Hollow's Spirits

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Chapter 8

Meanwhile, in the Undergrounds, Benny Bones was out for a walk in the small village. After he performed his music with his friends at the restaurant he decides to take a break.

With hands behind his back, he walked around, alone with his thoughts. He walked past the unfinished fountain, which was still spitting water from its thin pipes. He decided to take a shortcut in the forest and sit by the lake not far from the village.

The pound is where unneeded water from above comes down to the Undergrounds from the lager pipes. The spirits created their own water system to control the water so there wouldn’t be any floods. The pipe system they have looked like tall triangular trees with spikes. Each pipe would lead to any homes. The pound was actually small than any normal pound.

When Benny made it to the pound he saw someone standing at the edge of the water. He stood there, wondering who it was until he saw a familiar pair of wings.

It was Olivia.

Benny has talked to Olivia alone a hundred times alone, they were good friends when they were alive even after death. Over years of being in the undergrounds, he developed feelings for her to the point it was getting harder to be himself around her presence. Benny then thought about what Phoebe said a few days ago.

“I think you should tell her.”

“Maybe she’s right…” the skeleton thought to himself. He walked over some rocks and slowly to the fairy woman. She hasn’t heard him coming towards her. Unfortunately, he tripped over his own feet and landed on his face with a thump.

Startled Olivia jumped up and hovered. She looked down to see Benny on the ground, struggling to stand back up.

“Oh it’s you, Benny, are you alright?” she said hovering back to the ground.

Benny stumbled a bit but managed to stand up straight, dusting the dirt off his coat. “I’m fine. Must of trip on those blasted rocks.” he lied.

As Benny looked up, Olivia was staring at his face. She put a hand to her lips and she began to giggle. Benny didn’t know why until he touches his face, he had left hanging from his skeleton face. Olivia took out a napkin from her pocket and cleans his skinless face. “Next time try to watch where you’re going,” she said.

After cleaning off the last leaf Olivia walked to some flat rocks to sit down with Benny following.

“So what’s brings you here?” asked Olivia.

“I thought I could relax here tonight,” said Benny, “it’s my favorite spot.”

There was silence between them. They hear the sounds of dripping water and the wind. Olivia looks up at the smoky like the sky, letting the wind blow through her hair.

“So…you come to the pound often?” Benny asked.

Olivia didn’t turn to look at him but answered the question anyway.

“Yes. I mostly come here to ease my worrying.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I’m just worried about Edgar’s family. I just can’t seem to stop thinking about Phoebe and her brother.”

“Oh, I’m sure Phoebe will be fine and I’ll make sure Jasper would never hurt her” promised Benny, “Hey how about this, we can visit her tomorrow. She can introduce us to that grouchy brother of hers.”

Olivia rolled her eyes to the ‘grouchy brother’ comment but smiled anyway. And then something came to her, a memory she hadn’t thought in a long time.

“Hey, remember that time when we were helping Grandpa Joe on the farm.”

Benny thought for a moment and then chuckled, “Yeah, we were alive back then. Joe asked us to help him with the new horses on the farm.”

“Joe gave me a beautiful horse and I decided to ride it.”

“He shouldn’t have said yes”, Benny tried to control his giggles, “Remember what happened after that.”

Olivia gave Benny a look, “Yes, I remember. One of the horses went crazy and they all got wild, Joe tried to calm them down…”

“Gilbert feel into the mud…” Benny continued.

This time Olivia couldn’t control her laughter, “And then Toodles was running because the horse was trying to eat his hair.”

They both laughed out loud at the memory. Olivia suddenly stood upon the rock, “And you know what happens next? I was about to fall off the horse when all of a sudden…”

“I jump in the nick time just to catch ya,” Benny said as he lifted his arms.

Olivia giggled as she reenacted the memory. She pretended she was going to fall off the rock until Benny caught her in his arms. They both kept laughing as they looked at each other. They soon looked up at the sound of a familiar noise, it was a group of danifiles.

The fluffy bugs flew to the small pound, they started to formed into three groups and started to dance with each other. Each Danifiles glowed to a bright yellowish-orange color, making an adorable hum sound and singing ba ba’s to each other. It was absolutely a wonderful sight to see.

“Aw, how beautiful,” Olivia said in amazement.

Realizing that he was still holding her Benny put Olivia back on the ground and stood in front of her. He wasn’t sure what he was doing but he held out his bony hand to her.

“Hey Olivia,” he whispered nervously, “would you like to dance too?”

Olivia looked up at him with surprise. She gave out a warm smile and said, “Sure.”

With that they both started walking to the front pound, holding hands. Benny used his free hand to put a spell on the water and soon they started to walk on top of it. There were little water ripples underneath each step they took.

Once they were in the center of the lake they held hands and started to dance. They moved their bodies to the rhythm of the singing Danifiles. Benny kept looking at his feet to make sure he wasn’t stepping on Olivia’s feet. They danced in small circles, swirling and twirling. The lights shined on the water creating magical sparkles and long silhouettes. Once they locked eyes they couldn’t stop looking into each other. As they continued in small circles Benny smiled, he was dancing with the most beautiful woman in his dead life.

Olivia soon put her arms around his neck and Benny put his arms around her back. He could feel her wings under his hands. The danifiles were still singing but they stop dancing. Benny and Olivia just stared at each other, nobody saying a word. They didn’t realize they stopped dancing, soon their faces were inching closer and closer.

And they kissed.


The danifiles were startled by the outburst and they all flew away. Benny and Olivia stopped and looked into the foggy forest with wide eyes. There were three figures coming out of the fog, one of them was holding a flashlight. As Olivia and Benny stepped off the pound they could see who the figures were, it was the kids with Juju.

“Benny! Olivia! Is that you!?” cried Phoebe.

Olivia quickly went up to Phoebe and hugged her.

“What happened?”

“They got attacked by the glopper.” said Juju.

Olivia looked up at Juju and then tells everyone that they need to get back in the village. Benny soon followed them behind, he was a bit sad that he didn’t get a chance to tell Olivia after their first kiss. He was really close but at least he wasn’t back to square one.

“Hey guys! Look look look, Phoebe’s back! Do you see that? Phoebe is back! She’s back She’s back!”

“TOODLES we know!” cried the twins.

Toodles has been jumping all over the bar with excitement ever since the kids came in. He jumped over to Matthew who he never met before but Phoebe told him about her brother.

“Are you Matthew? HI!”

Matthew didn’t like the puppet all up in his face so he pushed him away. Toodles didn’t seem to mind the push he was too busy being happy. Phoebe told everyone what had happed at her home and how they escaped from the monster. Everyone was shocked and upset.

“That must have been scary,” said Roxy.

“You poor little ones,” said Loxy.

“I can’t believe Jasper would send his minion like that!” exclaimed Gilbert.

“That’s bad, REALLY bad!” yelled Toodles.

While everyone was listening to the story, Benny, Olivia and Grandpa Joe we’re talking among themselves.

“This doesn’t make sense, why is Jasper keeps sending his lackeys to harm the family?” whispered Joe, “This won’t do him any good or help him escape.”

“Maybe that’s what he wanted us to think”, said Benny putting the pieces together, “He’s probably been planning something bigger this the whole time.”

“If that’s the case then no one saw this coming,” said Olivia.

“Obviously and he wants those kids for some reason. We need to warn everyone in the village to keep an eye out for him” said Grandpa Joe.

“What’s really weird,” started Olivia, “is that I don’t remember telling Juju to check on the kids.”

“She probably saw the creature in the forest and followed it.”

“Did she tell you that Joe?”

“Well…no. But she did the right thing to bring them here ” said Grandpa Joe.

“She is a smart girl,” said Olivia as she turned her attention to Juju.

She was sitting next to Phoebe; both of them were petting Zoom-Zoom. The fox seemed to be better from the rope burns. Olivia then glanced at Matthew who looked very uncomfortable among the others. She walked over to him and smiled. “Matthew, are you alright?”

Matthew looked up at Olivia with a surprised face, he met her before but he had no idea that she was one of the creatures of the spirit. His expression changes into a glare and he stands up from his chair.

“No, I’m not okay,” he started pacing around the room, “We got attack by some invisible monster, I’m dragged into a huge tunnel, I’m seeing weird monsters, I keep thinking that I’m dreaming but I’ve pitched myself a few times and I’m realizing this all is real and I don’t know why!”

Everyone stared at him.

Toodles even stop jumping to look at him, curiously. Phoebe stood up and walked over to him to calm him down. “I told you, Matt, remember those drawing I drew, they’re real.”

The twins then giggled at him, “And we’re not monsters silly, we’re spirits.” they both said.

Benny then walked over to the confused boy. He puts a hand on his shoulder.

“I know it stressful for you Matthew,” said Benny, “But we are good spirits and we will protect you and your little sister.”

Matthew wasn’t sure if wants to trust the skeleton or anyone else in the room. It was still new to him. He wanted his questions to be answered but before he could say anything, Zoom-Zoom suddenly started barking at a nearby window. Gilbert walked over to the windows to see what the fox sees. When he looked out the window, his eyes went wide and slowly turned to the others.

“Guys…” his voice cracked in fear, “You better come and see this.”

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