Hollow's Spirits

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Chapter 14

Roxy and Loxy continued to walk in the small town. They had to admit, it wasn’t like the town they’re used to live but it amazed them otherwise. No one noticed them as they walked on the road. They were ghosts, so of course, no one would notice them.

They saw a sign next to a crackling road they were looking for.


“Well, seems we found the road Loxy.”

“Indeed, that’s the road under Jasper’s castle, Roxy.”

The two girls walked carefully to the steaming road, examined it with focused eyes. The cracks were getting bigger, more steam slowly rises up to the surface skies. They peaked in really closely and saw a small cavern of the castle.

They both stand inches apart so they could perform the spell, they only use it to fix homes and walls but this was far more different.

“You sure this might work?” said Loxy who was uncertain.

“I’m sure, Matthew’s plan should work. We have to trust him” said Roxy.

The twins then stood straight for a moment and raised their arms up. A gust of wind surrounded them, it felt like the world was vibrating as the magic formed in their hands. Closing their eyes and taking deep breaths, Roxy and Loxy spoke with firm voices, casting the spell to the ground.

“Lift the wound of the ground

Fix what must be fixed

Put back the place of the falling pieces

Coiled together, one and all!”

The ground started to shake, the road peals up and glowed in bright light. It drops to the ground with a bang as it slowly healed itself. Every crack and steam escaping disappeared in this light.

“We got to hurry and jump through” cried Loxy.

“What do the modern people always say, cannonball?” asked Roxy.

The girls giggled at the word. They held hands and use a wind spell to help them fall to the ground gently. They jumped through the cracks as the road was now sealed, screaming at the top of their lungs.


Jasper growled at the intruders, holding the girl close to him. He couldn’t figure out how they got past his monsters. But he thought it didn’t matter to him anymore, he has power now he can take them out easily.

Matthew continued to glare at the man in front of him. He was not in the mood to play his games. “I said I want my sister back! Now let her go!”

“I can’t do that! I need her blood!” sneered Jasper.

“If you don’t release her now we will blow this castle up in flames” threatened Benny who was also not in the mood.

Jasper glared deeply in the skeleton’s eyes. He felt he was stuck, he can’t afford for the girl to be the harm in this fight. With a devilish grin, he flew up carrying Phoebe in his arms. The poor girl was frightened, struggling to get out of the man’s claw-like hands.

“Kill them all!” yelled Jasper.

A huge group of flame wolves came from out of the hallways, closing in on Matthew and Benny. Zoom-Zoom jumped and tackled one of them. The fox growled and bit them. Matthew took out his emergency bat and started hitting them. Every time a flame wolf came close, Matthew’s bat would whack them in the face and jaw.

Benny ran on the catwalk and knocked down the boiling pot in the lava under them. He used the wind to push himself up in the air. Jasper noticed him coming closer and flew away, he held Phoebe in one arm while he used his claw-like hand to hit Benny. Phoebe saw Benny trying to reach her so she decided to do the unthinkable, she bit down on Jasper’s arm hard. The crazy man yelped and lets the girl go.

She screamed as she felt herself falling. Benny quickly grabbed hold of Phoebe, hugging her closely as they fall. Then a pair of hands grabbed Benny’s coat, Phoebe and he looked up to see the twins. They were using a wind spell to fly them to the ground. Roxy and Loxy let go and Benny landed on his feet.

Phoebe looked up, smiling at the skeleton, “You saved me, thank you, Benny!”

Benny chuckled and hugged Phoebe tightly before putting her on the ground, “Anything to help a friend, and it was your brother’s idea.”

Phoebe couldn’t believe what she heard. Her brother did care about her after all.

The small group saw the wolves coming after them. Benny uses his power to lift a few boulders and throws them at the monsters. The wolves all fell into the lava and the big rocks smashed some.

“The road has been closed off so we’re good,” said Roxy.

“Let us handle these demons,” said Loxy.

The twins charged at the monsters by kicking them and punching them. Benny took Phoebe to her brother and their fox. Matthew saw his sister and smiles, he ran to her and hugged her. Phoebe hugged him back, tears of joy running down her face.

“Sorry for everything I said, hope you can forgive me sis,” said Matthew in a gentle brotherly voice.

Phoebe just giggled and smiled at her brother, “Matt, you came to rescue me, of course, I forgive you. You’re not just my brother, you’re my hero.”

Matthew smiled and giggled with Phoebe.

The reunion came to a halt when a terrifying pitch scream was echoed in the castle. Everyone looked up to see Jasper screaming and cursing to himself.

“NO!” he shouted with rage, “I worked so hard to get here, why do you imbeciles have come and ruined everything!”

Benny sighed and looked up at the beastly man with a relaxed but firm look.

“Jasper”, he stated, “What you saw in magic, what you were studying, what you were bringing in our lives was full of negatively, we begged you to stop but you never listen. That power will never help anyone, even if you wanted it to. You gave yourself to the darkness and look at what it has done to you.”

Jasper, or what was left of the insane man, just growled louder and louder at every word that Benny said.

“You are all wrong! You made me this way, and if you can’t understand then I have to punish you. Just like how I did all those years ago…”

Suddenly a dead wolf was thrown at Jasper, smacking him in the face. The body landed on the catwalk causing it to collapse. Jasper looked around to see where it came from. He saw a blue cat and puppet standing on the edge of the castle windows.

“Don’t you ever shut up?” asked Gilbert with a smirk.

“Yeah, because when to talk real loudly I can’t hear what you’re really saying”, said Toodles who was as cheerful as always, “and when you do talk it gets boring really fast.”

Jasper just growled and flew after them but the duo dodge in time. The crazy man flew right at the window, a few shards of glass piercing in his skin.

“What happen to you guys?” asked Phoebe.

“We managed to lose that witch but the wolves were still chasing us and…” Gilbert said wasn’t sure to finish the sentence.

“We went in a circle!” shouted Toodles.

The group then hears low growling becoming louder and louder as they see a huge group of flame wolves coming their way.

“We’ll take care of them,” said Benny, “Matthew take Phoebe out and head for tunnel 4.”

“All right” Matthew agreed.

He took Phoebe by the hand and ran with Zoom-Zoom following right behind them. Phoebe suddenly stopped, remembering her friends are still in the castle.

“Wait, Matt, there are two other people trapped, we have to find them.”

Matthew turned to look at Phoebe, he wasn’t sure but he needs to trust his sister, “Okay but we have to hurry.”

They rushed in the hallways turning left and right at each hallway. Lucky for Phoebe she remembered which hallway led to the cell. Once they made it there they avoided the hands that tried to claw them. At the end of the hallway was the last cell, there were a boy and the glopper. The kids pulled the barred door but couldn’t open it. Matthew then realized that Edgar gave him a key that can open anything and any door. He takes it out and puts the key in the keyhole, with a click the door open. The boy and the blob came out.

“Oh thank you, I was worried you weren’t going to make it,” said the boy.

“You’re welcome,” said Phoebe.

Matthew took his bat out when he saw the glopper coming closer to them. Phoebe stopped him.

“No don’t, it’s Juju.”

Matthew raised a brow at this but felt sorry for the girl. He wasn’t even sure if the others can change her back. He did notice the chains and the lock around her body.

“Here maybe this will help her.”

Matthew took the key and used it to unlock the lock and the others watched as the chains fall. The blob and the dark era around it started to disappear in front of their eyes. A small cloud of black smoke rose up and disappeared as well. Standing in front of the kids was a small girl in a red dress, blonde hair, and an inky black stain with orange eyes as her face. She smiled at her friends, and with pure joy, she hugs the boy, Phoebe, and Matthew.

“Thank you, all of you,” she said softly.

Both the brother and the sister hugged Juju back. The unnamed boy simply smiled and enjoyed the warm embrace. Zoom-Zoom barked at the kids, reminding them that they had to go. After their hug, the four children rushed back to the hallways and back to the main entrance of the castle. They heard a shriek and looked up, Jasper and Benny were fighting in mid-air and both landed on a rock hill sticking out of the walls.

Jasper threw a punch but misses while Benny used his powers to raise the lava and throws it in every direction causing the castle to catch on fire. Jasper angrily kicked Benny in the chest, knocking him over. He was about to stomp on him but Benny rolled over and jumps up, kicking the crazy man in the face.

“I warned you that I would burn this place down,” said Benny in an angry tone but with a smirk smile.

Jasper used his wings to fly up and summoned lighting to his hands, “I will punish you, I will damn your souls.”

“We’re already damned because of you!” cried Benny angrily.

The crazy man throws lighting at the skeleton. Benny moved away and uses his powers to throw more rock boulders at Jasper. His wings were hit but Jasper swooped down to clawed the skeleton before he fell to the ground. He only managed to claw Benny’s shoulders and knock his hat off as it falls into the lava. Benny quickly jumped down and pins down Jasper, holding his wings and arms down.

“This time, I won’t let you destroy another soul” growled Benny as he took the paper out. He needed to focus, concentrate as he read the words on the paper. He remembered Edgar said he tried practicing this spell for years, hopefully, it will work for him. Jasper struggled, trying to free his arms.

“By light by darkness,

By the powers of nature

I summon thee with all my might

To shine down-”

Jasper got one of his arms free and he elbowed Benny off. He charged at the skeleton with claws ready to strike when suddenly a gust of wind blew Jasper away and hit his head on a rock. A beautiful fairy stood by her fallen friend.


“I told you this place is dangerous,” she said but smiled at Benny, “I’m glad I made it in time.”

Benny smiled back and let Olivia help him up. He explained to her that he needs to read the spell in order to stop Jasper. They see he was slowly getting up, they have to act fast. Benny and Olivia stood together as they read the spell.

“By light by darkness,

By the powers of nature

I summon thee with all my might

To shine down on the beast before me

To free and banish the soul

With all my strength

I end this chaos”

A beam of white light formed in Benny and Olivia’s hand, almost sparkling like stars. They raise their light and charged at the beastly man. Jasper didn’t have time to act and he screamed in pain. The ball of light crashed into his body, cracking his skin like it was made of glass.

“N-no...no, no! Not…like this…”

Jasper’s only escape was the ceiling, he knows that it was already sealed but he was willing to try and crack it open again. Using his last strength, he flew up and up, the light still breaking him apart. He wasn’t able to reach the castle ceiling, he couldn’t hold out any longer as his powers vanished. His body went limp. Japer closes his eyes and his wings broke in half by the light.

Everyone watched his body breaking in pieces then fell in the lava lake along with the ball of light still attached to him.

Lava exploded waving down on the walls and casting everything on fire. Olivia picked up Benny and she flew up to the others. Their friends fought all of the wolves until there were no more. As Benny and Olivia landed on the ground they run out of the castle with their friends, the kids, and the fox. As they stood outside they saw what was left of the castle, burned into a dancing flame. The remains of the castle fall into the lava lake, never to be seen again.

And then it was over, no more Jasper, no more wolves, no more monsters, and no more worrying, no more pain.

Everyone sighed with relief. The twins, Gilbert, and Toodles hugged each other, Benny and Olivia shared a passionate kiss, and the boy, Juju, Phoebe and Matthew jumped up and down laughing. Zoom-Zoom barked happily running around in circles.

The spirits smiled at the brother and sister and gathered around their little friends. “Three cheers for Matt’s brilliant plan” cheered Benny.

They cheered as loud as they can for the boy’s bravery until it was suddenly cut short by a bellowing noise. They all turned to see the witch monster running towards them.

“Oh…kind of forgot about her” Benny said lamely.

“To the tunnel hurry!” shouted Matthew as he carried Zoom-Zoom and grabbed his sister’s hand.

“Juju, take the boy and return him to the graveyard!” cried Olivia.

Juju nodded and took the boy by the hand as they ran into a different direction and the group went to another with the witch right behind them.

The group ran as fast from the Firelands and away from the witch monster that was trying to catch up with them. They ran into the tall dead grass, ran pass the glowing neon trees, and ran deep into the forest. Benny shouts to take a short cut and all of them came upon the bridge, the same bridge that leads to the tunnel.

“Big Guy! ”cried Phoebe.

The sea creature rose up, putting on his best scary face and use his tentacle hands to stall the beast. The others ran across the bridge until they finally made it to the cave. They could hear a struggle between Big Guy and the witch.

“I’ll take the kids, stall it if it comes close” ordered Benny.

The spirits stood by the cave, guarding it as Matthew, Phoebe, Zoom-Zoom, and Benny climbed up. It was still wet and slimy so it was difficult to climb up. They called out Mr. Hoyurpants’s name as they came closer to the above world. Benny heard his friends screaming down in the underground, the witch monster was getting closer.

Mr. Hoyurpants looked inside the cave only to see them climbing up. Zoom-Zoom was able to make it out on his own. Mr. Hoyurpants grabbed Matthew’s hand and pulled him up, Phoebe was almost there but because of the mud, she slips and fell into Benny’s arms. The witch monster was now a few feet away, climbing and trying to grab the two.

“Benny what do we do!?” cried Phoebe as she holds on to him tightly.

Benny already knows what he must do; using his wind spell he pushed Phoebe up and out of the cave. Mr. Hoyurpants and Matthew caught her before she almost hit the ground. Phoebe turned around, the look of horror on her face as she looked into the eyes of her friend, her guardian angel.

Benny looked into the child’s eyes smiling sadly, “Farewell Phoebe” he whispered for only her to hear.

Those were the last words he said before the witch grabbed him and threw him away, falling back in the undergrounds.

“Stand back!” Mr. Hoyurpants ordered the kids as he snaps his fingers. He used a spell to start an earthquake causing the tunnel to shake. It collapses on top of the monster.

“NO!” the creature shouted as it fell back in the undergrounds. The earthquake stopped but the tunnel was still collapsing.

Phoebe tried to run back to the tunnel to see if her friends are still in there, but Mr. Hoyurpants and Matthew held her back. As the dust cleared they all saw that nothing was standing. Nothing was there but a pile of old rocks and wood layering on top of what was a cave. The wooden sign broke in half and laid there on the leafy ground.

Tunnel 4…was no more.

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