A Harvest of Broken Stars

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Chapter 58: King

Tracks responded well to the treatment. He soon sat, looking around the room and at himself.

‘Musta been a damn good fight!’ he grunted. ‘It’s been ages since I shat myself in battle.’

The sound of slow applause made all four of them turn towards the door.

Ada gasped as she recognised Zekatar.

‘Well done, my champions!’ Zekatar said. ‘You’ve done a great deed today, ridding the city and the whole world of this half-demon.’ His words were polite, but the smirk on his face made them worthless.

He entered the room and walked confidently up to them. A rapier hung by his hip, but if he felt threatened in their company, he did an excellent job of hiding it.

Stopping in front of Hobble, he reached out his hand, palm up. Waiting.

Hobble looked uncomfortable and glanced from Zekatar to Gilmir and back several times. Zekatar didn’t move. The halfling shifted from foot to foot, obviously facing a dilemma of some sort.

Eventually, he seemed to lose a battle of will, reached into his pocket and produced a starglass. He put it in Zekatar’s hand. Demonstrating his absolute command of the situation, the drow kept his hand open, inviting the halfling or anyone else to change the course of the transaction. Satisfied, he closed his hand around the shard and walked towards the dais.

‘I am Zekatar’, he said as he ascended the first stairs. ‘Son of Sofodies, son of Zakari,’ he continued, as he strolled up the second stairs. He paused at the shattered window, knowing he held everyone’s attention. ‘Rightful heir to the throne of Saiqtron.’

In front of the throne, he turned to face the four surviving combatants.

‘Thank you, ladies and gentlefolk.’ He sat down on the throne.

‘Now, if you will all be so kind as to leave my throne room.’

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