A Harvest of Broken Stars

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Chapter 35: Evil

‘You’re alive,’ Zekatar said, flatly, as soon as the halfling left the room. If he felt any surprise or relief by her presence, he did not reveal it.

No thanks to you.’ Ada did not speak the words out loud, but her thoughts expressed their meaning clearly. She did not know how it was possible, or whether it was her powers or the drow’s that allowed them to communicate in such a fashion.

‘Probably not.’

You’re evil!

‘Do you know me so well already?’

You sold me for two bits!’ Ada screamed, as anger and grief overwhelmed her. Her words echoed in the dungeon.

‘I’m sure you were worth them both.’

He killed Rayn!’ Ada kept from screaming this time, but flung her feelings at the drow. Instead of words, she conveyed her memories. Images of the attack, the fire, Rayn dying in the cell. Fear and sorrow.

‘I’m sorry about your friend,’ Zekatar said. Ada could not tell if he was sincere. She could not read him at all.

Get me out of here,’ Ada said. ’You owe me.’

Zekatar paused, allowing Ada to calm down. He poured a drink from a decanter into a small glass, and took a sip before he replied.

‘Do you know how to swim?’ he said.

I do, why?

‘Because that is how you leave the dungeons. Dead or alive, everybody swims in the end.’

That makes no sense.

‘It will, soon enough. Just stay very still when they come.’

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