A Harvest of Broken Stars

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Chapter 54: Wind

Hobble dodged, parried, jumped and backed away. He had scored a few jabs to the body of one of the guards, but most of the time he was forced to defend. The two guards fought well together, and were probably trained for that purpose. Hobble was losing. His feet were tiring. His arms felt heavy. The guards knew it too. A smile spread across the face of the taller of them.

‘Follow my lead,’ the tall man said, ‘We got this little rat now!’

A chopping halberd came down at Hobble. He jumped backwards. The other guard followed up, moving forward and stabbing. The halfling stepped aside. Another stab. Hobble parried. When the third stab came, he was out of balance. Falling to his knees was the only option he saw. The first guard stepped in, his halberd up high again. The axe part came rushing down. Hobble had nowhere to go. He tried desperately to bring his staff to bear.

A crash sounded.

Hobble could feel the energy building in an instance. Not thinking, just reacting, he gathered the moving air, channelled it and sent it through his silver oak staff. The staff flew out batting the halberd away and out of the guard’s hands. Reversing momentum, he swung the other end into the outside of the man’s knee. Feeling it shatter, the halfling got to his feet and let the other end of the staff crash into the helpless man’s face. From there, the staff shot straight right, connecting with the other guard’s head. Once again reversing momentum, Hobble spun the weapon over his head. The other end crashed into the man’s head from the opposite side.

Lifting his gaze, Hobble realised that although he had won the fight, the battle was far from over.

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