Rejected By My Mate

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Chapter 5

Layla and I climbed on the tree to rest and sleep to avoid wolves and any animals from attacking us. But I couldn't sleep, because my heart was still aching. I let my tears flow. I promise to myself that I will only cry tonight. I will never cry again because of Azrael.

How could he reject me? I waited for him for my whole life.

"Alex, are you crying?" Layla whispered.

"It's nothing, Layla," I mumbled back.

"You can tell me, Alex..." I sighed. Maybe telling it to Layla will help ease the pain I'm feeling.

"I've met my mate today, Layla..." she gasped.

"Then what happened? Why are you crying? Did he hurt you?!" she said worriedly.

I hummed. "He rejects me, Layla, and it hurts like a b*tch," I said and sobbed again.

"Come here, Alex." I heaved a sigh and slowly went to the branch where she's at. Layla engulfed me with a hug while stroking my back for comfort. I let my tears flow down my face again.

"He's a jerk, Alex. Screw him! Who is he?"

I hesitated whether I'll tell her or not. "Please tell me, who is he?"

I sighed, "It's Alpha Azrael Shepherd..." I mumbled and wiped off my tears. She gasped.

"What? The jerk?"

"Let's not talk about him. I'm done with him." she sighed and I could feel her nodding. Silence enveloped us.

"We will leave at dawn," I said.


Layla still held me in her arms and I drifted off to sleep while she was caressing my hair.


I woke up when my insides were aching. My bones were cracking and I screamed in pain. I quickly jumped into the lower ground as I felt the burning sensation in my whole body.

"Alexxxx!" Layla shouted and her voice echoed towards the forest. The bats and birds flew away while chirping.

Ugh. I groaned when I landed on the ground.

"Layla! Stay up there! Don't come near me! Aahhhh" I said screaming.

I curled up into a ball and I don't know what is happening to me. Suddenly, I am out of control of my powers. It was showing up now. They can sense me now. My muscles were burning in pain. I can feel my vision getting bloody red. I felt long fangs showed up too. I was glowing more than I was before. I feel like there is something in me that wanted to come out. I growled so loud that my throat hurts.

"Aaahhhh" I screamed and still, my muscles and bones were cracking. Then my veins looked like they were tearing apart and it was so excruciating. I am now sweating hard and huffing. My breathing became irregular and I felt like my lungs were out of air. My insides were burning like fire.

What was happening to me? As I looked up, the glow of the moon hit me, then I screamed one last time before I passed out.


I slowly flickered my eyes open but then closed it again when the light hit my eyes. I blink then I finally adjusted my sight.

"Hey, you're awake..." I turned to my left and saw Layla smiling at me weakly. She's so pale. I smile weakly. She was holding me and we were hiding in the big bushes.

"Hey, what happens?" I said groggily then stood up. I am kind of feel-good about my body. It feels so light, which is odd. My hearing also became more clear.

She looks at me with fear evident in her eyes. "What happens, Layla??" I asked worriedly.

She looked at the ground and contemplated whether to tell me or not. She sighed and looked at me, her eyes filled with emotions. Confused, fear, fascination, admiration, etc.

"You passed out for almost three days now, and in those three days, you were groaning and grunted in pain. I can even feel your bones cracking," she said in pain. She let out a deep sighed. "Alex, who are you? You are not just a werewolf, Alex... you are more than that," she said, not tearing her eyes away from me.

"I told you, I was different, Layla."

"I know that, but have your parents tell you something about them?" I shook my head no.

But then a memory of me and them when I was 5 years old flashed in my head.

"Sweety, remember this... Once you turn 18, after how many hours, your real power will show up. By then, you will be the most fearful creatures living on this planet. You can't control it anymore because it was too powerful. Promise me that you will use your power correctly. There were many wolves, vampires, and the witch would be after you and tried to kill you. Don't let them near you, okay? And avoid plenty of silver, sweetie... That's the only weaknesses you have."

"Mom, am I not normal?" I asked with a frown. Mommy smiled then caressed my hair lovingly.

"You are normal but you are extraordinary or different from everyone else. You are special, Alexandria. Remember that and no one can defeat you."

"Even those silver?"

"They can hurt you but always remember that it can't kill you quickly."

"What if someone stabs me with silver?"

Mom frowns, "They can stab you because your body can be able to heal faster but when that silver hit your heart, you won't make it alive. So as long as you can, avoid silver okay? Will you promise?" I nodded and hugged her. Daddy sat beside us and patted my head.

"One day, you'll figure out why you are different from everyone else. When that time you were seeking an answer, just go to Tibbertan Mountains, if only you were ready. On your journey, you will encounter plenty of creatures that will try to kill you. Use your power very well then, okay? And don't trust anyone." daddy said and I nodded again understandingly.

"Are you also different like me?" I asked but they shook their heads no.

"Alexandria, always remember that you are a gift to us. A very beautiful gift." mommy said and kissed my forehead. Daddy kissed my forehead too.

I blink my eyes as tears escape from the corner of my eyes. I miss them so much.

"Layla, my parents said that I was a gift. But I didn't know what they mean." I said with a frown. "They also said that if I want to seek an answer, I will go to the Tibbertan Mountains." Layla gasped.

"But, Alex, I heard Tibbertan Mountain is so dangerous. There were rumors spread about that mountain, they said whoever goes there didn't make it back alive."

"I know, Layla. But I will try."

She sighed in defeat. She looks at me again weirdly. "Aren't you aware that you are probably glowing right now?" she said while eyeing me up and down. That's the time I noticed that I was glowing. My mouth hung in awe. My skin became more white and I was glowing. I closed my eyes and tried to control my powers inside me. It was too powerful. When I open my eyes, worry is evident in it.

"Layla, get on my back!" Layla sensed my anxiousness and quickly jumped on my back. I grip her legs tightly and run faster into the depths of the woods. I didn't shift into my wolf form. I feel stronger even if I didn't shift. My hearing was also very clear, plenty of footsteps were running after us from a distance. Luckily, they can't keep up with my pace. I am faster than them.

But, I stopped dead in my tracks when I noticed the wolves surrounding us from different packs.

"What's going on?" Layla asked while trembling in my back. I didn't respond, instead I closed my eyes and tried to hide my aura.

"Layla, don't worry, I will protect you as long as I can. Don't panic." I whispered and she just tightened her grip on me. I put her down and she quickly wrapped her arms around my waist and snuggled closer to me. I can feel her trembling in fear.

Wolves were coming to a halt when they saw us. They transformed into their human form. Naked. I didn't look down there.

"Rogues!" they mumbled.

A man in his 30's slowly approached us. I scanned all of them and then another 3 packs stopped. Now, 4 packs surround us. Layla's grip became more tightened as I can feel her shivering from fear.

Luckily, my skin has already come back to normal but I look too white as snow.

"Vampire." another man from other packs mumbled while looking at me then all the wolves growled loudly. Sh*t.

They call me Vampire? What the eff?!

My eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "Excuse me? Did you call me Vampire?" I asked dumbfounded.

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