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Rejected By My Mate

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This is just a teaser chapters. The book is still on-going and it's not complete yet. I'm not forcing you to read it though. It's up to you. :) "I, Alpha Azrael Shepherd, reject you, Alexandria Gregory as my mate," he said coldly then turned his back towards the pack house.  ****** When Alexandria Gregory turned 18, she met her mate and that is Azrael Shepherd, the Alpha of her rival pack. But Azrael rejected her when he found out she was an omega of her pack. The rejection she felt was excruciating. Once her mate rejected her, she would never find another mate again. The reason why Azrael rejected her is because the man will be married to Liza, the Alpha's daughter of her pack. Even though they aren't mates, they decided to stay together for the union of the two packs.  No one knew her mate was Azrael. Rage fills her heart and she will make sure Azrael would regret ever rejecting her. She ran away from her pack and promised to herself that she would come back and take her place as the real Alpha.

Fantasy / Romance
Lorreignne Scarr
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Chapter 1

Tomorrow, I'll be 18 and I will finally be out of this hellhole. I sighed as I scrubbed the floor, sweat dripping from my face into the floor. I can hear the laughter coming from the dining area where my packs were eating dinner except me. Because I am an omega, the weakest of the packs. They thought I was an omega because I never shifted. The truth was, I can shift but I am different from everyone, so I hid my wolf. How did I manage to hide my wolf? Simple. My parents taught me when I was little before they passed away. Because they said I am different from everyone else. My parents died when I was 6 six years old. My father was once an Alpha of this pack but when he died someone took over the pack. And the new Alpha threw me into the barn and lived as an omega. And I grew up cleaning after their mess. Since then, I trained myself every night into the far side of the woods that no one would notice me. But tomorrow, I will find my mate and I could get out of this hellhole. Ugh, I can't wait for that!

I was also bullied because of the color of my eyes. It was two different colors - on my left eye, it is golden blue color while my right eye is golden green color. I am different from all of the wolves. I didn't even know why I have this eye color. But for me, it was beautiful just like my wolf.

That's right! my wolf Xandra chimed in and I slightly giggled.

When I finished scrubbing the floor, I went to the back of the house where my house was. The barn. I was sleeping here my whole life together with the cattle and my only best friend Layla. I took out some clean clothes and then ran off towards the river to take a bath.

I scan the place to make sure no one would see me. It was night anyway. I put my clean clothes on the rock. When I'm 100 percent sure no one was around, I slowly took off my dirty clothes and swam slowly towards the cold water. I feel refreshed.

After 3 minutes, a familiar scent filled the air, I turned around and saw my best friend, Layla. I smiled at her and she smiled back. I turned my back when she's stripping her clothes off. Later on, I feel her getting into the water.

"I'm tired," she mumbled and swam closer towards me.

"Me too. It was a long day." I uttered and sighed.

"Yeah, but anyway, we will turn 18 tomorrow and I don't think we will find our mate. Why would we have to be an omega? This sucks!" she said groaning in frustration. I frown. I remember that an omega couldn't find their mates because they are too weak. I sighed. But I'm different from Layla though because tomorrow I will find my mate. I am supposed to be an Alpha of this pack but I hid my wolf, it was my parent's idea when they're on the verge of dying. They can't know that I have a different kind of wolf. They will surely kill me in front of everyone. I sighed at how my life turned out as an omega of the pack.

"Why are you so calmed about this Alex?"

"I choose not to stress myself about it, Layla." But it's a lie. Because I think all about it my whole life. I mean I have nothing to do other than cleaning others' mess which sucks.

"You're right. We should accept our fate," she mumbled while sighing.

I felt bad for Layla though. She has never shifted because her body is too weak. She's thin and skinny but she's still beautiful though.

I swam deeper and when I was up on the surface, Layla made her way to me while smirking. I raised my one eyebrow at her. When she's in front of me, she stares at my face and smiles. "You're really pretty, Alex," she said and touched my face.

I pushed her away playfully. "What's wrong with you, Layla?" I asked and swam towards the shallow.

"What? I'm just admiring your beauty," she said while chuckling.

"Whatever," I mumbled and got out of the water then made my way to my clean clothes. I slipped on my clothes and I saw Layla did the same. I pulled my hair up in a bun, not caring if it was still wet.

We walk silently going to the barn. Layla and I have lived in the barn since we were little. I'm hungry but they didn't give us any food. "I'm so hungry..." Layla mumbled while sighing deeply.

The last time we ate was two days ago. And I couldn't go on like this forever. We should eat. I lick my dry lips and walk out of the barn. "Where are you going?" Layla asked while frowning.

"Getting some food. I am starving, Layla. I can't take it anymore. Please stay here and I will get us food. Don't worry I will not be caught." I said but she nodded hesitantly.

"Be careful..." she whispered and I nodded.

I went out of the barn and slowly closed the door. I hastily ran across the back door of the packhouse. The silence is deafening, so I slowly opened the door. Good thing it wasn't locked, maybe they forgot to lock it which was a relief. I tiptoed going to the kitchen. No one was there and I'm glad. I let my eyes glow in the dark, I only use this when I know I was alone. No one can know that my eyes were glowing brightly in the dark. I mean all wolf's eyes can glow but mine has a different glow. It was glowing especially when I couldn't control it and in anger. I can see clearly as the day. But all I saw was the color blue and green. I also have a strong sense of smell and hearing, also my running speed is faster than any wolves. This is my hidden ability that no one should ever know.

I was different from everyone, very different. And I don't understand why I am different. How can I explain to everyone once they will find out the real me? Will, they freaked out? I sighed.

I went to the cabinet and luckily I found some cookies and cans of sardines. I took four of it and a two-pack of cookies. Then I grab two bottles of water. I closed my eyes and all I could hear was the constant breathing of everyone's falling asleep deeper in their rooms.

I heard some footsteps and was coming down from the staircase. I hurriedly go to the door and slowly close it behind then run straight towards the barn. I huffed when I reached the barn. I dimmed my glowing eyes back to normal and got inside the barn. Layla was pacing back and forth and slightly jumped when she heard me.

"Oh my god! What took you so long? I thought you got caught!" she said fear was evident in her eyes. I grinned and showed her the cookies, cans of sardines, and bottles of water I've got. Her eyes sparkled in joy when she saw the food. I give her one pack of cookies, two cans of sardines, and one bottle of water.

"Thank you so much, Alex!" she said then hug me.

"It's nothing, Layla. Come on let's eat. I'm starving." She nodded and started to munch the cookies.

We ate silently as we devoured our foods. I sighed in relief. My stomach aches a little as I digest all the foods. When we finished eating, we decided to go to sleep. But I couldn't sleep at all. It was now midnight and I am still wide awake. I was thinking about what will happen tomorrow. Will I find my mate? Or not? What would he look like? Will he accept me? What if he will reject me?

I frowned. I couldn't bear it if my mate would reject me. I hope not. Moon Goddess, I hope my mate will not reject me. I hope he will accept me and love me for who I am. Moon Goddess, my fate is in your hands.

I closed my eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep with only one thought.

Will my mate accept me?

Well, Happy Birthday to me…

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