A Harvest of Broken Stars

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Chapter 56: Light

The sunlight in the window’s frame, the daylight in the room, the particles of colour and light around him. All of this Gilmir gathered, collected, assembled into his soul. In a reversed flash, his surroundings became dark. Like from a lightning bolt of darkness. He pointed his left hand in front of him. Directing it towards Voan. Aiming.

Then he released. All the light, the sun rays, the colour, the energy, freed. It shot out of his hand, hitting the devil spawn in front of him in the face and leaving the rest of the room in shadows. Not for long.

For the span of a lightning strike. For a fraction of a heartbeat.

The room settled in its normal light again.

Voan, although blinded, was not hurt. Reacting fast, he let his axe fall. Ending the elf.

But Gilmir was not there anymore.

Standing behind the monstrous man, he stabbed his long blade into the small of Voan’s back and drove it in and up. Letting the curved blade find its natural way through flesh, bones and vital organs, he whispered in the dying man’s ear.

‘Never turn your back to an assassin.’

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