Rejected By My Mate

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Chapter 3

Alpha Azrael Shepherd is my mate? I can't believe it.

But he looked at me in disgust then spoke, "Who are you?" he asked in a cold tone. Ouch.

"I-I'm Alexandria Gregory, 18, an omega..." I said looking into his eyes. The disgusts filled in his eyes and then mumbled unbelievably.

"Are you f*cking kidding me? The f*ck? My mate is an omega? This can't be f*cking real!" he spat and it pains me. His words repeated in my head.

I can feel my tears threatening to fall but I held it. I held my gaze to the ground. I don't want to see the expression in his eyes because it was full of judgment. "What if I am?" I asked slowly full of pain. My mate doesn't want me.

But he growled at me and grabbed the collar of my shirt. "I am an Alpha and this mate thing is not f*cking real! Omega is for omega only! Do you understand that? I am an Alpha and I can't accept this." then he pushed me and I stumbled into the ground. My heart sank and my tears poured down. Why is he cruel to me?

I am also an Alpha! I wanted to say that but I know I can't. I wanted to growl and strangle him until he would accept me. But my heart was aching.

"But you are my mate! You can't deny that!" I said angrily and he scowled. My wolf inside was crying because our mate denied us. I can slowly feel my eyes glowing but I closed my eyes to compose myself. He can't see my glowing eyes.

"No. You are disgusting!" that hurt me more. It hurts like a b*tch.

"I, Alpha Azrael Shepherd, reject you, Alexandria Gregory as my mate," he said coldly then turned his back towards the packhouse. It was the most excruciating words I have ever heard my whole life. It stabs like a knife.


"No! You can't do this to me, Azrael! I will make sure you'll regret this! I, Alexandria Gregory, also reject you, Azrael Shepherd as my mate! I hope the Moon Goddess will curse you to never find your true happiness ever again! I hate you to the moon and back, Azrael Shepherd!!!" I said angrily to him. My eyes were now glowing. He stopped for a second then continued his pace going back inside the packhouse. He never even bothered to look at me one last time. That's good because the last thing I want is for him to have a glance at my glowing eyes.

I feel like my heart shattered into small pieces. He rejects me. My mate f*cking rejects me! This f*cking hurt!

I held my knees and buried my face in there while crying my heart out. Why am I so unlucky in life?

My mate just rejected me and I couldn't have a mate again. How cruel he can be? I feel so useless now.

I stood up and ran, going to the barn while I was still sobbing endlessly.

"Alex! Why are you crying?!!" Layla asked while frowning.

"Layla, I can't stay here any longer. I am running away from this place. Do you want to come along with me or stay here?" I asked while still crying. She froze. "It's fine with me if you will stay here. I have already made up my mind. I'm out of this place."

Layla seemed shocked and gulped. "No! I'm coming with you, Alex. Screw the whole pack. I am not staying here without you, you are the only one I have."

I nodded then continued packing my things. It's not that many. Once we're finished packing, we slowly sneak out going to the forest. We saw one guard in the post but I'm glad he fell asleep. I grip Layla's wrist and run fast. She was panting.

"Alex! I'm almost out of breath! Please slow down."

"I'm sorry, Layla." I forgot she is not a fast runner.

"How did you run so fast?" she asks while panting heavily. I sighed and looked at her.

I cleared my throat and decided to spill a little information. "I can shift, Layla," I said and her eyes widened.

"H-How?" she asked.

"I'll tell you but not here. We are still in the pack's territory." she nodded and we were running again. Good thing there wasn't any wolf around. I think they are all inside the packhouse because of the guests. This was really good timing.

Once we were out of the pack's territory, we slowed down. But we are still in the middle of the forest. It was dark but it was fine.

"Y-Your was glowing..." Layla mumbled while eyes widened. I sighed. I should tell Layla now before she will freak out.

"Layla, can I tell you a secret?" she nodded hesitantly. "And will you promise to keep it a secret between us forever?"

She nodded again and crossed her heart. "Why do I feel like there's something more you hide from me?" she said while staring at my eyes.

"Layla, I'm sorry for not telling you about myself." I stare at her eyes intently. "Layla, since I was little, I can already shift. I was different from everyone, Layla. I am not just an ordinary wolf. My eyes are the evidence." she gulped and nodded understandingly.

"C-Can I see your wolf?" she uttered unsurely.

"Are you sure?" she nodded desperately.


And then I shifted in front of her. I didn't dare to dim my eyes because I like to stay that way when I shift.

Layla's eyes widened and then gulped. I didn't know what she's thinking. I can see the fascination in her eyes. "You are beautiful, Alex. Wow... I have never seen a wolf glowing my whole life." she mumbled and then caressed my glowing golden-white fur.

"You are like a Wolf Goddess," she mumbled again. I chuckled.

"Layla, ride in my back because I can sense wolves in the distance." she nodded hastily and did not complain. She rides on my back and grips my fur.

"Hold on tightly," I said then she obliges.

Afterward, I run so fast with my eyes glowing brightly in the dark. This forest was so huge, and I don't know where this is going. I have managed to lure away the wolves that were following us. I have also hidden my scent, so they can't track our whereabouts. Since I couldn't sense anyone that was following us anymore, I slowed my pace down. We were now too far away from the pack's territory. I think I run for hours.

"That was so fast, Alex!" Layla mumbled and I giggled.

"How did you hide your wolf, Alex? How come the packs didn't notice you?"

"I hide my wolf and scent very well, Layla," I mumbled back. She hummed.

"You're a pro at hiding it. I didn't even notice," she said. "I know there's something you didn't tell me, Alex."

I sighed then spoke, "I am the real Alpha of the packs, Layla." she gasped at my revelation.


"My parents were once the Alpha of the packs until one day they were both killed. I still didn't know who killed them. And then Alpha Rick and his family took over the pack. When he found out I never shifted, he sent me to the barn and became an omega. I'm glad he didn't kill me though."

"But why are you hiding your wolf?"

"Because that was my parent's last wish. They said to hide my wolf for my safety because if someone found out, they're going to kill me in front of everyone."

"Yeah, because you were different." I hummed.

"How about your eyes? Why do they glow brightly?"

"That's the thing I couldn't explain, Layla. I was also wondering about my eyes my whole life."

"Your parents didn't tell you?


"But you know, it was beautiful. When I stared at it, I felt like I was relaxed."


"Yeah. I think you are special, Alex."

"I think so too."

"I think it's a gift, Alex. Maybe the Gods and Goddesses choose you."

"I would like to think that but I also think this was a curse, Layla."

"No. I think it was a good thing. Because you have more advantages than everyone else. You are way too fast and strong from every wolf I've met."

I didn't say anything. Silence enveloped us. I can hear the sound of the crickets and the chirping of the birds. I just walk slowly and I feel Layla fell asleep in my back. I was glad that Layla came along with me because I will feel guilty for leaving her there alone.

Ever since we were little, I am the protector of Layla. She's my best friend and only family, so I will protect her as long as I can. I am happy to be out of the packs though. I hope they will not find us. We will get away as far from here anyway. I am planning to go to the city and live like a normal person. We have nothing left in the packs anyway. I know I had promised my parents to take my place but not now.

I promise I will come back and take back what's mine. I am the real Alpha and I must lead the packs.

And, I promise to come back one day if I am ready and strong enough to fight them.

Azrael Shepherd, I will make you pay when I come back.

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