A Harvest of Broken Stars

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Chapter 51: Circling

Hobble circled to avoid being flanked by the two approaching guards. Realising he would be hard-pressed to defeat the two guards, he focused his mind. Reaching out for the currents of air, he tried collecting them. Tried to mould them, focusing them, gathering them in a sharp torrent. However, in this room atop the castle, there was not much movement in the air. Hardly any wind energy at all.

The first guard stabbed at him. Hobble batted the weapon away, and stepped back to avoid the expected chop from the other guard. Circling, he waited for the right moment. The guards worked well together, stabbing and chopping, chopping and stabbing, and not leaving any room for him to counter.

Hobble noticed that another person had entered the room and seemed to be fighting the robed man and a guard. However much he wanted to look over and establish who this person was, he did not dare take his eyes away from the two guards.

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