Rejected By My Mate

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Chapter 6

They all looked at me like I had grown two heads. "Mister, why did you call me a Vampire? I am a wolf. I came from Blueming Packs." I said and their eyebrows furrowed and eyed me thoroughly.

"I can smell the Vampire and Wolf blood in you. Who are you??" another man spoke seriously. His gaze was fixated on me as he scans me thoroughly like a target object.

"I don't know what you are saying," I said confused.

"You're also a witch! Who are you?!" a woman stepped forward while glaring at me then growled. Her eyes turned a golden yellow.

Now, I don't understand what they're saying. Layla swallowed her saliva hard while gripping tightly at my waist.

They already surrounded us. 4 different packs forgot that they were rivals because their attention was on us.

"Look, I didn't know what you were saying," I said, trying to convince them.

"Lie!" the man scowled and eyes turned to blue. I gulped.

I closed my eyes and let my power flow to my veins. As I opened my eyes, it was already glowing brightly with golden blue and green color. They gasped and stepped backward. Some of them transformed back into their wolf form.

"You're right. I lied. But I didn't know what I was. All I know was I am different from everyone else." I said while smirking but my voice was deep and three voices were coming from me. Even I was startled. It's like I didn't know my voice anymore.

They gasped and stepped backward again. They growled at me in angst.

"What are you?" they uttered while still looking at my eyes unblinking. I stare at their eyes one by one, hypnotizing them.

"Go back to where you belong..." I whispered slowly in a low tone. I'm precise that Layla heard it.

Just like that they slowly turned their backs and walked away from us. I release a sighed as a sign of relief. We stayed standing in case they would come back but they never did. Layla finally let go of me. My eyes came back to normal.

"H-How did you do that? Why are they following your order? A-And why do you have three voices!" Layla asked dumbfoundedly.

I chuckled. "I remember my mom said that I can be able to hypnotize others and control them."

"Woah? Cool." I smiled.

"Let's go." she hummed and this time we just walked slowly. I am also looking for some animals to hunt. I'm kind of starving.

A minute later I spotted a deer, I ran fast and tackled the deer. Biting his neck. As soon as the blood hit my fangs, I noticed I was thirsty. I was thirsty for blood. How strange. I sipped all the deer's blood and I feel like I am full. I carry the deer's body and walk towards Layla who has eyes widened.

She just looks at me weirdly while mouthed agape. "Let's cook it," I said.

"But how can we make a fire?" she said in furrowed eyebrows. Oh, right.

"Oh..." I wasn't thinking about it.

She chuckled at my flustered self. "Oh, Alex, you're funny." I pouted and she continued laughing.

My face lights up when I see smoke not far from where we were. "Layla look!" she followed where my finger pointed at and she smiled.

"A smoke! There's a fire nearby!" she said and I laughed.

"C'mon, let's go!" I said and carried the body of the deer. I let her go first.

I heard talking and laughing coming from where the fire was. There were five of them. But they are human. "Layla wait..." she stopped and looked at me questioningly.

"We can't go in there."


"They are humans."

"Oh, but... I'm starving, Alex. Maybe they will give us some of their fire." I sighed and nodded.

"We can try," she said again then continued walking.

10 minutes later, we spotted the group of humans probably camping towards this side of the forest. One guy saw us.

"Hey!" The guy smiled and waved at us. Their gaze shifted to me and to the deer that I was carrying.

"Woah," they uttered in surprise.

Layla smiled at them awkwardly. "Hmm, can we have some of your fire? We caught a deer but we remembered we don't have any fire, so we can't cook it. If that is okay." Layla said shyly.

There were two girls and three boys in the group. The girls smiled at us and one of them spoke with blonde hair. "Uh, sure, you can have." I noticed they were also grilling some meat.

I smiled at them and walked towards the fire. "You can also have our meat." I offered.

"Really? Come and I help you cook it!" one guy offered.

I handed him the deer. Then he asked, "How did you catch the deer?"

"I tackled him," I said truthfully. He laughed at it. I know he didn't believe it. Deer was not an easy catch, they were also fast at running especially if you didn't have an arrow to hit it.

"Seriously?" he said while laughing as well as the others. I chuckled.

"Kidding. We saw it on our way here. We were starving, so we were looking for a fire and it happens that we saw the smoke coming from here." I half lied. They nodded.

"By the way, I'm Tristan." he introduced himself. Then all the groups also introduced themselves. The blonde girl named was Yvette, the other girl with short black hair was Anna. The guy that waves at us awhile ago was Aaron and the other guy is Nathan. Nathan was just silent the whole time while staring at me. When I look at him, he diverts his gaze to Anna. He's weird.

"I'm Alex." I introduce myself while smiling.

"And I'm Layla."

"Nice to meet you. Where do you come from?" Tristan asked.

Oh gosh. Layla and I glance at each other. Silence enveloped us. We looked down.

Then I cleared my throat and spoke, "Honestly, I don't know what place we come from. All our life we've been a prisoner at our house. Our parents never allowed us to go out. We ran away and we kind of got lost along the woods." they looked at us in pity. I have to lie to them. They're humans and they don't know about us.

Layla looks relieved at my answer. Though, Layla should not be a worry. She will be considered a human because she never shifted anyway. But she can still smell a little. She's just too weak to shift.

"What kind of parents never let their daughters go out?" we just shrugged our shoulders.

Tristan was still cutting the meat and put it in the fire. We just watched it. Anna gives Layla and I cooked meat. Pork.

"You have a bad childhood," Yvette mumbled and sighed.

I smile at her. "We were glad, we are finally out of that house," I said and started eating the meat.

"So, where will you stay then?" Yvette asked and I shrugged.

"We have nowhere to go. We just let our feet take us where, as long as far away from our home." Layla said and they looked at each other.

Then Tristan says, "You can come with us back to the city. We can help you get a job there."

My face lits up. "Really? That's so nice of you Tristan. Thank you." I said and smiled at him genuinely. He also smiled back.

"There's plenty of jobs in the city, so I'm sure you could get one!" Anna mumbled.

"What kind of job?" Layla asked.

"Anything. What do you specialize in? Did you go to school?" both Layla and I shook our heads no. They frowned.

"You never both go to school?" they asked unbelievably.

"No. But we can write and read." I said.

"You have to go to school."

"Why? Is it necessary?" I asked while my eyebrows furrowed.

"Yes! Education is important! Don't worry, we will help you two!" Yvette said. Yvette looks at her friends.

"Yes, you can go to our school. It's a boarding school and classes will start next week." Aaron mumbled and gave us a small smile.

Layla and I were speechless. "Hmm, I don't know what to say. It's overwhelming. Why are you helping us? You didn't even know us..." I said in a low tone.

They smiled at us. "We wanted to help you. You can find a better job if you have a degree. Don't worry, you said you can write and read. We will help you study for the entrance exam. If you are smart enough, you will pass the acceleration exam so that you will be in high school or college with us."

"Acceleration exam?" I asked in confusion. They smiled and nodded.

"Yes, you have to take that exam in order for you to be in 10th or 12th grade." I nodded.

So, if we take the acceleration exam, there's a possibility that we will graduate high school? And even college?

Wow, running away is the best choice we ever had. We can go to school, finally!

Layla smiled. "I have never seen a school my whole life," she said while her eyes were sparkling and the group just smiled at us. "I'm so excited! Yikes!"

We all laughed at how excited Layla was. I can feel the new beginning for us.

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