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Rejected By My Mate

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Chapter 2

"Happy birthday, Alex!" Layla greeted me with a grin on her face when I woke up. I smiled at her and spoke. "Thanks. Happy birthday too, Layla."

She smiled and hugged me. "Welcome and thanks. We're finally 18!"

"Yeah." I pulled away from the hug and pinched her nose. She pouted.

"C'mon let's get to cleaning." she pouted more.

We got up and I combed my messy hair then put it in a bun again. My brown curly hair was so dry because I didn't use any shampoo my whole life. The other night, I dared to steal shampoo from the packhouse because my hair was dry.

I brought out the mop, rug and a pail of water then went inside the packhouse to clean. Layla was assigned to clean the dining area while I was assigned to clean the whole living room and staircase. It was still early, so no one was up yet and I'm glad. I hope they will get out after I finish.

But I was wrong. Jason came down from the stairs with a smug look on his face when he saw me.

"Hey, weird girl! Clean my room later!" I just nodded without any complaints. I'm tired of Jason's bullsh*t.

"You're disgusting. I would get on your pants if you were just clean," he said mocking me. I gritted my teeth silently. I clenched the rug I was holding tightly while controlling myself not to talk back. I don't want to be beaten by him again because I swear I will fight back and could no longer hold back myself. I can't risk my disguise being revealed just because of my pestered self. I just groaned silently.

I continued cleaning not minding Jason. Gladly, he left into the kitchen perhaps to get some coffee which he did every morning.

About 5 minutes later, Alpha Rick gets down from the stairs and looks at me in disgust.

"Cleaned it thoroughly because we have a guest tonight. I better not see any dust, understand omega??" I cringed and nodded.

"Yes, Alpha..." I said in a low tone.

He didn't say anything back and left towards the dining area. I sighed and I can't help but stare at him in anger. How could he do this to me? I was supposed to be in his place now! I composed myself when I felt like my eyes slowly glowing. I let out a frustrated sigh.

I am the real Alpha and not him, and not Liza.

I dreaded hiding the real me. But, hiding is for my good anyway. I should find my mate today no matter what. I'm finally 18, so I can do anything if I can find my mate that will protect me. I hope he will.

I sighed as I finished mopping the floor then went to the staircase to make sure no dirt pasted on the tiles and handrails.

"Disgusting." someone spoke at the top of the stairs and it was Liza the b*tch. I paid no attention to her and continued cleaning. "Make sure to clean it thoroughly b*tch because Alpha Azrael will come today, understand??" I nodded. She rolled her eyes and raised her eyebrows while walking down the stairs. I rolled my eyes slightly in annoyance. I hope she slips in the stairs.


I looked at Liza, who slammed her butt into the floor. My eyes widen. Did she slip? Pfft.

"Are you laughing at me, b*tch?!!" she said sternly and then stood up abruptly then glared at me.

"I-I didn't!" I denied it.

In just a second, she growled and attacked me. I winced in pain as I felt blood in my arms because of her strong grip which her claws pressed in my skin. Then she slapped me. F*ck, that stung. But I didn't cry. I will not give her enough satisfaction. She slapped me again and again. All I did was grunted in pain. I want to fight back but I can't. I can now taste my blood in my mouth. She also hit my stomach and yanked my hair then punched my face that made me wince in pain again. I can feel my nose was bleeding.

One last stroke, I was slammed into the floor. Uggh. Liza was breathing heavily in anger while looking at me. Then she left mumbling something.

I sighed in pain and got up to clean the blood that was scattered on the floor. My blood. I clenched my fist.

One day, you'll pay for this Liza.

Once I finished cleaning, I went back to the barn to change my clothes. My wounds quickly healed fast which I already expected. Layla didn't know that Liza bullied me, so she can't see that I was beaten badly. I went to the river and stared into the water. I can't take it anymore, I have to get out of this place. I don't care where I will go.

This pack doesn't welcome me and I won't force myself anymore.

I put my hair down and comb it using my fingers. Uggh, it's messy and dry. I sighed. This sucks.

I stayed for more than 1 hour in the river thinking about how my life had turned. Why do I have to be born different? Why not an ordinary wolf?

I don't understand why I have glowing golden-white fur. Yeah, that's right, my fur was glowing every time I shifted into a wolf. Even my eyes were weird. I have never seen anyone that had their eyes glowing more brightly in the dark except me. I am so weird. I also have a strong smell. And I can sense that Layla is coming on my way, maybe wondering why I am here again. Good thing my wounds are already healed.

"Alex! There you are! I am looking for you everywhere! Did something happen?" she asked anxiously.

"I'm just tired." she looks at me intently.

"You are sad. Do you remember them?" she was referring to my parents. I nodded.

"It was now exactly 12 birthdays that they aren't present. I miss them so much." I said.

"Likewise. What would it be like if our parents were alive?" I just shrugged my shoulders.

For sure, I am not in this hell hole. And for sure, I was now the Alpha of the pack.

"I've got some cookies," Layla said while smiling then giving me one pack of cookies.

"Did you steal it?" she shook her head no. I furrowed my eyebrows then she chuckled.

"Beta Lucian gave it to me. He said it's for us." I nodded then smiled.

Only Beta Lucian knew that it was our birthday today.

"I heard there were visitors today coming from the rival pack. They're planning to make the union of the two packs. But I know for sure, there's a hidden agreement." I nodded in approval. I was thinking the same.

The Shepherds Pack was our rival since before I was born. I wonder what's the sudden changes.

Layla and I stayed longer in the river talking about everything. I told her about my plan though. For escaping. She didn't approve of my plan because she was terrified of the consequences if we would get caught. I couldn't blame her though, she was growing up scared of the whole pack thinking they will eat her alive.

But I couldn't leave Layla here. She is my only family. So when that time comes, I will tell her about me. I will show her my wolf.

Are you sure? my wolf said.

I'm sure, Xandra. I said back to my wolf Xandra.

What if she will freak out?

I didn't answer her. I don't know for sure if I didn't try.

"C'mon, let's go back to the barn," Layla uttered then stood up. I nodded then stood up too.

We walk silently going to the barn. We have nothing to do, so we took a nap.

Minutes later, I feel uncomfortable. I can feel a strong scent and force that was around the packhouse. It's like it was calling out to me. My heart was also beating loudly. The scent was so strong and unfamiliar. I get out of the barn and walk outside. Trying to find that strong scent. I stopped and I can feel it towards the packhouse.

A minute later, a tall handsome man figure approached me. Our gaze locked on each other. My wolf was hyperventilating and screaming.

Mate. Mate. Mate.

He is my mate. The tall handsome man was my mate. His eyes were piercing into mine and checking me out. He stared at me intently then he mumbled. "Mate."

"Mate," I uttered back.

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