. Small steam like smoke leaked out from the liquid as it started to become foamy.

Jasper looked up as if he was waiting for something to come up, the ground was still rumbling. Phoebe looked up as well but couldn’t see anything. Suddenly she saw the ceiling of the castle started to crumble falling apart. Now that the ceiling was gone Phoebe could now only see the ceiling of the underground.

Phoebe was terrified now, the rumbling wouldn’t stop and all she wanted is to get away from here and go home, to be with her family, and to be with her brother. She was missing Matthew. She wishes he was here with her, protecting her.

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