Hollow's Spirits

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Chapter 9

When everyone gathered at the window, they saw utter chaos outside, every spirit flew or ran for their lives. Out of nowhere little balls of flames were being thrown at every house. The attackers were dark fur wolves with flaming tails.

Benny closed all the windows before any of the wolves see them.

“All right, here’s the plan,” he said, “We’re going to put the fire out and get rid of those best. Gilbert, Toodles, you guys watch the kids.”

Gilbert nodded with the agreement but Toodles, on the other hand, was already panicking shouting, “We gonna die!!”

So Benny, Olivia, Grandpa Joe, and the twins went outside. Juju looked at Phoebe and Matthew for a moment before running off too. They had no idea where she was going.

Toodles then opened one window so the others could see the action. They saw Olivia throwing flying rocks at the fire-tailed beasts. The twins started to cast a spell yelling, “Wind as strong and smoke as thick, blow away everything from sight!”

The gust of wind came out of nowhere blowing the fire out but the creatures stayed on the ground, they dug their claws into the ground. When the spell was over the creatures tried to jump on Roxy and Loxy but the girls were quick, they leaped back just in time. Benny tried to grab one of the wolf’s tail but it was too quick, so instead, he kicked the creature legs and down it went.

“Yeah! Go get him buddy!” the cat and the puppet cheered for their friends.

Then out of nowhere, another wolf came out and turned its attention to the window. Gilbert’s eyes almost pop as he immediately closed the window and turn off the candles. The four, along with Zoom-Zoom, ran behind the counter and hid. It’s dark now and they couldn’t see a thing. They heard the sounds of clawing on the door, soon they heard the door being shattered.

Toodles covered his eyes, trying to stop himself from shaking. Phoebe hold Matthew in a tight hug with one arm and Zoom-Zoom was in the other arm, she was truly frightened. Gilbert stood up slowly to get a peek of the monster but he didn’t see it. He sat back down and put a finger to his lips, telling his friends to stay quiet.

They heard low growling as the creature came closer to the bar counter. It was sniffing in the air, smelling anything that was unusual. The wolf’s drool drip, melting through the floor like acid. As the creature came closer growling louder, they all sat still trying not to make a sound. Then the growling just stopped.

Everything was quiet. All four of them felt like they can breathe again in relief, Phoebe felt calmed and turned her brother.

“Is it gone?” she whispered.

Matthew only shrugged, “I…I don’t know. Maybe we should-


A strong force broke through the wooden counter. They all screamed and jumped back as the beast bit through the wood, showing its mutated appearance.

Its face was shaped like a wolf’s head but the nose was more pointer and had several big eyes that covered most of the head each one looking in different directions, only two eyes were staring at his prey. The beast barked showing its daggers teeth, it’s the drool looked like wet blood as it melts through the pieces of wood.

“Quick upstairs!” shouted Gilbert.

Matthew was the first to lead, followed by Phoebe with Zoom-Zoom, Toodles, and Gilbert. The beast tried to loosen itself from the wooden counter. Seeing his prey escaping, it whipped its tail, throwing a fireball at them. It misses; the fireball hits the wall causing the ceiling to go in flames. As the friends climb upstairs they shut the door and started piling things in front of it.

“Is there any way out of here?” asked Matthew.

“The backdoor but we don’t have the keys” explained Gilbert.

Phoebe looked around to find anything that could help them. They have to hurry, they can hear the claws clawing down the door. Phoebe realized that this was the room where she met Benny, she remembers a stick he was holding to control the interments. She had an idea.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard the monster break threw a small hole, thick black smoke slowly came through. She then ran to the note stand, picked up the stick and command the interments to attack but nothing happened.

Matthew looked at his sister, “What you’re doing!? Stop acting stupid!”

“No, wait! That’s a brilliant idea!” shouted Toodles, “But it needs a spell to work.”

He took the stick from Phoebe and held it high. Gilbert suddenly has panic in his voice as he cried, “No Toodles! Don’t use that one-”


As Toodles said the spell it was not just instruments but all the objects in the rooms started floating up, even the heavy furniture like a table or a couch. He and the others also floated up with the objects.

“And…drop!” shouted Toodles as he let himself fall. The others did the same and the objects flew around like crazy bumblebees. The heavy furniture was bouncing and hitting the walls dangerously. Zoom-Zoom stayed in the corner of the room, barking loudly. The wolf creature clawed its way in the room; however, a wooden chair knocked it out. It tries to get up but a cello knocked it down again and it didn’t get up this time.

“Toodles! Call it off!” cried Gilbert.

Toodles did and all the objects dropped, luckily none of the furniture fell on top of them. Then they heard a loud bang, Toodles looked to see the bookcase hit the backdoor almost bending it halfway.

“Hey the backdoor is open now” he pointed.

The friends work together to move the bookcase and the broken door. Once they were done they looked down to see that there were no stairs, instead, it was a long ladder that goes all the way down.

“This looks dangerous!” said a frighten Phoebe.

“We ran out of wood to make the stairs,” said Toodles.

Gilbert steps on the ladder, “We got to hurry. I’ll go down first while carrying Toodles. Matthew, you carry your sister and the fox.”

Matthew wasn’t so sure on that idea but he has no choice at this point. He turned to Phoebe and said sternly, “I’m gonna carry you but DON’T freak out on me okay?”

Phoebe didn’t like the tone of his voice but nodded anyway as she put Zoom-Zoom in her backpack. As the two carriers slowly climb down, they can hear the fire crackling through the restaurant. Some pieces of wood from the door building were flying down in flames. This made the climbers even more frantic. Some falling embers would hit the bars of the ladder; one big ember almost hit Phoebe in the face. She screamed when that happened and clutched to her brother’s backpack.

“I told you not to freak out!” he yelled.

“I’m sorry! I’m scared Matt, I’m scared” she cried as she hugged him tighter.

Phoebe was hugging him too tight that she was adding weight to his backpack, making him almost lose his footing on the ladder.

“Hey don’t pull on my backpack! You’re pulling me backward off the ladder!”

Matthew was losing his grip on the ladder. He tired holding on tightly but he fails. He and Phoebe were now falling, screaming their heads off. Matthew in an instant tried to grab the cat’s tail. When he did he heard Gilbert meowing in pain. Gilbert tried to swing the kids back on the ladder but Matthew and Phoebe were still far away from it. Matthew could feel he was losing his grip on the cat’s tail. With one last swing, his fingers only brush the bar and they were falling again.

Then Olivia flew out of nowhere and caught the falling kids. They landed on the ground safely. Gilbert and Toodles managed to climb down safely as well.

The restaurant was in flames, the thick black smoke was filling the underground. Everyone was coughing. Benny comes to the rescue by using a spell to create water and put the fire out.

“Benny,” coughed Olivia, “There’s too much smoke here, clear it out.”

The Skelton man did as he was told with the help of Gilbert and Toodles. The three of them hold hands as they cast the wind spell and blew all the thick smoke away.

“Three by three is the best, so let the guest take care of the rest!”

Everything was clam, the beasts were dead and the fire was out. The sad part about the situation was the Golden Peach was gone, all the doors, the instruments, all of Benny and friend’s belongings were all burned and gone.

Benny only shrugged to himself, “Hum, I wouldn’t worry too much. We can always build another one.”

They all nodded in agreement.

“At least it didn’t blow up like last time,” said Gilbert as he was eyeing on Toodles.

The puppet looked back at the cat, “What? I didn’t know you couldn’t light fireworks inside?”

Then Benny heard yelling behind him. He, Gilbert, Toodles, and Olivia turned to see Matthew and Phoebe fighting and yelling. Roxy and Loxy try to calm them but the kids ignored them. The other spirits form a crowd, looking at the living humans with curiosity and confusion. They walked over to Matthew and Phoebe to see the fight.

“HEY! Stop this right now” said Benny, “What’s going on?”

“It’s her fault!” yelled Matthew, “She almost got me killed.”

“I said I was sorry. I was scared” cried, Phoebe.

“I told you not to freak out and you freaked out, we almost fell smack to the ground.”

“I WAS scared and your yelling wasn’t helping” exclaimed Phoebe.

“So it’s my fault, it’s always MY FAULT!” Matthew barks back.

The twins tried to break the fight again.

“Come on now, fighting won’t solve a thing,” said Loxy.

“Yeah, you guys are brother and sister,” said Roxy.

Something inside Matthew snapped as he said, “Well you know what, I wish I didn’t have a sister.”

Phoebe looked at him, she was shocked and hurt and glared at him as he glared back. She never saw so much hate in his eyes before. “Well, I wish I didn’t have a stupid brother!”

Phoebe ran off, dropping her backpack and Zoom-Zoom popped his head out looking confused. The spirits watched her go.

“I’ll follow her and bring her back,” said Grandpa Joe as flew off after Phoebe.

Olivia looked down at Matthew, glaring at the boy like a stern mother would do, “Matthew! How could you treat your sister that way?”

Matthew realized what he’s done but that didn’t stop him from yelling.

“Oh stop, like you know what’s going on. Everything has to be about Phoebe the big crybaby! None of this would have happened if we didn’t move to stupid Pennsylvania, to a crappy house, and now in a giant cave where no one can’t find me!”

Matthew raging yelling suddenly turned into quiet sobs, “N-none of this would have ha-happened…if we weren’t here. I want to go home to my old room, with my old friends. I don’t want to be here anymore…I don’t want to be scared.”

Matthew just stared directly down at the ground, his hair covering his face. He just revealed his true feelings to everyone, why he was mean, why he was angry and kept those feeling bottled inside. Now they were out and free.

He walked away from the others over to the burned down restaurant and sat down. His head was hurting and right now nothing matters to him. He just wants to be alone; that was the only thing he thought he was good at being alone. He pulled up his knees and buries his face in his arms, crying softly to himself.

Phoebe was also crying but she tried to keep strong. She was more angry than sad. Phoebe was sitting on the dead grass near the river and the bridge. Then something rises from the water staring at the girl. It was Big Guy.


Phoebe sniffed and rubbed her eyes, she glared at the creature. She wasn’t scared of him anymore but she was annoyed.

“Go away,” she said, “Can’t you see I’m upset.”

Big Guy ignored her request and said, “WHY ARE YOU SAD?”

Phoebe just thought about it for a minute before looking at the huge sea creature.

“It’s my stupid brother, he’s always mean and he said he wished he didn’t have a sister. I don’t know what his problem is but I hate him too.”


“Really, you have a brother?” she asked.


Phoebe thought about what he said, maybe her brother wasn’t really stupid. She looked up at Big Guy and smiled. She wished she could wipe the image of his hateful glare, Matthew may be a pain in the butt but Phoebe still loves him no matter what he says or what he does.

Suddenly they heard something stepping on grass, a figure appears coming closer to Phoebe.

“Oh, it’s you Juju.”

She got up and hugged her friend but this time Juju stayed stiff. “Where did you go by the way?”

Juju doesn’t say anything but stood still. Phoebe then sees something coming from behind Juju. As it approaches Phoebe could hear Big Guy growling behind her. The thing was like a big dark bluish blob, silver chains cover most of the body and have yellow orbs as eyes.

Phoebe gasped in fear.

“Juju behind you, it’s a monster! Why are you just standing there!?”

“At last, I finally have you…” said a very creepy deep and gory voice.

When she heard that voice, she slowly and fearfully turned around to face a very terrifying and ugly face.

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